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Letters with meanings

Over 700 years after Jesus was proclaimed king in Judea someone began to create the Masoretic version of the Old Testament with vowel points and cantillation marks.

Hebrew is said to be a “poor” language because it has a relatively small number of words compared to other languages (85,000[1] vs. 600,000 in English[2]). Because of this, many words must necessarily have more than one meaning and you must translate a word according to the context in which it occurs. Fortunately, Hebrew letters represent meanings.

A Chinese “logograph” or "ideogram", is a single grapheme which represents a base word, which is a meaningful unit of language. While Chinese characters are often thought of as overly complex, in fact they are all derived from several hundred simple pictographs and ideographs in ways that are usually quite logical. Combinations of these ideographs are used to form more words and ideas.

This combining of ideas with symbols actually effects our thinking. One consequence of this form of writing is that the pronunciation of the language is not tied to letters. The sound of the words may change drastically over a period of time. Japanese and Chinese writing may be comprehensible to both cultures, but their spoken language bears little or no commonality.

Hebrew uses only a few dozen basic symbols which construct three letter base words. Meanings may become more complex or changed by adding different letters or placing them in different orders within the base word.

We must always realize that flesh and blood, letters and symbols cannot reveal the truth of God’s kingdom. It is Revelation of the divine spark that comes from God that will truly reveal His name. Knowing God is about knowing Him in our hearts and minds because we let him in there. He makes a connection in us between realms of existence. Right now we have fallen to this realm of flesh and things. Things like language and letters and forms. The Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed has made that connection for us and send a spirit of that connection.

The Hebrew Alphabet

א Alef Father-Son- begin- The Paradox: God and Man - (ox bull)[strength, leader, first] 1
ב Beit Purpose: God Dwelling Place Below - from house or God's house here[household, in, into] 2
ח Chet The Life Force - Dynamic nature of -cause and effect- give life and live.[fence, thread, hedge, chamber...cycle] 8
ד Dalet Selflessness – Charity, back and forth or through a door or pathway, to enter like a fish, 4
ג Gimel Reward and Punish, Cause and effect, 'justified repayment'. Do to others as they should do. Written like a Vav with a Yod as a "foot". Camel, [throwstick, pride, to lift up] 3.
ה Hey Expression--Thought, Speech, Action. Manifest seeds of thought and life. [Emphasize, jubilation, window, fence] 5
  • A Hey may be a Yod and a Dalet but some times resembles a Vav and a Dalet or longer Yod when written as a double Hey. A Hey at the beginning may be thought of as a definitive article but at the end may suggest the fruitfulness of the feminine spirit,
נ ן Nun Heir to the Throne, Aramaic fish in the Mem (fish in flowing waters) or in the Hebrew the Nun may mean the kingdom. [fish moving... Activity life] 50
מ ם Mem Fountain of water a fountain of the Divine Wisdom [massive, overpower chaos] 40
י Yod The Infinite Point of essential good hidden in the ט Tet . [closed hand... Deed work to make] 10
ד Dalet Selflessness – Charity, back and forth or through a door or pathway, to enter like a fish, 4
ט Tet Introversion - The Concealed power of good or paradoxically evil [to twist a snake... wheel To surround (gestation)] 9
ו Vav Connection, Connecting realms and worlds or the dividing veil between them. [nail... And, Add, secure, hook] 6
ס Samech The Eternal Cycle The circular symbolizes the fundamental truth [ prop... Support turn] 60
ע Ayin also U Divine Providence Eye or Well of five states of kindness or severity. [eye, watch] 70
ל Lamed means Aspiration of the Heart or to learn or even direct like a shepherd. It has to do with what the Hand produces, [hand is די YodDalet] or directs with staff, whip... like the tongue may direct. 30
כ ך Kaf K Crown: To Actualize Potential power from spiritual to physical realm [to cover, strength] 20
ש Shin Eternal Flame of Revelation, bound to the coal of righteousness, the Divine Essence. [sun... teeth... consume destroy] 300
זָ ז Zayin The Service and Valor, cut and bread, war and nourish. [weapon.... Cut to cut off manacle] 7
פ ף Pei Communication: The Oral Torah The mouth, blow,edge . [Mouth speak open word] 80
צ ץ : צ ץ Tzadik is always related to The Faith of the Righteous One, the foundation of the word "to hunt" or Harvest even eat or desire.[Harvest pant desire]90.
ק Kuf or Kof Omnipresence - Redemption of Fallen Sparks The paradoxical union Reish and a Zayin holiness or separateness omnipresence of God [Cord... back of the head... Behind the last, least] 100
ר Reish Process of Clarification The "head" or "beginning". Life's revelation. [Head... Person head highest] 200
ת Tav is a Seal of a Higher kingdom or realm. The malchut to the keter (crown) through faith. It links the unseen worlds like a doorway of faith. [sign cross... seal] 400

The word ‘ets [ץע], “tree,” was created on the third day. It equals in gematria tzelem, 160, the “Divine image” in which man was created on the sixth day. “Man is the tree of the field.” Deuteronomy 20:19 "When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by forcing an axe against them: for thou mayest eat of them, and thou shalt not cut them down (for the tree of the field [is] man’s [life]) to employ [them] in the siege:"

Cain is Kuf Yod Nun

ק KUF or Kof Omnipresence - Redemption of Fallen Sparks The paradoxical union reish and a zayin holiness
י YUD The Infinite Point of essential good hidden in the tet. [closed hand... Deed work to make]10
נ ן NUN Heir to the Throne Aramaic fish in the mem Heb. nun kingdom. [fish moving... Activity life]50

Other letters that can be added are

ז ZAYIN The Service and Valor, cut and bread, war and nourish. [weapon.... Cut to cut off manacle] 7
ר REISH Process of Clarification The "head" or "beginning." [Head... Person head highest]200

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  1. The academy of the Hebrew language estimates 45,000 words, in addition to 30,000-35,000 word compositions (school in Hebrew is book-house בית-ספר, for example), which totals the estimate in 75,000-80,000 meaningful expressions of either words or word compositions.
  2. The Oxford English Dictionary records about 600,000. The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, published in 1989, contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries.

Others also see some of these meanings of the letters, Chart