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The tenth and final sefira[1] is called malchut.

Malkuth is a word associated with the idea of the Kingdom. While it i manifested in the realm of matter on earth and the physical world, it is also part of the "spiritual" idea of a universal or quantum reality. Malkuth is the emanation of the Tree of Life and therefore an extension of the power of the Holy Spirit. The Malkuth balances energy between the earthly and spiritual realms; between two completely opposite qualities of the hitnasut, "exaltedness," and the shiflut, "humility".

The Tree of life is connected like parts of our body Physically and spiritually. The left and right feet, Hod (majesty) and Netzach (mercy), are connected through the Yesod by which the light of gathers in Yesod and is channeled into Malkuth below. It is through Malkuth that the earth is able to interact with the divinity. All these detailed descriptions only have value if accompanied by the Spirit or pattern or character of God.

Any attribute of the Spirit lacking in the individual the whole body falls short of the malchut or kingdom.

The word Molech, itself, is cognate to Malchut/kingdom.

All the attributes of God must unfold in the heart, mind, and body of man as the blossom unfolds in a flower. It is the blossoming or the four fringes of our covering that is key to the Malchut or Kingdom of God not the rituals or Gnostic descriptions.

The Malkuth or Kingdom of God are linked to the name Adonai Melekh.

The Christian the Malkuth is important since Jesus preached that people should "seek first the Kingdom of God" or Malchut. While the kingdom does not discount knowledge in the sense of Gnosis without the spiritual wisdom of the Holy Spirit being the guiding force there is no Malcuth. No ritual or ceremonies have the power to bring one into the kingdom.

  1. Sephira, plural Sefirot, or Sephiroth, any of the 10 attributes or emanations, or powers, by which God the Creator can become manifest corresponding to theten faculties (kochot) of the soul. To the Counting of the Omer.