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Keys of the Kingdom Podcasts

"Keys of the Kingdom" podcast is produced by His Holy Church with Brother Gregory. The program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God which was a voluntary system whereby people could gather together for mutual support in an intentional community without jeopardizing their individual liberty.

These podcasts are available at the following archived locations

  • Preparing You Audio-Video page
  • IVOOX (Spanish website, audio is still English.)

Broadcast Schedule

Regularly Broadcasts

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Monday evening Ministers call Join the Living Network
Tuesday 6pm PST The_Kingdom_Study_Group with Q and A
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Straight Talk on BlogTalkRadio (half hour)'
Sabbath 8am PST Broadcast: Keys of the Kingdom (2 hours) FAR
3pm PST Broadcast: Straight Talk on The Sabbath Hour (1 to 1.5 hour)
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Slave to Salvation Series: Part 1 of 10 ~5 min

Slaves & Salvation Series

Nimrod to Now Series: Part 1 of 10 ~6 min

Nimrod to Now Series

UNC Interview: Part 1 of 8 ~3 min

Interview at University of Northern Colorado

Burning Bush Festivals

CNN International Interview

CNN Interview Christians Unplugged 10 min

These CNNI Christians Unplugged interviews By Misty Showalter appeared in several different segments on CNN and CNNI.

"Unplugged Christians living off the grid" writes about their visit in the beginning days of winter in "Summer Lake, Oregon (CNN) -- As the sun rises, cool blues and grays begin their slow transition to glowing golds and ambers."

The story aired on CNN International "World's Untold Stories" May 29 through the 31st. They commented that "To look upon this beauty in the western U.S. state of Oregon is to understand what people mean when they say this is God's country, and that's exactly why Brother Gregory lives here."

CNN Interview Christians Unplugged CNN Part 1 - 7:54

I actually think the whole planet is God's country I ended up here with a desire to live and raise our growing family in the country rather than a congested city.

They also said, "He is part of a wider movement of conservative Christians who are choosing to live their lives on the edge of society, unplugged from civilization as much as they can, living under basic biblical principles."

While we do want to live by biblical principles we have no goal of living on the "edge of society, unplugged from civilization" as they suggest.

Brother Gregory does believe that "Christianity has strayed too far from its roots, and has given its role in people's lives over to the government -- as with welfare programs or health care." and you can hear him say "We are not living off the grid as much as we are creating a new grid, a more wholesome grid," and he did go on to say "We are following a different path that we think is healthier, promotes better families, and better communities." as the article and video records.

CNN Interview Part 2 - Government and the good shepherd. 3:44

And they are right that "He doesn't believe a church needs four walls and a roof. Rather, a church is people who believe in taking care of each other -- living under the biblical principles of faith, hope and charity.

We show how the early church and the church in the wilderness provided for the needy and needs of society through the perfect law of liberty. which is why the quote Brother Gregory as saying "Christians should be looking for a way to take care of one another without forcing their neighbor to contribute to their welfare. In essence that's coveting your neighbor's goods through the agency of the governments you create."

We do run many websites and is not what someone might "typically think of as a minister" He does regularly get up and speak before a congregation of ministers who are all over the country, produces broadcasts, oversees a network of congregations.

This was a brief look at what we do and we understand hey would put in only what they could fit or personally felt was relevant.

The fairly accurately represented some of the many things we say like "'His Holy Church' is a phrase. It's 'His', meaning Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ established the Church 2,000 years ago. It's 'Holy' because it's separate. It's separate from the world. It's in the world but not of the world. And it's a 'Church', which actually comes from the Greek 'ekklesia', meaning 'called out'. They're called out to do the will of Jesus Christ and the Father in Heaven."

Brother Gregory is a shepherd in the literal sense at land in Summer Lake, Oregon but he does this for the Church where ministers can come for discipleship and fellowship. All the ministers should be good shepherds and "Sheep teach the shepherd to be a good shepherd," he says, "and in that sense, that's what people need. They need a good shepherd who's not going to rule over them but guide them in the good ways, the ways of life."

Brother Gregory is content spreading Gospel of the Kingdom over the internet, through books, letters, Audio-Video recordings and broadcasts, a multitude of media and face to face. Which includes simply living out his life for the purposes of Christ serving those who are faithful in seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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