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HHC Guidelines 11-20

1/1/11 HHC Guidelines 11-20
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 1, 2011

Spiritual constipation, Satan's force, Man-created governments, Swearing allegiance, What is a "Republic"?, Churches in early America, The spirit in today's churches, How to start a church, self-government, Stones of the altar, Burnt offerings, Responsibilities of a Minister, Guidelines of His Holy Church (11-20), Christ is overseer of His church, purpose = to return every man unto his possessions, Usury?, Recognition of ministers, no forced contributions, Waiving rights in society, Owing pharaoh, Grantor gives up full control of gifts, When a minister dies, Inheritance tax, Ministers to consider requests of giver, Ministers to keep records, Who are "elders"?, Only recourse is withdrawal of recognition, May appeal withdrawal, Adding flesh to dry bones, Ministers may resign, Dissolving a non-maintainable altar, Governments that empower the people, Addressing the weightier matters in one accord, Returning to the ways of Christ.

Governed By God
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast

2011 Whirlwind Tour, Christ's directives for free government, No treaties, Levites = public servants = Health, Education, and Welfare, People remain free souls under God, Boaz story - jury of peers, Cities of Refuge, Bearing false witness, Contracts supersede common law remedy, Public schools = socialism?, Made men, How 'bout welfare?, Today's ministers deny Christ - by policy, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?", Seek the kingdom, Where else are you hearing this message?, Government by brotherhood, Show me "righteousness", Show me "humility", Show me Christ, To "Do", or not to "Do", No pedestals allowed, Fear = selfish emotion, Much "good" happening, YOU are the treasure of the Kingdom, Feet washing, Do you "believe"? - Even the devil "believes", Do you DO?, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

You the People
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 15, 2011

You the People, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, "Community" made America great, Covenanting with Caeser is Contrary to Christ, Having form of godliness but denying the power thereof, Nation = people - neither here nor there, Subject to God - not other men, Knowledge of Gospel is a gift of God, Comfortable in sin? Churches keep you that way, Why the "Whirlwind Tour"?, The easy and hard way to learn, "gods" = magistrates or judges - make no covenants with them, Offices of power beget men of power; offices of service beget men of service, Do you desire the wealth of your neighbor?, Sunday vs Monday, Diabolos, To whom do you pray?, If you have a contract with Caesar - fulfill the contract, Even the devil believes in God - but doesn't DO what He says, We must DO!, "Repent" is not "I'm Sorry", "Coming Out" is at the END of the bible, Seek ye FIRST..., Why the early church was prosecuted, You are "merchandise", What to do about it?, Finding the Kingdom, Today's "world", Paying your tally of bricks, Ministers = bondservants of Christ, Who is my neighbor?, HHC FEMA, The Red Heifer, Being forgiven because you forgive, Doomsday?, "Coercive Church", The Purpose of the Church.

Guarding the Republic

1/22/11 Who's Guarding the Republic
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 22, 2011

Growing the Living Network, Bonds of trust, Mechanics of ministry, In God's kingdom you keep your rights, "Guardians of the Republic", Governments require consent, "Pure republic" defined, What about "democracy"?, Re-living the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, What was the church doing?, All our books are free!, The Constitution did NOT form the republic, What was left out of the Constitution?, Christ's solution, The perfect law of liberty, America - pre Declaration of Independence, "Free" education is worth exactly what you pay for it, 14th amendment, Constitution - ratified or not?, Who were "We the People"?, Administrative law, How much have you agreed to already?, "Corban" at the time of Christ, Sanhedrin = Congress, Making the word of God to none effect, Man's government says it's OK to covet, Modern churches say it's OK to covet?, Christ said NO!, "It is not to be that way with YOU", The Gospel of Churchianity, We must become the Church of Life - in Christ's name/character, At which door do you knock?, Have they gotten you to commit a crime?, Contract is law by consent, Lawmakers - not representatives, God already gave us the law, How to get back our rights.

Restoring the Republic
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 29, 2011

Restore America Plan - some thoughts (cont), Government of Man vs Government of God, Rejections of God, Why are we in bondage?, Idols of Jesus, "Not those that call me Lord, Lord, but those that DO the will of the father", Can't repent for others, Republic vs Democracy, What of "Full Disclosure"?, Solving deciet by deception?, Step 1 = Admitting where you are at, What to do now?, Your choices are..., Purpose of the Constitution, Unrighteous mammon about to fail, Jobs of a minister, History - when (and why) things went wrong, A little leaven..., US Federal Government was never a republic!, Purpose of Bill of Rights, What did Christ say?, Individuals coming together, Improving old wine skins, The Fate of Jerusalem, Getting realistic, Creed of the United States, Constitution is NOT your salvation - Christ is, How to pull this all together, Finding the sheep, Feeding the sheep.

False Prophets
The above recording was recorded here in the studio. The one below was recorded at the station.
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 5, 2011

People who lead away from the Kingdom of God - Cain, Nimrod, Lamech..., "Egypt" means "bondage", God's welfare system, Contractual nature of Government, Man is "allowed" to create governments - rejection of God, Warnings from Proverbs, You have coveted your neighbor's goods for your benefit - Repent!, Start coming together, Don't send people with guns to your neighbor's house, Solution is Christ, Was Moses's message different?, Be DOers, Strive - Christ said it!, United States is not a republic, Do you think you are "We the People"?, More on Restore America Plan - (RAP), What did first century church DO?, Unrighteous mammon, Example of Pompey, Do your homework, Socialism = Bread + Violence, Electing "Lawmakers"? Why do you need more laws?, Christ's "weightier matters", Finding the right(eous) guys, "Love" is pretty simple, Is your faith on your lips or in your heart?, Long way back to Christ - worth every sacrifice, Realize the deception, Understand the Kingdom, Tree of Life vs Tree of Knowledge, Whirlwind Tour: March - May, Expose the lie and teach the truth, Focus on The Way of Christ.

Meet the Ministers
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 12, 2011

Brother Paul interviews Jeff Parrot (in South Carolina) and George Mason (in Massachusetts), The topic today is "The Kingdom Without and The Kingdom Within"..., Brother Jeff's view of life, the kingdom within with scripture, putting on a new nature or the new man, The difference between the empires of man and the Kingdom of God, He comes to live on the inside of us, so we yield to the Holy Spirit, How do we do community?, practicing community and handling conflict, "everything that comes from a man comes from within", what is happening in Massachusetts?, set up for the Whirlwind Tour, concentrating on health, sustaining each other on natural ways and nutrients, the need and importance of Congregation of Record, flare ups and putting on the character of Christ, how to transition to an outward witness of the internal kingdom, how the Congregations develop, recent regional gathering in South Carolina, real servant leaders, reflections on forming a Congregation of Record, what is available on His Holy Church?

Temples and Churches

A Must Hear Episode
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 19, 2011

"Grace" = "charis" in Greek = a given benefit, Who believes the Pharisees?, How about the Sadducees?, Essenes?, God will never OWE you salvation, Wycliffe and ekklesia, Who are robbers of churches?, Does God need us to sing to him?, Saving one another, Social Welfare through history, False salvation, Temples, Freedom takes courage, Civil law, Serfdom again, Notes or money?, Kingdom of Heaven is the answer - seek it and His righteousness!, Herod's welfare system, Losing spirit, Strengthen vs bail out, The sin of Sodom, Saul's folly, Temple at Ephesus, Making the word of God to none effect, Are you numbered?, Give - carefully, Today's temples, Today's churches, Who were the Tetons?, Invisible bread lines, Going the way of Christ, Moses, and Abraham, Inflation, What your minister didn't tell you, How to repent, The Prodigal Son and you, It's your responsibility, We don't tickle your ears, Stop blaming - start working.

Doctrines of the Christ
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 26, 2011

His doctrines - not ours, The "Weightier matters", Christ preached government of the people, for the people, by the people, Free governments make life difficult for the immoral, Levites = public servants, No help for the slothful, Foolish virgins, 4 biblical elements to put in your constitution - all 4 are violated today, The Bible is a book about government - good and bad, A little leaven, Are men property of the state?, The Higher Liberty book, Living by the Sword, Early Israelites - embryonic republics, Cashless society?, What is a minister?, Public School - tsk tsk, What is a Republic?, U.S. Constitution = Indirect Democracy, Repent and head toward pure republics - libera res publica, What is Pure Religion?, Pure Republics require Pure Religion, Global Warming?, What about the Sun?, US Grain Reserves, Do YOU love your neighbor?, Christ's motly crew, More on Ministers, Consent thee not, Creeping wolves, Making the word of God to none effect, Who were the Essenes?, Today's problem = SELFISHNESS.

Whirlwind Tour

3/5/11 Whirlwind Tour and Contact Ministers
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 5, 2011

Whirlwind Tour Schedule, Living Network modeled after Early Israel and the 1st century church, Why should I choose a Contact Minister?, Kingdom thinking, Holy Matrimony vs Marriage, Cain's folly, Structuring the Kingdom, Job description for a Contact Minister, 1 Cor 13:3, Agape = love/charity, Our fragile society, YOU are the government that should take responsibility, Misunderstanding "names", Purposes of ID cards, CMEs and the power grid, How you have been lead astray, Generating interest for the Whirlwind Tour, How quickly technology grows, What is our priority?, "Grass roots" networking, Pearls in the congregations, Letting God be your god, What do you have to offer?, "Kingdom tracks" - home schooling, home health, Community Supported Architecture, Identifying the motives, Join us on the Living Network, law makers vs public servants, Returning to "the Way".

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 12, 2011

Japan earthquake, Caused by CME?, Watching for signs in the sun, Auroras at the time of Christ, FEMA vs F.E.M.A, What can you do?, Pure Religion defined, The cure for misery, 40,000 denominations?, Rebuke and repent, let the dead bury their dead, Do you have Jesus in your heart?, Let go!, Will the Father accept us prodigal sons?, Churches let in wolves but keep out shepherds, Humility is key, How did the early church function?, BE what Christ said, DO what Christ said, Enough Doodoo - just DO! DO!, Don't tell me you're saved - show me Christ in you, If you ARE saved you don't have to convince others, 4 ways to get out of debt, Want liberty? - set your neighbor free, How do you know who your neighbor is?, Contact ministers, You always have a right to choose, All Contact Ministers must be DOers, Don't be afraid - love one another, What is the "wrath of God"?

Not Ear Tickling
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 19, 2011

Fear vs Courage - source and solution to problems, To do or not to do?, The "Way", "Altars of Blood", Is Rome burning?, Dangers of speaking the truth, Socialism = living by the sword, Do you love truth?, Parable of the big horn sheep, Radiation danger?, "You can so this", Working the network, Food Matters, A dose of Radiation Reality, Can nature handle it?, Who's tending the weightier matters?, Leaders vs Law-makers, What happened to the BP "spill"?, Fukushima facts, Looking for signs in the sun, The solution defined, Christ - congregation - kingdom, Wisely meeting the needs, Social re-assurance, Religiosity today, How to change direction, Examples, The temptation of the foolish virgins, Power corrupts! Don't give it, David repented - what about today's rulers?, Honor! Keeping your word!, Finding others who want righteousness, "Love" explained, What "love" is flowing from you?, Spiritual affects physical, Why does Christ love you?, Why do we love you?, History will happen - what part will you play?, It's your choice!

Live From Colorado

the Whirlwind Tour
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 26, 2011

Greeley - to be specific, "Pilgrims and Strangers" book, re-learning the right to choose, re-birth to the spirit of freedom, alternative = human merchandise, Do your ministers teach Christ's weightier matters?, Striving today, You can't love Christ if you don't love service, Have you been called?, We will know you by your fruits, Changing direction isn't easy, The kingdom is in the moment, Don't turn your back on God, Signs of evil, Women in the bible, Bride of Christ, You cannot conjure the Holy Spirit, Angry? Let go!, The system is not fixable, His kingdom is not breakable, Examples of faith, The perils of "easy" Christianity, Idolatry, Where to look for God, Persevere, What seeds are growing within you?, Pure Religion, What "world" do you live in?, Preachers should know these things, Who will wake up?, Overcome!, The "doctrine" is simple - love God, love your neighbor, "His" doctrine is what "He" said, Are you going about your Father's business?, Be fishers of men.

The Higher Liberty

The Higher Liberty - Audio Book - Pages 1-21
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 2, 2011

Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is in Omaha, Nebraska, on the whirlwind tour. Brother Paul begins his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "Romans 13", "Social Contracts", "No King but Caesar", "Republics", "Democracy", "Deception", and "Church and State ".

The Higher Liberty - Audio Book - Pages 22-39
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 9, 2011

Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory is around Dallas, Texas, on the Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book "The Higher Liberty" and begins by reading sections titled "A Kingdom not of this World", "The Natural Law", "These Cometh from Evil, "The Rule of Right", "One Form of Government", "The Natural Error", "Consent thou Not", "The Curse and the Contract", "The Price of Surety", "Elements of the World and the Kingdom", "Mammons", and "The Dedication of the Book".

The Higher Liberty - Audio Book - Pages 40-54
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 16, 2011

Paul Bethke is the guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits South Carolina during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues his reading of Brother Gregory's book, The Higher Liberty. Paul begins this week by reading the dedication of The Higher Liberty and then picks up where he left off the previous week by reading: "Religion of the People", Mighty Hunters", "The Gospel of Love", "The Gospel of Freedom", "For Concience Sake", "Daily Bread", "Father Upon the Earth", "Modern Christians", "The Gods Many", "Sacrificed to Idols", "Denying the Kingdom at Hand", and does not quite get all the way through "1 Peter 2:13".

The Higher Liberty - Audio Book - Pages 55-69
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 23, 2011

Paul Bethke is guest host of "Keys of the Kingdom" while Brother Gregory visits Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Brother Paul continues reading from the book, The Higher Liberty, and begins this week in the section titled, "1Peter 2:13" and also reads sections, "Supreme, Higher, Better, Excellence", "Unheard Cries", "Titus 3:1", "Obey Magistrates", "Be the Magistrate", "Public Servants", "Elders", "The Office of Diakonos", "Deaconus of Ten", "Union and Discipline", "Executive Officers" and finishes the broadcast reading the first paragraphs of "The Apostolic Church".

Live From Wisconsin

During the Whirlwind Tour
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 30, 2011

Brother Gregory hosts "Keys of the Kingdom" on the road in Wisconsin during the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. Gregory discusses the differences between the systems of socialism, corvee or corban or the world practiced by Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Caesar and selfish survivalists looking out for their own stuff versus the system of God which operates on free will offerings and service based on faith, hope and charity. Gregory lays out some real world examples of how the system of God works. Gregory discusses kingdom tracks of homeschooling and network apprenticeship programs through local congregations of record, network permaculture and healthy sustainable food production based on congregational supported agricultural (CSA) with seed saving and seed sharing programs, network health care systems based on kingdom principles of natural healing, network welfare systems to aid those families that have suffered loss or lack due to natural disasters. Gregory discusses how all this service to the network by the character of the Messiah being made manifest through us is only accomplished by doers of the Word and not just hearers only.

Live From Minnesota

5/7/11 During the Whirlwind Tour
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 7, 2011

Brother Gregory hosts Keys of the Kingdom from Minneapolis while on the 2011 His Holy Church Whirlwind Tour. What are we talking about when we are preaching the Kingdom? Gregory reveals some real world examples of how we fail to keep the commandments. What does true repentance look like and what is the direction we are supposed to be going look like? Gregory discusses real world examples of we should be doing to seek and return to The Way, character, name or spirit of God.

Snake Oil Salesmen

MUST HEAR episode!
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 14, 2011

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! - Are your ministers preaching this?, There is another king - one Jesus, Pentecost in the New Testament, "Church" in Black's Law Dictionary, What the heck is "Corban"?, Social Security in Christ's time, Public Education?, Are you bound by debt or are you a thief?, How to get free..., Snake oil salesmen, The Right of Self-determination, Pirates, Where does government get your benefits?, Egypt today, "The Way", What Abraham, Moses, and Christ had in common, "Socialist Christian" = oxymoron, Making the word of God to none effect, "Accepting" Jesus vs the idea of Jesus, How the charlatans react to the light, Land Patents, Sovereigns without Subjects, Family Guardian, Who are the police?, WWJD?, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, How to build the Kingdom, Most haven't heard yet, HHC is not a stage show, Temples then and now, Social Security across the world, It must come from YOU, Working it out with fear and trembling, "Theology" won't get you into the Kingdom, Christ wants DOers, Signs in the sun, Are you ready?, Have you prepared - for others?, Where are the grain reserves?, Can it happen here?, Are we acting like Foolish virgins?, Think Kingdom!

Bonds of Freedom
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 21, 2011

The Kingdom of God has been here from the Beginning, Cain's concept of kingdom, Deuteronomy's 5 conditions you MUST put in your constitution, Who's responsible?, Can you claim "fraud"?, The bible tells you how to be and stay free, Repenting, Truth gives life, Why KJV?, Why is networking hard?, Forming real congregations, Who were the apostles really?, Pentecost - freeing of souls, Buddy system times ten, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, Obamacare?, Think congregation - think kingdom, Are you a mere "human resource"?, The "feasts" are important, The bondage of eschatology vs the freedom of Christ, Seeking righteousness, The end of the world?, The voice cries in the wilderness again, Clearing the cobwebs, Government of, for, and by the people, Where to find healing, Show me the love, More than just e-mails, Does your minister say "Support one another" or "Support this ministry"?, Christ's two commandments, Christ's weightier matters, Church is singing you to sleep, Servants vs Rulers, What do you think of your neighbor?, Who are the DOers?, Freedom is within your grasp.

Judgement and Choice
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 28, 2011

June 2011

Growing Power
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 4, 2011

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - "Growing Power" = Aquaculture meets fish farming = local food supply, Kingdom Tracks, This fragile economy, The Spirit of Commerce, Working for Christ, The Covenants of the gods book, How the system works, The right to choose, The pit, Hebrew "mem" = "flow", Being compatible with the Holy Spirit, Raw Milk, Alternatives for health, Where is the love?, Universal health care - in Christ's day, The source of power in society, You want miracles?, The Kingdom of God at hand, The essence of Nimrod, Who is your provider?, The Kingdom of God in action, Reaching the world, How to be a part of the Living Network, Liberty under God, What is your part?, Feast of tents, Pentecost, The corban of the Pharisees, Congregation extends to Kingdom, Have you been deceived?, Can you admit it?, Church vs Government, Church = Government, The Red Heifer sacrifice, What has my neighbor done for me?, Care to be cared for, Forgive to be forgiven, Love to be loved, Give life as God gave you life.

The Righteousness of God
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 11, 2011

What is the Righteousness of God?, Words and their meanings, Sovereign Citizens, Pentecost, Tongues of fire, Chariots of fire, Understanding the language of the day, Understanding the bible - problems of language + preconceptions + influence, Who do we judge?, Making Christians think, Are you humble enough to admit when you're wrong?, Repent = turn around - from what?, Spiritual constipation, Freedom takes diligence, Is your government the Kingdom of God?, Pentecost the feast, Why be a DOer of the Word?, Are you "saved"? - from what?, What do we do?, Our constitution, Loving liberty, What part of History do you want to be on?, Did the apostles stay in the "upper room"?, Talk is cheap - faith costs, Righteousness costs, Things you can do..., His Church credit union, Living Network of thousands, Dry bones coming together, Making room for the Holy Spirit, You already KNOW what you should do - will you?, Or will you find excuses?, Internet = Haystack - finding the needle, The system of Christ - choose it!

The Lost Kingdom
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 18, 2011

Bureaucracy, Domestic violence, gods many = gospel of central authority, Deciding fact AND law, 5 items for your constitution, Priests in the welfare office, Who is the Lost Kingdom?, Who is "We the People"?, US Constitution = corporate charter - people are not a party to it, President same as Roman Emperor?, In Christ's Kingdom you are free!, Pedophile preachers?, State marriage = 3 party contract, Taking God's name in vain, Is the United States a Christian nation?, Are you in bondage?, Kingdom structure, Police in the Kingdom, Seed sharing, David vs Saul, Choosing your minister, Who is the "state"?, Why we need a congregation, Simply the "buddy system" - times ten, How to survive emergencies, The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Pharisees chose Caesar, US citizens elect a new Caesar every 4 years, GMOs are killers, Where is the love?, Who do you pray to?

Keys to Freedom
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 25, 2011

Teachings of the modern church, "Believe" or "Do"?, How to inherit eternal life, Benefactors who exercise authority, Home schooling in community, Rural electrification, Liberty Dollars, Banks vs Credit Unions, What history are you reading?, Commodity money, Beginning the journey back, Range sheep vs farm sheep, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Details from the early church, Modern Church = the great dis-tractors, Perils of nuclear power plants, People helping people, Nobody gets left behind.

Early Church

What Was the Early Church Doing?
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast July 16, 2011

Many hands=light work. Radio syndication. Understand bible through it's context and context of history. I.D. - no guarantee if it's not who you are. People's needs haven't changed - NetWORKING is still the answer. Bible/History = Record of our lives. The PRICE of FREEdom. You DO NOT own YOUR property. "Worship" defined. CoR's are loving your neighbor. Summer Lake Retreat and how benefits. Training our children and REtraining ourselves. Preaching, yes; but DOing too. Dividing the Word and the bread (same thing). Build the net you want to catch YOU. Kingdom-iters vs. Congregation-alism. The World fears - this! "World-hood" watch. Paul's appeal to Rome (Luke 12:11) was a BIG help. The Nature of Christ - in you - is the answer to all your questions. Who will care for your children when you canNOT - "choose this day." Lawful legal records matter. Love=sharing=love. Walking toward kingdom=DOing kingdom things. Calendars are crutches. The Beast's uniform. Perfect Law = taxing yourself. Begin seeking from where you're at. Providing more than a token. Seeking = DOing - with whom, to whom. Kingdom thinking. We are NOT His holy church. Sabbath ORDER - rest AFTER laboring. Focus is service, NOT survival. One person is NOT a congregation. Live wires stay plugged in.



Rights and Responsibilities
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast July 23, 2011

On this edition of the Keys of the Kingdom on Liberty Radio Live Brother Gregory wastes no time rabble rousing and tickling the people's ears by telling them how awful and wicked their elected leaders are for taking away the people's rights and usurping power, but rather Gregory again explains the hard truth that the people freely let their rights go by letting their responsibilities go in order to covet and ask their gods many to steal and kill their neighbor to provide what the people are unwilling to provide for themselves by freely participating in the Babylonian system of Corban which was also practiced by the Pharisees, Rome. Phyllis in Pennsylvania calls in to ask questions about how to get rid of State issued driver's license and the other benefits Caesar or Uncle Sam offers his resident children. Phyllis also asks for an explanation of the differences between commissioned, licensed and ordained ministers. Claude in Vermont calls in with follow-up questions about the State's driver's license and Gregory explains why Pharaoh, Caesar or Uncle Sam will not let someone go just because the individual has filed paperwork telling their gods many that they are freeing themselves and cancelling their licenses, privileges and benefits offered by the gods many.


Our Fall is Our Fault

Our Fall is Our Fault
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast August 13, 2011

Who is the enemy? No enemy has been defeated without first knowing who the enemy is, so who is the enemy? Is the enemy a cabal of elite and powerful bankers, politicians, businessmen and royalty conspiring to implement a new world order? No. The real enemy is us. Not the devil, not the bankers, not governments because the devil, bankers and governments do not have any power other than what we give them. We are the enemy because of the larceny in our own hearts. This week's discussion focuses on a series of emails that were being passed around on the HHC New York group talking about identifying the enemy. Gregory also touches on the current events of the day: comet Elenin and other geologic and celestial events. Hadar in Minnesota calls in with questions about Elenin and the theory of a rapture. Richard from Florida calls in and asks about "Universal Restoration". Dee in California's gold country calls in about the great tribulation and how God allows Satan to do his thing. Mark in Texas calls in to comment on the new audio system used to broadcast the Keys of the Kingdom.

Baldwin on Romans Thirteen

8/20/11 Timothy Baldwin Interview

Timothy Baldwin com hdr.jpg

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast August 20, 2011

1/4: Read referenced sources to confirm/deny their accuracy; Challenge others' assertions = sparks may fly (iron sharpens iron); Education is a personal responsibility; OT/NT actually agree - not so with translators; Want to understand the bible? Understand meaning of the words; From Adam and Eve, The Deceiver uses words to deceive; God created us, then WE created governments; God gave guidelines for government; Subsequent incorporation voids previous; To what government did Abraham belong?; Christ preached one form of government which sets men free?; Early church (and early America) cared for all social welfare through faith, hope, and freewill offerings in the form of charity ; 2/4: We're looking to governments of the world now, whether overtly or through neglect; We deserve the government we're getting; Before governments can change, people must change; (Righteous) law starts...where?; U.S. Constitution allows right to contract; "Rulers" of Romans 13 are "ministers of God" for "evil doers" (definition: those who put their trust in THEM); Modern "churches" don't preach THE (=true=full) gospel - REPENT (stop, turn around, go the right way); 3/4: World governments meant for evil doers (see definition above); Meaning of "religion" and "unspotted"; State fills vacuum created by NOT preaching THE gospel; Shirking our duty is shifting (our) power to world's governments; Align with what Christ started - ONE church; Righteous power comes from what's given; "Oath" can be "to 'pray'"; You get from to Whom you pray!; Clarifying lines blurred by others/neglect; Christ's Way antithesis to world's forced contribution; History's repeating; THE gospel = YOU be the government; Timothy Baldwin stated he'd be leaving early, and did so at end of this quarter; 4/4: Paul's "higher" "power" means original, higher, supreme "liberty" God bestowed on all; no law makers needed - we have THE law; Israel elected (and governed/policed) ministers; Stop making contracts, and start...what?; PCM => MoR = White Regiment (of Christ/Service); Constitution is for sinners rejecting God (1 Samuel 8:); U.S. Constitution lacks four out of five key precepts/safeguards; "Liberty" to choose makes doing what's "Right" your choice; Choosing another way is not without consequence; Greek dictionaries of the time, define usage at the time; "Punishment" is "Reward" for choosing Tree of Knowledge; Two ways to learn; Not ruling over your neighbor does not mean not rebuking; Christ withstood temptation of Power; Modern "Churches" try to alleviate/eliminate suffering (built-in motivator to repentance) of sin.

Families congregating in groups of 10s, 100s, 1000s formed a Living Network that prospered nations and the early Christians.

Understanding the appointment of Christ

Understanding the role of a minister in the Church established by Jesus Christ may require not only study but deep soul searching within the hearts of Elders and Ministers. It has been 2000 years since Jesus called his first Ministers and appointed to them a Kingdom.[1]

Jesus and John the Baptist were preaching a different way to govern and be governed. The "little flock"[2] were understood to be one form of government which was not like the governments of the other nations who had Benefactors who exercised authority but they were to benefit the people and provide spiritual guidance and a Daily ministration for their welfare with Pure Religion by way of the Faith, Hope and Charity of the people in Free Assemblies through something James called the Perfect law of liberty.

This was not a new system of self government but was very old. The pattern of Tens had been used by Abraham and also Moses along with many other nations.

Voluntary governments have been the rule in man’s history and not the central or even democratic authorities so common world-wide in modern administrations. It is commonly understood by historians that, “our modern reliance on government to make law and establish order is not the historical norm.”[3]

Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God’s liberty into every aspect of our lives. God’s precepts and character should govern us and the nations of the world. Liberty is conducive to growth and maturity. Virtue is the avenue of God’s grace through an international Daily ministration for Christians near and far and even the strangers in their midst. Faith is The Way and the Sacrifice of our hearts is a gift that brings us into a fuller knowledge of God.

“The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” Luke 4:18

If we are going to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness it is important to understand what form and structure was employed by the early Church.

The Pharisees were in conflict with Christ and according to Christ were also in conflict with Moses while the Essenes had many things in common with the teachings of the early Church.

There were congregations that were so united during the early days of Christianity that In Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, he praised “the union and discipline of the Christian republic”. He also pointed out that “it gradually formed an independent and increasing state in the heart of the Roman Empire”.[4] The early Christian ekklesia was a republic in form and was recognized by Rome through the proclamation nailed to the cross by order of the Proconsul of Rome, Pontius Pilate. When Jesus rose from the dead to stand again upon the earth, so did His Kingdom. His kingdom now lives in the hearts of those who follow His way.

Everyone is encouraged to study the materials linked above before continuing.

Build a foundation

CORE is an acronym which stands for a Congregation of Recorded Elders. A CORE is already defined as a group of families in free assembly represented by their natural head if the family called an Elder. Those Elders in the practice of Pure Religion are bound by love and honor alone.

But a Congregation of Ministers (COM) is not merely a congregation of Elders. It has the capacity of a CORE which is not an entity but a free assembly but it also has some official duties granted it within the adjudication power of the Church.

A Minister's membership with the Church is or may be a limited capacity either by appointment or anointing, ex officio or ordination. Since an Ordained Minister of the Church must be separate from the world he may have no part of a personal estate within the world.

This is sometimes hard to understand but it is not what most Modern Christian ministers do. But it was essential in the early Church and even back in the days of the Levites and Essenes.

A minister is part of the Body of the Church as a member of their Congregation of Ministers, "COM". A COM has no individual existence in the world but has its legal existence within the Church. That existence resides in their Ordained Overseer or Minister as the Church in order to remain a Free Assembly. As minister ex officio they hold property as a trust within the Church but as ordained ministers they hold property as join heirs.

There is a reason Moses and Christ used these forms and relationships to build the institutions of God which are based on individual choice and liberty but remains institutions based on one form of government for the purposes of God.


While each local religious congregation or CORE is independent and self-governing, in the kingdom those congregations are merely Free Assemblies of families....

Each minister has a CORE he serves but he is not a member of that CORE.

The kingdom factor comes in because the minister of a CORE is not a member of the CORE he serves but as a part of the Church he is a member, whether ordained or ex officio, of the Congregation of Ministers he is bound to by his commitment to serve His Church in a particular capacity. It is that official or recognized Congregation of Ministers [COM] where he will find and fulfill his duties of Religion.

His first duty is of course to Christ/God but his second is to his Congregation of Ministers (COM). That congregation or CORE is not the ones he serves, but consists of those ministers with whom he is in congregation with by the recognition of a common ordained Overseer of his Congregation of Ministers (COM).

Without that understanding and religious duty there is no kingdom and the pattern is not sacred nor separate.

In fact a great danger arises if he does not attend to his fellow ministers first. His CORE congregation may become more his personal Church rather than "HIS Church" meaning Christ's Church.

His congregation may isolate itself with the cares of the world and start looking to each other only and let go of the broader kingdom thinking. His congregation becomes an altar of clay that he stands upon and serves in hope they will mutually support him. His service becomes for his own purposes.

While a minister is supported while he works serving the Elders, when he is retired or ill or in great need it is his fellow ministers in his COM that he will depend upon. Those ministers and many more in a network of ministers shall become his support and assurance.

The early Church had a great deal of resources, including land and buildings as well as funds to provide for the Daily ministration.

We know this is why the Diocletianic Persecution confiscated the property of the Church's ministers in hope of destroying it. They owned that property in common and reclaimed it from Rome eventually. The Christian system of social welfare or what could be called Private welfare function much better than the Public religion which exercised authority. Many nations had become dependent upon those systems of welfare which weakened the people and made them more dependent upon governments. This dependence of the people empowers governments and leads to despotism. The whole Christian conflict with Rome was centered in the distinction between these forms of welfare and they echoed the jealousy and envy within society.

Charity around the world

The early Christians did not need the free Bread and circuses of Rome. They had a better system that did not require force. But they were accused of robbing the system of welfare run through the public Temples of Imperial Cult of Rome.

But the charity of the Church reached far and wide. We see Barnabas and Paul carrying funds to distant parts of the kingdom. During persecutions people were able to relocate far from trouble because they had a network and the common bond of Christ because they all were living the whole Gospel of the Kingdom and not dependent upon Rome.

The Roman cult failed as all such systems eventually fail. They not only follow the ways of the Nicolaitan and Nimrod they create systems and Snare the people in a Bondage called Corvee under the authority of their Benefactors who are the Fathers of the earth. Roman historians like Polybius and Plutarch warned the people long before Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.

Because of The Way followed by the early Church the people and the Church prospered as Rome declined and fell under corruption, debt and endless wars for power. For a thousand years much of Europe would remain free and people of the true Christian faith lived in relative peace and safety.

But the people in their prosperity began to lose sight of the kingdom. The bonds of the kingdom that reached to more distant communities faltered as people became centered on their own comforts. Each valley or village and community or country became more isolated where it did not think to come to the aid of others. Those ministers who focus on their congregation rather than the whole kingdom are undermining the righteous bonds of the "kingdom".

Dividing love

This loving of one group more than another, especially your own congregations and those closest to you, spreads seeds of division.

This is why Christianity was overrun back at the turn of the first millennium as one valley after another was invaded by that militant coercive church.

They had lost sight of the kingdom and they did not cast their bread upon the waters or come to the aid of the next valley or village.

Each minister serves different people and those people are important to other ministers not because they know them but because they know their minister.

When a minister is sick or ill or needs help he may get that help or aid or moral support from tents of his congregation, the flock he tends (his CORE). But he should first look to his fellow ministers in his own Congregation of official recognized Ministers, (COM) just as the elders of a CORE of the Church should serve one another.

Kingdom Institutions

Men create institutions all the time by agreement. Their agreements are real and we should make our yes's Yes!

The institutions are sometimes called Fictions of Law or Legal fictions.

Man was made in the image of God and has some creative powers granted by God. Those endowed powers are called rights. What he creates and how it functions depends on the spirit that he breathes into those institutions.

Is the spirit we see living in the institutions of men in agreement with the Holy Spirit or has another spirit taken over either at its beginning or has come to control the institution?

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

The word we see here for creature is the Greek word ktisis[5] which means "something the act of founding, establishing, building."

These institutions are the result of agreements and contracts. They are sometimes called legal fictions. One definition of a legal fiction is "an assertion accepted as true, though probably fictitious, to achieve a particular goal in a legal matter."

But in another place a legal fiction "is a fact assumed or created by courts".

Because they are created by courts does not mean they are not true or void of fact. One example of a legal fiction occurs in adoption. An adoption is saying "this is my son". He is not actually your son so in that sense it is not true; a fiction. But it is true that you are adopting him as your son and he will have all the rights that your natural son has.

So a legal fiction can be a good thing that should be treated as a fact in order to do justice.

A corporation treated as a legal person[6] is a fiction also because in fact it is not a living individual or person. But corporations are created by people, owned by people, run by people who collectively bring in their spirit to give life to the corporation. The spirit of the people breaths life into a Corporation.

That can be good or that can be bad. What spirit is entering the corporate world?

A corporation has a nationality and most governments have a corporate nature to them.

There are six factors in determining the nationality of a corporation:

  • the state of incorporation
  • the principal seat of business[7]
  • nationality of the shareholders
  • the nationality of overall investment
  • the nationality of the management
  • the persons controlling the business of corporation

Knowing this, what is the nationality of the Corpus of Christ?

Jesus' kingdom is not of this world but it is at hand and he keeps his Apostles and ordained ministers out of the world so that they can be separate. Most of the early Christians were in the world. They were to bring the Spirit of the kingdom into the world so that it might be saved.

That means people who are bound in the world can bring the Spirit of Christ to the institutions they form while they are in the world. There are many ways to do this which should be taught in every congregation.

The Freewill offerings upon the Altars of the Church are freely given and given up entirely. They are given to Christ but since he is not here they are given to whom you believe to be the servants of Christ in trust. That trustee and the congregations of trustees who belong to Christ, who are in the world but not of it, who have met the requirements of Christ hold what is given for his purposes in a legal fiction call the Church.

It is an irrevocable trust but its legality is within the Church which is foreign to the world. This is why the ministers need to not be a part of the World Christ and his Apostles were not a part of.

Once things have entered upon the altars of God the ministers may eat it or give it back to the people in a Daily ministration of charity.

They may also sow some of it back into the world but must only do so for Christ's purposes. The Church is a welfare system for Christians that is not like the world and its Benefactors. It does not operate like the Fathers of the earth who use force.

What they receive is not given to make Elders rich and independent. If the elders work together in loving communion they may achieve that on their own. The Church wants to see the elders prosper as their soul prospers with the Character or Name of Christ and this is also true when it comes to their personal and emotional and even mental health.[8]

Walking in the ways of service may require many tools like the apostles used a fishing boat and net to catch fish which added to the wealth of their families. Jesus did not do the fishing for them but told them when and where to put down their nets.

The Church may show people how to create trusts, LLCs and Benefit Companies in the sea of the world so that they may help plant the ways of the Christ in those fields. These systems may begin to help the Elders become an active part of the charitable work of the Christ and His Church in more personal ways than just giving money. They may do this in areas of the world where His Holy Church is already excluded.

Often the Church may do this by sowing their service in the lives of the Elders and even by sowing funds to them. Because those funds or the power and blood they represent belongs to Christ they may only sow into charitable projects. They may not finance enterprises to generate personal wealth for the Elders.

They may feed, cloth, help heal the hungry, naked and sick but they should not enrich anyone simply so that they may not have to work especially if there are others in the whole body who are in greater need.

As examples they may help replace a home that is lost through disaster but they cannot build the personal estate of the Elders with funds given to Christ. That might look like favoritism or cronyism - the common good ol' boy approach to charity.

By the same token we see Jesus doing something not far removed from this. The story of the talents Matthew 25 relates how those who did well were given more and those who did little or nothing could actually lose what they had. This parable is not meant to turn the Church into a system that gives to the rich and takes from the poor. This story is showing how doers of the word will be rewarded and the slothful shall lose what they were given. The same is true of the ones who say they see may have sight taken from them just as the kingdom was taken from the Pharisees because they did not bear fruit.

The Church is to preach the gospel to the poor who become rich by the doing of the word which will give deliverance to the captives and sight to the blind.[9]

Are Christians Idiots?

MUST HEAR episode!
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Networking for Life
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1/4: Gospel of kingdom of God - at hand - always been only salvation NOW; Extended network part of Living Network; Not "Congregationalists"; Oath = vow or prayer; "Law" enforcement - duty of all; Seek righteousness for others; Socialism breeds stupidity, etc.; Know your neighbors; Police ministers, then network about who's trustworthy; You're the government - responsible agents!; Police ministers and call them out; THAT is road to freedom - when not only for self, but others - not attained another way; Practicing charity = helping others to find others; 2/4: Fall retreat site development; CME in 1895, and at time of Christ; More prepared every day; Networking = living for another; Algae, fungus, and micro organisms; Immunity for Doers by Spiritual covering; Backyard garden knowledge/practice for children; "Quality food" shortage already; FEMA builds bonds; Sacred Purpose Trusts; Nature of "Hebrew" language; FEMA cares for needy and strengthens them; The best get the most - takes awhile to understand; 7-8 men to deal with calamity; You will need help in future; Alternative system; Tables = banks; 3/4: Apostles preached Kingdom of God at hand = daily administration of care of needy; Done by freewill offerings; Tithing - how they supported needy; What turns titular leaders and representatives rouge?; Most common form of government in history; International "banking" system sends real aide - fast; Not righteous to neglect neighbor; "Study" = "diligent" (in loving neighbor as self); Ruling over neighbor is Satanic; Can not be free unless neighbor is free; Build w/people who will share w/you when you really need it; You're to believe your heart; Syndication; Church working to serve "'lower'-archy;" 4/4: Should be networking; Join Living Network; Form Congregations linked to other Congregations; No apathy catering to sloth/selfishness; Self-interest vs. self-less-interest; New World Order's counting on your self-interest/preservation - to betray your neighbor/community/freedom in the world; Balance self-interest with interest in others; Spiritual constipation?; Change flow from out-in, to in-out - start caring for others; Mutual love for one another; Give up life - for life (more abundant); Taking back responsibilities results in "right to be ruled by God"; Redistributing funds strengthens bonds; Witness the "miraculous" - but without needing to have your batteries charged; Winds of wisdom = not turning to and fro; Make local contacts; We've forgotten how to work together.

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A Peculiar People


  1. The corporation of God and the titular republic of God and how a free government works. The body bound to free the people... Separation of Church and state of freedom. And the corporate church under Caesar.

Corporate banks of your government and daylight robbery it has led to. Woe to the Brutish pastors who fail to attend to the weightier matters. The shoulders of the free Elders of the faithful.

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Seeking Liberty under God

The kingdom of the world or governments of the world gain their power over the people by the covetousness and sloth of people. Those governments of the world bind people by consent because the people seek the gifts, gratuities and benefits available by application through contract and debt. Additionally, things provided by borrowing money make the recipient a surety for the debt incurred. The Benefactors of those benefits will then legally have a right to force the surety to comply with their will.

This is why the covetous practices of desiring benefits at the expense of your neighbors will make aul the people Merchandise and curse their children. By applying to the governments of the world, you effectively take something from your neighbor to gain a share for yourself. With this action, you literally bite one another. This common practice of members of society who are willing to gain benefits for themselves at the expense of others. Ths process legitimatizes the power they, or their parents, have bestowed upon the governments via their social compact and their own covetous practices.

We see this in history from Cain to Nimrod, from Pharaoh to Caesar. 1 Samuel 8 tells us what to expect when we give power to others to that which we should do for ourselves. If we desire God to hear our prayers we must return to the way of love and sacrifice. We must seek The Way of Christ, and the prophets like John the Baptist who also told us to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We are called to repent of those covetous practices like the Corban of the Pharisees which made the word of God to none effect and the slothful practices that bring us under Tribute.

What does it mean to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Modern Christians are often not told what that kingdom looks like, nor even what it means to repent.

Seeking the kingdom of God, the government of God, is not an act of personal will where we change the world. It is the submission to the will of a righteous God who sent His son to serve others and sacrifice himself, and even lay down his life for others. To come in the name of Christ is to come together to serve others in righteousness. To gather in the Name of Christ is to gather to serve others, to save others. We do not gather for fellowship and joy although those things are a common byproduct of The Way of Christ.

The Kingdom of God or Heaven is a voluntary government operated by people freely coming together and caring about one another as much as they care about their own rights, life and liberties, those of their children, and even their neighbor's children and grandchildren. They do this in common service, one to another. They lay down their life daily and they freely give of themselves to set others free in love as Yeshua, A.K.A. Jesus the Christ, did. They take care of each other through love and charity.

This is not what the modern American or European or almost every nation is doing today, whether we call ourselves Christian or Jew, Buddhist or Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. Instead, in almost every country of the world, the people look to their government to take a portion from one class of citizen to provide for another.

Taking care of each other was the purpose of religions, and it was even part of the definition of Religion at one time in history. The Bible defines Pure Religion as the caring for the widows and orphans and needy of society without the aid from or application to the Benefactors of the world and the Fathers of the earth.

To freely congregate in faith, hope and charity by way of the perfect law of liberty is the only way to salvation. This is to be done in spirit and in truth.

The purpose of these email Networks is to create a living network of CORE groups, as was done, in the early Church established by Christ. When the unrighteous Mammon fails you will be ready for more righteous habitations. When Rome began to decline, Christians were just getting started. The failing of the Imperial Cult of Rome as a system of social welfare was supplanted by true Christians who would repent and seek that government of God and the righteousness of that God of love.

There are many tools of the Church; the people are to form a functioning network that survives, and it can serve Christ's purpose when the unrighteous Mammon and the entire banking system fails.

Everyone sees disaster coming, and Christ had the solution. That solution and the blessed strategy of God was salvation for the followers of Christ. That salvation does not come without Forgiveness and Sacrifice. This is done through repentance - changing the way you think, act and govern yourselves.

This is why Christ appointed His Apostles who organized thousands of people at the major feast of Pentecost. They let the people choose men of Good report to assist in the Daily ministration and the Church. Those appointed ministers of Christ were to be in the World but not of it. These men had to come into one accord and meet the qualifications of Christ in order to became the Benefactors who did not exercise authority but instead Fervent Charity.

The World and False religion has delivered us into Bondage in the spirit and truth of our Covetous Practices and Sloth.

The Network of the Kingdom of God allows us to begin a Repentant life of Charitable Practices which will set us free, rather than continue bondage in those Covetous Practices that have made us Merchandise and cursed our children.

By forming Congregations of Record rooted in a desire to serve in love for one another, you may begin to reverse the spiritual process that brought you into Bondage in Spirit and Truth.

A natural pattern may form by the ancient mechanics of choosing Ministers of Tens. Such gatherings of ministers and their congregations allow spiritual conduits to form in these living Altars of clay and stone.

We have been going in, and following, what can only be called wicked ways. It not only has brought us into bondage as a people but on many levels, it is causing disturbances in the world we live. A storm is coming that will bring great destruction, but it may also stir an awakening in people; this is not to make you afraid, but to teach you to care. We have not lived by faith, but by force. We need to live by faith and love.[10] We are seeking those who will repent and step out in faith to save others, instead of seeking to save themselves first.

This is the name of Christ.

If we will seek the face of God and the name of Christ and come to serve rather than be served, God will calm the storm and heal our land.[11]

If the Ministers will also begin to gather as true Congregations of Ministers in a spirit of righteous sacrifice, like Christ who demonstrated His love for us by His personal sacrifice, we will continue the formation of the pattern called the Kingdom of God. Service in love and dedication in charity is the fuel that powers society and allows the flow of God's grace and power.

If any will survive from this world to the next, they must be seeking to form together a living network of 10's, 100's, 1000's through the righteousness of God.

If you strive to do this with a repenting heart, you may continue to form a more righteous habitation. Your repentance draws the Holy Spirit, and it prepares a place for that spirit in each and all of us bound by love.

That is seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

We recommend:

  • People examine the material at His Holy Church
  • Join or form a Congregation of record.
  • Ask questions and share your thoughts on the network or with your ministers so that we may all be in one accord.

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  6. The concept of the law treating corporate entities as if they were persons dates back to Ancient Rome. The 14 Amendment did the same thing. The corporation is itself incapable of loyalty or enmity but the spirit of those within in provide the spirit.
  7. Related to a corporation's nationality is its residence. This can be juristically difficult as a typical "multinational" has domiciles in several countries. There are at least two questions in this realm. Where does a company reside? Usually, it resides in the place of incorporation or place of its registered office.
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  11. 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

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