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families congregating in groups of 10s, 100s, 1000s.
The solution is salvation and salvation is the solution but salvation is not for the dead but the living because the Kingdom of God was for the living not the dead.

The Kingdom of God was from "generation to generation".

Christ, Abraham and Moses all had a plan which included loving one another.

Family was the institution of God but how those families came together to secure the blessings of God determined the liberty of the people. This the essential CORE to freedom under God. That plan called The Way got his followers, eventually called Christians, kicked out of one system of Corban that made the word of God to none effect so that they had to form another kind of system of Corban that would help them tend to the daily ministration of their own needy with Ministers who did not exercise authority like the Benefactors of the world.

This individual change of direction and the form of gathering together was called repentance.

This repentance altered the way people related to their fellow man and made them unique in the eyes of the world.

The early followers of Christ did this by forming small intimate congregations of personal testimony who networked together practicing Pure Religion manifesting the fruits worthy of repentance.

How this plan of Christ worked then and can work today is very simple and every Church, home church, group can use these precepts to help form networks of hope dependent upon love and charity.

To find out more you can Join the Network and gather with others in Free Assemblies and seek that which sets men free.

The core of the network is families freely coming together. But what is a CORE?

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