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List to liberty

Finding The Way way to freedom under God by the numbers.

These Steps to Liberty under God are taken individually but also together. It includes a process much like the Twelve steps used to overcome addiction. Your commitment must be in body and soul if there is to be a renewing of the mind. This is why Christ says seek, strive and persevere.

What have we forgotten to do?

We were told to repent and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

What does that mean, what does it look like?

What has happened is that Americans and most of the people around the world have been making social compacts with men who call themselves Benefactors, but in reality they weaken society and grow in power like 2 Samuel 8 said they would. They exercise authority one over the other to provide benefits. In order to provide these Benefits they force people to contribute in a compelled offering. The people chose to accept this covetous system and became more Slothful, but are also snared into a corvee system of Bondage.

People wanted/desired those benefits that come from the cost of their neighbors' expense and even at the expense of the liberty of their children. Those are covetous systems that make the people human resources or what the Bible calls Merchandise. Providing for the needs of society by forcing the contributions of the people may be convenient at first, but it erodes the character of society and such Covetous Practices curses the children.

Modern Churches have turned a blind eye to the commandment about not coveting what belongs to your neighbor and went along with these social schemes which make the word of God to none effect.

People wanted to have public schools at their neighbors' expense rather than by local community charity like we used to do in America.

They wanted social security at their neighbors' expense rather than depend on charity if their own resources failed them. This made it convenient for people who no longer had to do ought for their parents because they said they gave at the civil Temples of the state.

They wanted credit and debt rather than work and earn their day of rest. Their preachers did not teach them how the Gospel brought the Christian conflict with Rome.

Americans at one time were a shining example of a charity driven society. You can see by the words and deeds of earlier Americans like David Crocket that if anyone is going to restore America they must repent and change their thinking. America has become a socialist nation for over a hundred years. We must turn around and go the other way.

But, for those who do want to change this direction, they can begin to do so right now. The unrighteous Mammon will fail and is failing now. Like Rome it will fall and take many with it.

So what we must do is turn around and seek a righteous way of helping one another according to the ways of liberty.

Those who can only begin to imagine what course we must take may need a list to inspire them.

Repent List

  1. Stop seeking socialist solutions to education.
    1. Everyone take your children out of public schools and start teaching them at home.
    2. Gather with others who are doing the same help each other.
    3. Even if you have no school age children help your neighbors teach their children.
    4. Care about one another's education as much as you care about your own.
      1. Find out what has been expunged and taken from your school books.
      2. Share ideas, technique and discoveries about Homeschooling but Do not dictate to others.
    5. Gather with others and Network with other groups doing similar things around the world.
      1. Form free assemblies link them through patterns of Ten through charity and hope.
      2. Pick someone to connect you with other groups both near and far in patterns of Tens.
      3. To seek, endure, persevere, strive, and be a doer of the word are all a part of the Doctrines of Jesus. Remain faithful like those who do the twelve steps.
      4. Evangelize others on Home education supporting the efforts of leaders who Network.
    6. Professional or experienced individuals can share higher levels of skills.
  2. Organize from the ground up locally and in a broad network.
    1. Use a pattern of Tens that has worked in the past.
    2. 10 or 12 families in each group of the Network of Tens.
    3. Pick someone to help keep track of each member, team leader and minister...
      1. Their primary purpose is to connect you with other groups of the Tens network.
      2. They need to be diligent, moral and seek righteousness in all things.
      3. You need to support them so they can go here and there when needed.
  3. Health Learn about alternative health and health care practices.
    1. Learn alternative health and health care methods and solutions.
      1. Learn to negotiate medical bills
    2. Come together in a Network of Tens to share information.
    3. Come together and through charity support a system of voluntary Health share
  4. Promote general Welfare by expanding skills for business, trade.
    1. Help people form successful home and small business.
    2. Enrich a community of people in your local area to become successful.
    3. Form cooperatives and other employee owned companies and businesses.
  5. Gather in that same pattern of Tens in a Charitable network in all areas of society.
    1. Skilled and knowledgeable people should aid and share their talents
    2. Each of you professing your immediate and long-range goals in the group
    3. Each individual should seek to be there for others near and far.
    4. There must be a Hue and cry as all attend to the Weightier matters.
    5. Build relationships of trust now in small things so you are ready when big things come.
    6. Liberty and righteousness are not hobbies but ways of life.
      1. If there are legal problems or needs, help and seek help in the Network of Tens.
      2. Economic, help and seek help in the Network of Tens.
      3. Social, help and seek help in the Network of Tens.
  6. In Economics everyone help everyone become individually independent together
    1. Become a business advisory...
    2. Start credit unions...
      1. Yes unrighteous mammon will fail but there is much to do and learn before then.
    3. Learn individual fiscal responsibility
    4. Invest in local businesses, including Coops, that strengthen community and bring independence to families.
    5. Help the young people you are training in your education network get started and succeed in their own businesses.
    6. Build your community beyond the organized Network of Tens.
    1. Sources of food together
      1. Investigate quality and purity notifying the whole Network of Tens
      2. No GMO
      3. Gardens
        1. Permaculture
        2. Seeds
        3. Seed_shares
      4. Support CSA
      5. Support whole Milk producers.
      6. Home and community Gardens
      7. Train your network and neighbors about gardening.
      8. Learn to save seeds and especially heritage seeds
    1. Help those in the Network who help others
    2. Seek out to do Charity
    3. Seek to not be a burden and pay your way with your brothers
    4. Stand for righteousness
    5. Rebuke error and sloth and vice
  1. Accumulate men and women you can trust locally and in a wider network.
    1. There is no greater asset than friends.
    1. Becoming health education and welfare
    2. This will test the bonds of the people for each other.
    3. Gather several times a year to shore up the network.
  1. Organize your own FEMA network to aid in major and minor disasters, both public and private. We call it the Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary.
    1. Prepare as individuals with the intent of helping others.
    2. Every house and home should have some ability to take care of sick and injured, help the homeless...
    3. Remember the caveats of the Bible,
      1. If you do not work neither will you eat.
      2. Christ would not open the door to the foolish virgins who were slothful in the watch.[1]
      3. The slothful servant who did nothing with his talent had it taken away.
      4. Forgive those who are brothers in this endeavor so that they might forgive you.
      5. Organize yourselves like Christ commanded in the Tens.
      6. Give that you may be given to in your time of need.
      7. Do not be slothful, but diligent

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== Footnotes ==
  1. The Warning to watch was from γρηγορεύω which is the Greek word gregoreuo does mean watch but as a metaphor it means "give strict attention to, be cautious, active 2a) to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one"

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