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We're looking for volunteers in your state. A Personal Contact Minister Volunteer (PCMV) is a member of a Family that is part of the His Holy Church Living Network that has volunteered to serve as a contact point in the Living Network, but has not yet received the necessary two votes from two different, unrelated, HHC families to be an official PCM.

"Where two or three are gathering in my Name, there I am also."

How does someone volunteer to be a PCM?

First, read the duties of a PCM.

Then simply announce your free will act of volunteering to serve and in.troduce yourself on your local HHC Google group.

Since the purpose of a PCM is to connect people with the Living Network you must also be a congregant in good standing in one of the Congregations of Record, CORE.

People will need your name and HHC registered email address (the email you used to become a part of the HHC network) in order to cast their vote for you.