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All communities were survival communities in ancient times.

The natural gregarious nature of man drew people together. Families and clans were naturally bound by common origins or lineal consanguinity. Bringing a broader group together was often based on common interests or beliefs. Different forms of tribal communities worked and others disappeared.

Most were voluntary societies because of the independence required to survive.

Civil societies were also communities but evolved away from the voluntary society to a more controlled society. While control could be imposed by policy, members would often become dependent upon society itself either because the alternative outside of that society was too difficult or dangerous or because members of society lost the ability to survive on their own.

There are a vast list of societies and forms of governments used to aid in the function of those societies.

The Greek city states, which provided a variety of community forms, Ancient Rome and its evolution into an imperial power. Ancient Israel, the Teuton tribes and confederations all came about, evolved and degenerated over the centuries.

What can we learn from their mistakes and practices?

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