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Have we been called to rescind or called to repent? Are we called to be doers of the word not just say we believe.


Fraud, a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Middle English: from Old French fraude, from Latin fraus, fraud- ‘deceit, injury.’

When Adam sinned he did not take the responsibility for what he had done wrong but blamed God for his own sin.

"And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest [to be] with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." (Genesis 3:12)

Since Adam got caught disobeying God man has been blaming his own sins on others.

"It is not my fault!" he cries. "The devil or someone else made me do it!"

One individual while trying to blame the governments of the World for his present state and condition, accusing them of fraud asked:

"Why is it so difficult for people here to acknowledge fraud for what it is?"

He imagines that the present subjection and bondage of the people of the world is due some how to a government fraud. This is simply not true and very unbiblical.

Many historians and philosophers[1] as well as the Bible tell us in no uncertain terms that we are brought into Snares and Traps, even made subject and Merchandise because of our own Covetous Practices, greed and Wantonness.

Until we start taking responsibility for our actions or lack of action we will continue in error and sin. We are told to repent, seek, give and forgive and if we do not then our sin remains.

We were not defrauded, we sinned.

That is not what people want to hear.

They still want to blame others for the product of their own sin.

But do you want the truth or just an excuse?

Can you handle the truth?

We should have known better and if we were honest with ourselves we will have to admit what we did, our part, but instead most chose to turn a blind eye to our own error.

People wanted benefits at the expense of their neighbor and they were willing to ask men who called themselves Benefactors to take from their neighbor so that they could have what they wanted.

That is the essence of coveting and every Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christian or Muslim should know better based on their own teachings. If they have coveted those benefits and want to blame their present state on government then it is they who are a fraud. It is through their covetousness that they have become Merchandise and cursed your children with your Covetous Practices.

Gods Many and Their Covenants - from His Holy Church. We made this years ago and we can see many of the predictions starting to come true but so many have not joined the Network or become a part of the Living network. Knowing who the gods many at the time of the Bible begins to show. Living by faith, hope, and charity and force, fear, and fealty. What is real mutual assurance and the fraud of rescinding without repentance and the Tens. Pure Religion, Eucharist, Marcus Aurelius the Patronus of Rome was a Father of the earth like FDR. Have you become merchandise and snared and cursed children with debt as surety because you pray to the gods of the world and the Benefactors who exercise authority? Time 36:19 Link:

Since Adam men have wanted to say it is not my fault but someone else's.

Were we too young?

Maybe? But what did we do when we were of age?

Did our Fathers sell us into bondage?


Don't they have that right?

Did they warn us in the Bible about the Snares and Traps?

Did we read what we were getting into?

Did we read the terms of the agreements or were we slothful?

It should have been obvious but yes we were slothful?

What does the Bible say about the slothful?

The governments published what they were doing and the system of the World is so fundamentally opposed to the The Way of Christ with their Covetous Practices that we should have known better and done differently.

But we were selfish. And we will never be free until we change that and our selfish ways.

Men and women want to keep claiming they see and pointing the finger of blame at others and so their sin remains.

We need to start doing what Christ said and attend to the Weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith which include caring for the needs of our neighbors and the widows and orphans of our society through Pure Religion in matters of health, education, and welfare. We are NOT to do so by the Covetous Practices of modern governments.

The Way of Christ was like neither the way of the world nor the governments of the gentiles who depend on benefactors who exercise authority. Christ's ministers and true Christians do not depend upon systems of social welfare that force the contributions of the people like the corban of the Pharisees which made the word of God to none effect. Many people have been deceived to go the way of Balaam and the Nicolaitan and out of The Way of Christ.

The Christian conflict of the first century Church appointed by Christ was because they would not apply to the fathers of the earth for benefits but instead relied upon a voluntary network providing a daily ministration to the needy of society through Faith, Hope, and Charity by way of freewill offerings of the people, for the people, and by the people through the perfect law of liberty in Free Assemblies according to the ancient pattern of Tuns or Tens.

The modern Christians are in need of repentance.

"Follow me!" —Jesus the Christ.


Is it Constitutional? It is contractual.

The sooner we take the responsibility for our error and covetousness the sooner we can start down the road of liberty. We have to be willing to turn around and go the other way. Blaming government is like blaming Saul because the people rejected God back in 1 Samuel 8.

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Can we say the Church is part of the fraud? Well there are frauds out there claiming to be the Church. They have crept in a preached a watered down Gospel and a way that makes the word of God to non Effect. But we should still have known better.

Someone wanted to cry fraud on behalf of the Churches which have become strictly regulated by the government because they chose to file a 1023 form or maybe extending that cry of fraud to the bondage of the world.

If you do not know what bondage we are talking about ask on the network.

He referred to the Churches as "innocent parties" or maybe it is the people he imagines to be innocent.

We are not placing fault on an "innocent party".

We are placing fault on the slothful party, the apostate party, and the foolish party.

The government spends millions of dollars publishing exactly what it is doing.

In the case of the Churches:

Even in the instructions of the 1023 form itself it states Churches do not have to file this document. The IRS has other publications that state the advantage and disadvantages including becoming "strictly regulated" if you file a 1023. It states this again in official publications like 1828 and makes all that information available for free.

Since there must be a balance of proof to establish the five elements of fraud[3] and there is a mountain of evidence that everything was written down and published by the government one must be delusional to cry fraud. So where on earth could anyone claim that the government defrauded the Church at all?

It is a delusion to imagine that it is not the Church's fault and leads to more error to continue to cling to that fallacy.

First off these Churches have not been what the Church was meant to be from the beginning for a long time.


What Church has not relegated its responsibility to care for the needy of its society to the government?

What Church calls no man on earth Father?

What Church preaches to make no covenant, take no oath and pray for no benefit from men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority so as to keep the people free?

What Church teaches the people not to covet their neighbors' goods so that they do not become merchandise?

What Church actually explains what it looks like to love your neighbor as yourselves so that all will remain free?

What Church preaches the kingdom of heaven is at hand and you should be seeking the righteousness of God and not the Corban of the Pharisees?

Some pastors have been deceived and the people too but it is by false doctrines that have crept into the modern Church.

If the Churches were doing their job the people might not have become collateral for debt.

[By the way collateral does not have the power to rescind.]

While the Church was appointed by Christ it has no power to "exercise authority one over the other".

Christ forbid it. Any Church that does is not His Church.

Policing the purity of the Church fulfilling its duties is the responsibility of the people.

That is right.

It is as much the fault of the people as it is the ministers.

When the people rejected the ways of God they got the pastors they deserved.

Covetousness, vanity and sloth brought them into bondage not fraud.

If a minster stops doing what Christ said to do and steps beyond his appointment he stops being His Church.

The people have elected to contribute to ministers who have delivered them into bondage and failed to serve as Christ said.

Why? Because they want their ears tickled. Because they go to Church to feel good, feel justified, feel saved.

They do not practice what pure religion is. If you do not know what pure religion is, ask on the network.

The Minster may be an apostate but the people are to blame for the fact there are none or very, very few Churches or ministers teaching what Christ said.


I know the individual who wrote about the "innocent party" and also talked of rescinding document to free the individual. I also know Peter Kershaw at hushmoney who used to call me and talk for hours and ask questions.

Following the path of rescinding documents and memberships in social welfare programs that are in debt is a foolish course to take and not the course of Moses or Christ. People are always focusing on the command Come out without understanding its context.

We should be seeking the kingdom by setting a course that saves others and our children and offers a way and an alternative to the world and not trying to save ourselves with paper work.

We should be found seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Our books are free on the network and every PCM can tell you where to download free copies.

If you want real solutions you have to seek them with others because you care about others because Christ said so.

The governments of the world may be guilty of their own sins but the Churches, their pastors and the people are guilty of their sins of sloth and pride, vanity and avarice and have few excuses to make for their present condition.

People asked why are people gathering in the living network and what these gatherings and congregations of the network should be doing. If you are not working and striving together with others to create an alternative to the socialism and Corban of the world based on the precepts of Christ then you have not repented and are not following Christ or doing what he said.

Christianity was a solution for the people so they did not have to sell themselves or their children or their neighbors' children as slaves to the Fathers of the earth and become merchandise and human resources. Do you know who the Fathers of the earth are?


Ask on your local group.

Christianity was a form of government based on the principals of faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty. Christians were people who gathered together to serve because that is gathering in the character or name of Christ.

If you are not doing that with other people then you are not doing what Christ said and certainly not doing it in the name of Christ.

These networks on the Google groups are here so that you can join with others and form a living network of kingdom seekers. We sent out determination letters based on two or more witnesses so that congregations of the people may be free.

If you are not a part of those congregations then you are missing out on the living network.

I know the people at IBT and explained to them the problem. We cover much of that in the link below on cutting muster. They had no argument against what we told them but wanted to keep following bad advice until it was to late.

Those who will not gather together in the kingdom fashion like the early church are classified in the gospel as foolish virgins who Christ would not open the door to.

People asked on the groups what to do when you gather. Start turning around from the ways of the world and take up the ways of Christ.

Start being the kingdom of God.

Start seeking his righteousness by serving one another.

If no one needs help amongst you seek out others in your community and help them as a body and group.

Start looking for the lost sheep that have kingdom tracks such as charity and love, forgiveness and patience...

Start looking for the doers of the word who will gather in Christ's name.

Start building the living temple and altars of God.

We can share with you Christ's plan for free but you have to pursue it and seek it.

If anyone approaches you or emails you and they are not an official PCM or minister of record beware.

We can help you but we need to know you and you need to know us.

Don't be a lurker.

Seek to learn.

Ask and you shall receive.

Join us

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  1. Plutarch, Polybius
  2. Matthew 20:25-26 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;
    Mark 10:42-43 But Jesus called them to him, and saith unto them, Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them. But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:
    Luke 22:25-26 And he said unto them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve.
  3. Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant's actions involved five separate elements:
    (1) a false statement of a material fact,
    (2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue,
    (3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim,
    (4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement, and
    (5) injury to the alleged victim as a result.