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A congregation was a free assembly gathering to do the work of the kingdom of God which is to network the people together in love for one another through charity so that no one has to pray to the Fathers of the earth and become snared again in the yoke of bondage. Those who forsake the assembling of themselves in the spirit of love and truth lack faith. Jesus came to serve and we must do the same—seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

A free assembly is a gathering of people who come together for a common purpose without waiving any of their natural rights nor giving anyone else the power over their decisions and choices. Free assemblies are the building blocks of a free society.

An assembly does not mean you meet in a building. It means that you take the time to connect with others in meaningful ways to form a network, a peculiar people. There is no word translated community nor society in the Bible. There are near a dozen words that can be translated assembly. Do individuals, or individual, families remain free under God alone? Or are they subject to some other form of authority?

Church is translated from the Greek word ekklesia, meaning called out. The word “church” appears over 100 times in the New Testament, but never in Mark, Luke or John, and only three times in Matthew. There are more than a dozen Greek words which all[1] can mean an “assembly” with a slight or drastic conceptual difference or inference. The Aramaic words edah,[2] ’esah, qahal,[3] tsaba, [4] za‘aq[5] or yahad[6] could be translated into the Greek word ekklesia, which we translate into Church, but are often translated congregation or just assembly.

A free congregation or free assembly is established by Elders of families simply by coming together. When they come together for the purposes of Christ according to His way or The Way, then He is there in the midst of them.[7]

The Church, as a society in its most general sense, is all the people in free assemblies. The called out or ekklesia is the church specific to whom Christ appointed for His purposes of feeding His Sheep and must also meet His criteria for one body.

When they choose to freely give to one individual for the purposes of Christ, they are making a record individually and together that the individual they chose to give to is functioning as a Minister of Christ. That free grant or offer to him in trust is consecrated to the Lord. It is a Sacred Purpose Trust.

When two or more freely give for the purposes of Christ, we call them a congregation of recorded elders or CORE. Their offerings are given according to the Perfect law of liberty.

The systems of sacrifice of Christ and Moses and Abraham were to provide for the social welfare of a society in which the people remain free.

Other systems of social welfare, which are often offered in the world of men, incorporate the rights of men into One purse and, thereby, diminish individual liberty.

It is the covetous means of such systems — systems which depend upon forced offerings — which makes the people merchandise.

Do you see the contrast?

In free assemblies, the people remain as free individuals.

Cain's city state, Nimrod's Babylon, and Pharaoh's Egypt were not free assemblies of the people but, instead, were places of bondage.

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