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The modern Christian have abandoned The Way of Christ believing in the Modern Church which says it is okay to engage in covetous practices and accept the wages of unrighteousness offered by rulers who exercise authority one over the other even though Jesus said that it is not to be that way with you.

The history of what might be called "modern Christianity" concerns the popular ideas of religion from the Early Modern history of Christianity. That history is said to have begun with the Protestant Reformation round the 1500s. Some say it ended in the late 18th century with the onset of the Industrial Revolution and the events leading up to the French Revolution of 1789.

What ever the Christian religion is, by definition it should only include those who actually follow and conform to the teachings of Jesus Christ. People were trying to alter and distort the Doctrine of Jesus even before the efforts of Constantine.

Constantine established the one of the first Modern Christianities in 300 AD. In the 1500s to the 1800s it can be said Protestantism was the new Modern Christianity. So, those after that period would have been the new modern and that would make us the New New Modern.

What is posing as a Christian religion has gone through many many changes with each generation, to say nothing of the thousands of denominations, imagining they all have it right. They not only fail to conform to Jesus and The Way but also fail to conform to what at one time qualified as Religion much less Pure Religion.

The terms here like new and modern refers to different form of Christianity that were altered from the original teachings of Christ. There are numerous directives and direct instructions by Christ which are simply overlooked or ignored by modern religious doctrines. This altering of the word through sophistry began from day one, continued through Constantine and by 1066 had formed a completely different alternative Christianity that had little to do with Christ or His teachings.

If we honestly study the early Church, what it was actually doing, what the world was doing as well as why the Church was not a part of the world of Rome we might begin to understand what the Christian conflict was really about. It will become clear that repentance is again required. There is a shocking contrast and disparity when a comparison is made to Modern Christian practices and beliefs of what the early Church did and did not do which got them persecuted by the world of Rome.

Modern ministers suggest, even teach, that the kingdom appointed by Christ to the Apostles[1], is not a Kingdom at hand and distract people with a new definition of religion that is not compatible or even similar to that given us by James' statement on Pure Religion or Paul's directives about who will and will Not inherit the kingdom.

It would surprise many Modern Christians to discover what the Christian conflict was between those early believers and the Roman world if they were willing to see the truth when it is presented. Many Modern Christians are doing daily what early Christians who knew Jesus refused to do under persecution even when facing death.

The Church at Ephesus was commended for its work of exposing false teachers but warned that it should not neglect Thy first love[2] and "repent, and do the first works."[3]

The early Christians not only practiced Pure Religion they refused to practice the Public religion that Modern Christians are so fond of today. Grasping these concepts in the context of the history of the early Church and the daily practices and deeds of the modern Church goers can clear away the fog and confusion, the smoke and mirrors, created by the Modern Church.

By revealing the simplicity of the Gospel of the kingdom as preached by Christ and His appointed ministers including what Paul the Apostle was preaching you learn what Christ's true followers should be doing and how it sets you free in deed.

We were warned that a strong delusion would deceive many who failed to repent and do the will of our Father in Heaven. They would become workers of iniquity through the covetous practices of the Nicolaitan making the word of God to none effect again.

Checking faith

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil." 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

The New Testament Church was appointed by Jesus who was the Messiah a.k.a.Christ who was the highest son of David and the rightful king. They were to serve the early Christian community.

At Pentecost everyone who got the Baptism of the Apostles professing Jesus as the Christ were cast out[4] of the welfare system run by the Pharisees through the Temples and synagogues of Herod's government because Jesus said that system of sacrifice or Corban was making the word of God to none effect.

The people of Judea, like the people of Rome, had moved from being a Republic to an autocratic government which eventually oppressed the people, as 1 Samuel 8 predicted through their sloth and covetous practices, according to the prophets and Proverbs and even Polybius. The voice of the people had rejected God and through wantonness electing men who could exercise authority one over the other.

They had more and more slothfully neglected the personal responsibility in their mandated practice of "Pure Religion" through charity alone. The people have become dependent upon government welfare and benefits provided at the expense of their neighbor were snared and entangled again in a yoke of bondage.[5]

Believers in Jesus, who was the Christ, and a different kind of King who taught a different kind of government, were doing something different than Rome and the Pharisees. The Modern Church today is not doing what that early Church did nor are they doing things the way the early Church did things. In many ways the the early Church was more like early Israel was meant to be. The Corban of the Pharisees was making the word of God to none effect and therefore not bearing the fruit God intended. The same could be said of the Modern Christian.

Those people who gather in patterns of Tens as Christ commanded expressed their faith by public Baptism and a daily ministration which provided all the social welfare benefits through charity. They were excluded from that public religion or welfare system[6] and had no more access to their Temple treasury and its benefits. That welfare system of the world which had been created first by the Hasmoneans and then by Rome and Herod made the word of God to none effect.

Those believers who were baptized at Pentecost were redeemed from one system much like Egypt.

Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus and the early Church advocated a Daily ministration for the needy of the Christian community that was dependent on Charity only and it was not like the system of Corban of Herod and the Pharisees nor the free bread of Rome. It was their practice of Pure Religion that brought them into a Christian conflict with Public religion and the Covetous Practices of the World. History is repeating itself.

All the Early Christians at Pentecost had to suddenly take care of all the needs of their society through charity alone with no forced government welfare or free bread from the Phariseeswho controlled the temple or Rome.

Because the ministers, who were appointed the Kingdom of God by Christ, were not allowed to be like the other governments of the world they could not exercise authority one over the other like the rulers of those other governments who were the fathers of the earth we were not to apply to any longer.

This practice of the real Religion of God brought those followers of Moses and Jesus, who had been called Jews and would be called Christians in Antioch, into conflict with people like the Pharisees who were engaged in the covetous practices of public religion through the temples of Herod and would eventually bring about a Christian conflict with Rome and its public religion and temples.

The Early Church was doing many things that the Modern Church does not do and the Modern Church does many things the Early Church refused to do which got Christians persecuted by different governments of the world from time to time. Still, Early Christians not only survived but they thrived during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

We are told that “the primitive Christian demonstrated his faith by his virtues; and it was very justly supposed that the Divine persuasion, which enlightened or subdued the understanding, must at the same time purify the heart and direct the actions of the believer” [7]

The Modern Christian is often seen doing daily what those Early Christians were persecuted and even killed for not doing. We may use the same words but their meanings and usage have often changed over the years. Links are provided for your convenience and examination.


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Modern Christians vs. Early Christians
Modern Christians practice a redefined Religion. Early Christians practiced Pure Religion.
Modern Christians depend on civil administers who call themselves Benefactors but compel contributions. Early Christians depend on ministers of Charity operating in a network of tens.
Modern Christians depend on men who exercise authority for their welfare entitlements. Early Christians provided another type of social welfare through Charity and hope.
Modern Christians seek Benefits that are provided by the world. Early Christians only receive benefits that are unspotted by the world.
Modern Christians eat at the tables of king of the world and the fathers of the earth with appetite. Early Christians set the table of the Lord with charity and hope loving one another in a networking Kingdom of Love.
Modern Christians think that they are children of God because they say[8] they love Christ. Early Christians were the brethren of Christ because they were doers of the will of the Father.[8]
Modern Christians think that they are forgiven because they say they believe in God and say they love Christ. Early Christians knew Jesus died that they might be forgiven and they are only forgiven when they forgive others.[9]
Modern Christians think they just have to say they believe to obtain Eternal life. Early Christians believed they had to seek to keep the commandments to obtain Eternal life because Jesus said so.
Modern Christians think they do not need to do anything like Abraham, Moses and others, but claim they have faith because of what they say they believe. Early Christians knew they had to strive[10] to do the will of the Father if they truly believed.
Modern Christians make men of the earth their Father, despite what Jesus said, by praying to men who exercise authority to obtain benefits at the expense of others through what could be called Public religion. Early Christians Did not call any man on earth their Father, but had their own Private welfare to provide a Daily ministration through charity, not Covetous Practices of the public welfare of Rome.
Modern Christians think that Communion of the Father who is in Heaven is eating a small wafer of bread.[11] But they depend on the Fathers of the earth for their daily bread. Early Christians knew that the ritual of the Lord's supper was just a symbol.[12] The real Eucharist was thanksgiving which provided a Daily ministration .
Modern Christians think it is okay to covet benefits provided by men who take from their neighbor by exercise of authority. Early Christians knew that they could not inherit the kingdom if they were covetous.[13]
Modern Christians think the Kingdom of God was postponed, instead of appointed to the Apostles.[14] Early Christians knew the kingdom was at hand.
Modern Christians think they are saved no matter what they do. Early Christians know they must seek the righteousness of God if they are to inherit His kingdom[15]
Modern Christians think they are saved by what they think is true faith. Early Christians know that faith with out works is not real faith, but is dead faith.[16]
Modern Christians sign up for every socialist program from public education and Social Security to Food Stamps and healthcare which are all forms welfare provided by forced offerings of your neighbor despite Christ's warning about the Corban of the Pharisees. Early Christians died rather than sign up for the public welfare programs of the governments of Rome and other countries which brought about the Christian conflict.
Modern Christians take oaths and swear binding themselves to the will of others often to obtain benefits provided at the expense of others. Early Christians and for centuries Christians were persecuted and executed because they refused to take oaths or even affirm because Jesus and James said above all else stop the taking of oaths and swearing.[17]
Modern Christians apply or pray to Benefactors who exercise authority one over the other Early Christians knew Christ forbade that we be like the Benefactors who exercise authority one over the other.
Modern Christians elect rulers all the time and when they Cry out God will not not hear them because they would not hear their neighbor's cries. Early Christians knew that in 1 Samuel 8, God warned that to elect rulers to take and take and take from their neighbors was a rejection of God.
Modern Christians think they do not have to be Doers of the Word, but all they have to do is say they believe. Early Christians knew Jesus told them if they wanted Eternal life they needed to keep the commandments, which included not coveting what belongs to their neighbor.
Modern Christians love the benefits of Benefactors but who exercise authority. Early Christians knew that in Proverbs 23 and Daniel 1, God warns through His prophets that you should not desire the benefits of these men who called themselves Benefactors but who exercise authority.
Modern Christians do not know what Peter meant about coveting or becoming Merchandise and curse our Children Early Christians knew that Peter tells us that Covetous Practices those benefits will make us Merchandise and curse our Children with debt which is bondage.
Modern Christians have returned to the Bondage of Egypt by becoming employed by those rulers who exercise authority. Early Christians knew God forbade us to ever return to the Bondage of Egypt by becoming employed by those rulers who exercise authority.
Modern Christians Want socialist benefits by everyone having One purse even if they are actually Biting one another. Early Christians understood that the Corban of the Pharisees was a forbidden Welfare scheme of having One purse.
Modern Christians, like the Pharisees.]] have left what should have been their [[Thy first love|first love and concern. Early Christians repented and attended to "the first work" which included a Daily ministration.
Modern Christians depend upon Public religion through the Temples of the state becoming snared as surety for debt. Early Christians depended upon Private welfare through the Church and bore fruit with their love and daily ministration provided by charity and the perfect law of liberty.
Modern Christians think fellowship is the friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests while praying to Benefactors who exercise authority. Early Christians knew that fellowship was the voluntary system of social welfare run according to the perfect law of liberty through charity.
Faith is not the result of closing your eyes and believing but opening them.
We know that there will be "many" who think they are Christians but are actually workers of iniquity because Jesus says there will be. This simple Checklist and its links may help the individual who want to repent and seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness understand or determine if they are really a Christian or in need of more repentance.
Might Not be a Christian Might be a Christian
Thinks the word Christian is defined, "a person who has received Christian baptism or says they are a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings but covets the benefits of the world."[18] Believes Christian is defined, "a person who believes in and follows The Way of Jesus Christ, doing what he said."[19] By caring about his neighbor's life, liberty and property as much as his own.
Says they Believe in Jesus Christ but does not do what He said. Strives to do what Jesus Christ said to do.[20] And attends to the weightier matters.
Does not do what the early Church did about the welfare needs of the people in the practice of Pure Religion but sees nothing wrong with the types of welfare offered by the world. Does do what the early Church did by providing welfare for one another by gathering in a network of tens as commanded by Christ through charity rather than force.[21]
Believes in Socialism to help the needy of society and because of their covetousness they are Workers of Iniquity. Believes in Charity only to help the needy of society in the practice Pure Religion.
They may legally be forced to join systems of forced healthcare because they have no voluntary one in place. They have their own system of health share based on love, charity, and would be exempt from government sponsored Health Care (like the Amish) and from systems based on force .
Covets his neighbor's goods through Benefactors who exercise authority one over the other. Strives to provide a Daily ministration based on Charity by daily Sacrifice.
Sought a system of social Welfare like the Corban of the Pharisees or just went along and are often Workers of Iniquity. Seeking and working diligently for a system of Welfare based on Charity alone.
Ministers tell the people if they need bread they can pray to men who call themselves Benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. Ministers tell people to supply bread to the needy of their congregations by faith, hope, and Charity through the Perfect law of liberty.
Ministers downplay the importance of DOING the Word of God suggesting that what you think or say will save you. Ministers tell the people that doing the will of the Father in Heaven is a sign of true faith and not doing so is a sign that their faith is dead and they are in need of repentance.
Ministers tell the people it is okay to covet benefits as long as they are provided by governments who take from your neighbor or borrow against the future of the people. Ministers tell the people to provide benefits through the practice of Pure Religion and if they want Eternal life they shall not covet their neighbors goods even through the governments of the World.
Ministers tell the people that forgiveness simply takes place in the mind. Ministers explain to those who were forced to pay into a now bankrupt society, that forgiveness also applies to forgiving those debts and how there is a choice to go a different way as Christ and John the Baptist instructed..
Ministers tell the people to obey men who claim authority but do not tell you why your under their power even though Paul would not go under the power of any.[22] Ministers help the congregation exercise what Jesus called the "weightier matters" so they may have a right to obey God rather than man. [23]
Ministers "say" to repent but do not tell you what that means. Ministers tell you what you are to Repent of and why.
Ministers tickle their ears to make them feel good. Ministers encourage them to do good and rebuke them in love when they do not.
These false Christians do not like to be told they are not doing what Christ said. True Christians appreciate the truth and actually strive to do something to change their conversation in the world.

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