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We have to be in a hypnotic state to believe that God wants you to pray to men who say they offer benefits but who exercise authority one over the other to obtain those benefits at the expense of your neighbor. But the modern Christian does that every day to get free schooling for their children, social security for their parents and a myriad of other public benefits. That is not the way Christians use to think.
People talk about "our Christianity", or "our Buddhism", and what they are really talking about is their opinion of Christ or Buddha or Moses or whomever. People think that religion is the problem, but words can have varying definitions.

The ancient Greek word, θρησκεία or threskeia, which we see translated "religion" also had two major definitions; just like the modern word religion has two major definitions floating around in our own history. Society will fluctuate between those two definitions depending on the inclination of the heart of the people.

One definition says religion is what you think about God or gods or the power of creation. Your opinion of these matters can be called religion.

However, there is another definition of religion that is quite different.. Religion was also said to be how you provided for or cared for your neighbor when there was true need. Some would say it is how you "love" your neighbor as your self...

The first definition has led to persecution and murder, even wars between so called religious groups with differing opinions about God.

Since they think that is what religion is about rather than tending to their duty to their fellow man in that love mentioned in the other definition. The Greek word translated love in ancient text is also translated charity.

You may see how religion can be part of the problem or part of the solution, depending on which definition of religion you want to accept as true.

If you want to believe that religion is your opinion of God, you will not take care of one another in time of need through love and will seek another means to provide for the needy.

If you think religion is how you love one another through charity and self sacrifice, then your society will take another course.

Why would you choose the definition of religion that says it is your opinion about God or Christ or Moses or Buddha, "our Christianity, our Judism, our Buddhism"?

Because you have a vain egotistical selfish spirit in you?

Why would you accept the definition of religion which includes how you perform your love of your neighbor through charity and voluntary self sacrifice?

Because you have a spirit of sacrifice, forgiveness and love of life equally for your neighbor as yourself, which is the Spirit of Christ.

So there you have it religion can be the problem or the solution. Religion can be the feel good opiate of the people as they do evil or just fail to do good or it can be the salvation of our souls in spirit and in truth. Socialism is the religion you get when you have no Pure Religion.

It all depends on your definition of Religion, but the definition you accept depends on the spirit writing on your heart and upon your mind.

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== Footnotes ==



These thoughts were shared with Arthur Cristian who quoted Brother Gregory "Before there was a dictionary Samuel Johnson said "Words are the symbols of ideas." Every word has many definitions and can be used in different senses. People in our past discovered things and were changed by that which they're willing to see."

Arthur wrote "Gregory, MAN may/will change, caused by direct-sensory-experience with nature all-around (expand consciousness by adding unique, original sensory information to the dream of life) but when it comes to having a direct experience with man-made words, ONLY the continued evolution of a robotic slave to word-pictures has changed and therefore nothing else is going on. This is why, under these present, severely compromised circumstances we are all awaking too, it is very important to sense the intentions of others communicating with a lineal language like English (abomination) and to not solely focus on the "WORD" because if we do, then we are completely lost to reflections that alienate each other."

He had posted something titled:

Discussion With Brother Gregory
Clearly Demonstrating Christianity
Is Part Of The Problem & Not The Solution

It was a discussion with lots of people and not merely me. I only wrote the first part of this page to point out the dual meaning of the word religion. I am fond of saying that all roads lead to the Rome and all roads lead to the Kingdom of God. The difference is in direction you choose to go. The sign posts of that direction are what was called commandments. Are you robbing, murdering, lying, coveting then we are going in the wrong direction.

In the other direction we will see love and sacrifice, charity and giving life with only a hope of return, patience and forgiveness.

Arthur later commented:

"Gregory, you are not comprehending (sensing) what we are sharing with you. Read it again because you are misrepresenting our intentions, what we are actually saying, where we are really coming from. Please contemplate, contemplate, contemplate and what we have shared with you. It is not what you are claiming it to be."

I suggested that he "read what I wrote again because no where did I represent what" his intention was. I had shared my observations concerning what people think religion is over the centuries.

There are two trains of thought. They are going in opposite directions based on a choice made not in the mind but in the spirit. But if you would like me to make a brief comment to help you understand, I will, but if you are to understand me it will require spirit to go beyond the words. When you perceive in the spirit rather than the flesh you do not think in words.

But this media or medium of exchange is limited to words.

You say "may/will change, caused by direct-sensory-experience with nature all-around ".

On the surface this appears to be true. In one sense this is not true. Two people may have the same "direct-sensory-experience with nature all-around" them but react in different ways because of a choice that they make in their spirit.

Otherwise we are nothing more than puppets and products of our circumstance.

So with the understanding that the process of "existence" is originally in the spirit before the flesh and blood mind begins to label observations with words we may see that the real cause and determination of change is not so much the "direct-sensory-experience" but the spirit by which you meet it and receive its input.

As an example:

One person is bumped, confronted, or criticized and they receive the experience with patience, forgiveness and love. The other is bumped, confronted, or criticized but meets it with impatience, judgment and the opposite of love. Both experience change but in different directions with a different product because of the inclination of their spirit which is unique to them.

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