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January 2014

The book The Higher Liberty and table of contents

Ubuntu and charity

Ubuntu and charity that strengthens the poor. Feeding the poor from the altars of God. When you are in need "Who ya going to call?". Feet treading on the stones of Abraham. Blood and blessings. The Blessed Strategy. Frederick Bastiat and socialism, government and society. State education, Religion. Anarchist and welfare Corban. Free house Free Keys, Free_housing. Red heifer. Real Church and real charity.


The church is one form of government. Society, entrepreneurship, industry, service, self-sustainability. Each church a republic. Isaac Heath, John Bowles and John Eliot, Jr. Electoral College. Juries make law. Levites, Saul and Rehoboam. America is a democracy within a republic. American Creed. Right to vote and oath of U.S. citizenship. Consumerism. Homeschooling. Quotes on Democracy. Miltias. Investment. Loyalty to righteousness, law, judgment, mercy, faith. Socialism, The Spirit of American government by J. Allen Smith. Sacrifice and responsibility. Governments are bankrupt. One Child Contract - China. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon. Greed and covetousness. The modern church, warning against rejecting God's ways. The Church as Small Business Administration, education, health, welfare. Gallstones, kidney stones, apple juice, magnesium. Ubuntu. Definition of democracy in 1928 - U.S. Army Training Manual. Reece Committee Report. Empowerment in Christianity. Virtue. What makes a great country?
Democracy From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 14


Right to choose. Inalienable rights. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Tree of Life. Frederic Bastiat - Society vs. government. Social compact. Divine revelation. Socialism. Corban, contributionism. Witt, Roosevelt, Medicare. Changing definitions. Public school, state religion. Pure religion. Anarchists. Homeschooling, families. Government of God and His righteousness. Rights require responsibility. Early church. Definition of religion - Bouvier's Law Dictionary. Definition of world - Constitutional order or system of government. Republican Party. Anarchists in Spain. Responsible, brave people cannot be placed under subjection. The Cain principle. Food supply, preparedness. Roman empire and the price of grain. James Russell Lowell. Oppression. Leviticus 25:17. Thomas Jefferson - Notes on Virginia "Liberties are the gift of God". Psalm 119:45 God's precepts, liberty. Democracy, indirect democracy. Numbers do not create righteousness. Constitutions, laws and courts are false hopes for liberty. The Spirit of Liberty Judge Learned Hand - "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women.". James 1:25 - the perfect law of liberty. Love and concern for others. Doers of the word. Romans 13 - Greek word for power. The Higher Liberty. Man's dominion. Cain, Nimrod, Augustus. Church and State - pattern of 10's, 100's, 1000's in history. Constantine. Power of the church belongs to families, elders. Early church vs. modern church. Ubuntu. Early America, freewill contributions. Mission of the church. Destruction of Christianity. Plutarch, George Washington. Abraham, Moses set up true republican form of government. Israel decided to have a king, rejection of God. Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. Families are the supreme institution of God. Kingdom of God. Priests. Leviticus 25:10 - Proclaim liberty. Sloth and avarice. Taxes in Israel - tithes. Network of tens, hundreds and thousands. Sabbath. Herod, Hyrcanus. Riots in Jesus' time, Pontius Pilate. Charity. Abraham, living altars. The Sophistry and the Sacrifice. Offices of service, Levites. Pure republics. Love is binding. Economy of families. Numbers 3:12 Firstborn, Levites, Elders. Cain, civil state, city state. Lamech. Voluntarism. Golden calf. Spartans. Adolph Hitler. Grain as wealth, Egypt. Faith, hope and charity. New covenant priests. Pharisees altered Corban
Deception From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 16

Church and state

Frederic Bastiat The Law. Society, socialism, government. GMO Patents, Monsanto. A church is a state. Jesus appointed a kingdom. Benefactors feed His sheep. Free nations. American Medical Association, Pharmaceuticals. The Living Network. Embryonic republic. Separation of church and state. State of freedom and liberty. Abraham stones, Moses Levites. Office of service - no profit. C alled out ekklesia in the wilderness. Numbers 8:14 - Levites. New covenant, new "Levites". Hyrcanus, Aristobilus, Hasmoneans, Herod, Corban, Perfect law of liberty. Early Christians prospered during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Modern economic collapse. Righteous gathering in love. Contrary to the ways of Caesar. he modern church is actually weakening society and families. Pentecost, Christ is King of Judea. Sacrifice of the red heifer. Prophecy of the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. Living stones. Constantine. Marriage of Church and State. Milan - Bishops. Essence of Kingdom is to diversify power. Ambrose. Persecution. Council of Nicaea. Heretics. 16th Century republican churches, synods. Republics of Modern Times by Rev. John Crowell. Popular government. Titular representatives. Denominations. Doctrines of the church. Christ's whole law of love. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Mission of the church. True benefactors. The Republics Organized. Covetousness - 2 Peter 2:3. Homeric Greek - cosmos. BE the government of, by and for the people. Jesus' kingdom at hand. Matthew 2:2. Petronus. Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25
Church and State From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 18


The Bible is mostly about rulers. Cain - city-state. Lamech, Nimrod. Government of, by and for the people. Romans 13:3 Greek - Archon. Luke 22:29; 22:25, Mark 10:42, Matthew 20:25, Pharisees. Remnant of Israel, Diaspora. Etruscans, Teutons, Jutes, Saxons. Bloodlines vs. Spirit and faith in the blood of Christ. Heirs by adoption. Repentance. Anarchy vs. chaos. Princes of the kingdom. Apostle, ambassador. Pharisees, corban. Government treasury and golden calf. Pelloponesian War. Bear fruit, perfect law of liberty. Choice, charity. Relationship with God. Samuel 8. Matthew 21:43. Jews, Edomites, Christians, the church. Doers of the word. Covetousness. John the Baptist - charity. elders, society. 1 Peter 4:8, 1 Peter 5:2 - Feed the flock of God, Mind, heart and love of Christ, A strong delusion, A table of freewill offerings, Hebrews 13:10, Pillar of fire, Prepare, Faith, Blood in meat, Living Network. Friends of the unrighteous mammon. Altars of God for food for His children. Distinction of Israel - priests to all nations. Who is Israel?. The temple, living stones. Artifice in Language Land, the Sacrifice of Sophistry. Thy Kingdom Comes Feast of Tabernacles. Congregationalism is isolating. Humility. Worship is serving. Pure religion. Redistribution of wealth by choice. Paul's citizenship. The weightier matters. God-given responsibilities. God's true name - character. Natural law. Covenants of the gods. Pacta servanda sunt. The Law of Nature, Bastiat. Bouvier. Positive law. Jury. Compacts, covenants, social contracts. The Bible is all about law. Law vs. legal. Lex legis. Jus juris. Black's Law Dictionary. Oaths, applications, affirmations, participation. Our Father, The Lord's Prayer
Rulers From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 23

Social Paths

Social Paths


Girl Scouts failing financially. Patterns in society, personal choices mold society. Setting a spiritual path. bureaucracy, hierarchy. Participation and pride of ownership. Single age vs. multiple age education. Family vs. institutional education. Israelites, Teutons. Feast of Tabernacles. Cell groups, individual responsibility. Centralization of power. Volunteerism. Pedophilia. Religion - changing definition. Denominations. Early vs. modern Christians. Sacrificial giving. Social Studies vs. History. Studio 2B Curriculum. Homeschooling


Grassroots. Sole entity. Relationship between a man and a woman. Mutual symbiotic relationship. Made in the image of God. Human biology, cells. DNA. Health. Thoughts can change DNA. Meditation can reduce levels of pro-inflammatory genes. God's thoughts revealed by Him. Dr. Bruce Lipton, change perception. cancer. Poisons in environment, diet. Beliefs, reality. Nocebo Effect. Doctors are not God. Self-healing, Placebo Effect. Giver of life. Spiritual DNA. ribK2 and cox2 genes - histone genes. Diabetics. Subconscious thought. Epigenetic memory and inheritance. Meditation, mindfulness. Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters. Positive thought, selfish hearts. Power of indwelling Holy Spirit over selfish subconscious mind. Evidence of indwelling Holy Spirit. control. Christlikeness, servanthood, the "God" gene. Fear. Frequencies, prayer, fasting. Real, healing, life-giving love. RNA, nucleotides. Mind of Christ


Epigenetics, John the Baptist – “Repent. Make straight the way (path) of the LORD. Kingdom oriented business. Left hand and right hand of the Kingdom. Genesis 48:14, Matthew 6:3. Right hand is the state of the people. Ownership is individual, not collective. Bondage of Babylon. Jeremiah 29:1. The left hand of government is the church. Corban. Caesar was providing welfare. Pharisees, Levites, religion, piety. Patronus vs. Father in Heaven and hope. Church is the servant of the public. Elders, ministers. Congregations of the people separate from the “church”. Coveting. General welfare. Individual welfare. Jeremiah 29:7. Seek the peace of the city. Freewill offerings. False dreams and schemes. God of Heaven, gods of the world. Seek His peace. Repentance, grace, freedom. Do not oppress the stranger in your midst, but care for the family of God first. Business plan. Christ and concern for others must be foundational. Loyalty to what is right over profit. The Kingdom is a capitalist nation. Skills are capital assets. Caring among congregations. Pool efforts in cooperation of love. Kingdom care. Minister is SBA go-to person. Learn from others’ experience and mistakes. Get business assistance and training. Mutual benefit Business location. Learn to work together with others in a charitable way. Financing your business. Legal structure. Business name. Registrations, licenses, employees, regulations. Be friends with unrighteous mammon. Be a resource but don’t exercise authority.


Social compacts, Mayflower Compact, Squanto. Capitalism is the way of the Kingdom. Pure religion. Prepare for hard times. Congregations of record, witness, testimony. Corporation Sole. Elders, kings, natural family. Holy matrimony vs. marriage by the state. Unincorporated association, free assembly. Christ's way is the only way. Daily ministration. Baptism of Jesus Christ vs. baptism of Herod. Corban, compelled offerings. Contract with God written on hearts and minds. Faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty. World constitutional orders and systems of government. Pentecost, network of elders. Socialist way. Ministers, elders, international network. Repentance. Daniel 9:13 Iniquity. Rituals. Kingdom of God is within you. Be doers of the word. Corban. Sacred Purpose Trust - minister owns responsibility. Sacrifice of the red heifer, helping and not oppressing. Isaiah 28:10 - Precept upon precept. Evidence of the Lordship of Christ. Altars of earth (clay) - adama. System of edification. Written testimony, actual testimony. Congregation, church. Altars of stone. Separation of church and state. Black's Law Dictionary. Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles. .Bonds within and between families. No common purse of rights. Christians in Conflict. Legal entity of Christ. Bishops, episcopos, archbishops. Liturgy


Choosing paths in society. Commitment. Institutions. Sabbath is about debt. Metaphor and symbolism. Ritual vs. righteousness. Christ's faith is every day. The church is one form of government. Black's Law Dictionary. Doctrines of church. Rituals and ceremonies. Weightier matters, law, judgment, mercy, faith. Forgiving and giving. Corban. Taking God's name in vain. Come together in congregation to serve. Romans 1:8. Faith. Romans 1:16. Pentecost. 1 Corinthians 15:3. Ephesians 1:12. 1 Timothy 1:16. 2 Timothy 4:22. Christ preached a way to govern. Who are the children of God?. Parable of the two sons. Pure religion. Christ came to serve. Is His Holy Church deist?. Strong families and communities make for weak despots.. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves. Take steps in the right direction to climb a mountain. Christianity Derailed. Are Christians Idiots?. Apostolic church. Cult, orthodox., America is the greatest mission field. Christ fed real bread and fish.


The Kingdom of God is a test. Torment in Revelation. Precious stones, earth or dust. Abraham created a network. Thy Kingdom Come. Altars of earth - adama. Altars of stone. Gathering of stones is a council of men. Study - be diligent. Abraham a man of peace and faith. Loyalty, trust must be built. A form of socialism. Priests and kings. Freewill offerings. Faith vs. force. Tree of life. Modern church impotent. Elders. Denominations. Corban. Love one another. Volunteer. Sweet savor, personal sacrifice. Judea, Levites, John the Baptist. Pure religion. Kingdom of God is within your heart. Social welfare. All modern "religions" traced back to Abraham. Doers of the word. Mark of the Beast is in your heart. Corban of Christ. Epigenetics. Free souls under God.


Decisions, tests, choices. Thy Kingdom Comes. Bondage of debt. Presence of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual and mental bondage vs. freedom. Epigenetics, spiritual DNA. Cogito ergo sum. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil vs. Tree of Life. Principles of Philosophy by Renee Descartes. Paralogism. Spiritual fruit. Archimedes. Confusion, I Am. Forgive and give. Elections. Corban of Christ. Seminaries. Ideum formula. Epigenetics. Man created in God's image. Selfishness, judgmentalism, controlling. Electromagnetic field. Influence of thoughts. Dendrites, synapses. Deuteronomy 8:3. Manna. A word is a vibration. Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4 Psalm 120. Psalm 121 - "hills" are people


The Living Network. A test, choices. Love you neighbor as yourself. Manna - Deuteronomy 8:3. Prayer and fasting. Problems and solutions. Spiritual food, humility. History, Rome, Judea. Rebellion, sloth, decadence. Money, cash, notes. Inflation. Commodity money, just weight and measures. Medium of exchange. Value, Cain. Jeopardy of collapsing business. Federal Reserve notes have no value. Tree of Life. Genetics, epigenetics. Psalm 123. Pride, arrogance, vanity. Mark of the Beast, mark of God. John 5:30. Man created to have dominion. Be a wellspring of joy. 1 Timothy 4:15. Two ways to the Tree of Life.


The Living Network. A test, choices. Love you neighbor as yourself. Manna - Deuteronomy 8:3. Prayer and fasting. Problems and solutions. Spiritual food, humility. History, Rome, Judea. Rebellion, sloth, decadence. Money, cash, notes. Inflation. Commodity money, just weight and measures. Medium of exchange. Value, Cain. Jeopardy of collapsing business. Federal Reserve notes have no value. Tree of Life. Genetics, epigenetics. Psalm 123. Pride, arrogance, vanity. Mark of the Beast, mark of God. John 5:30. Man created to have dominion. Be a wellspring of joy. 1 Timothy 4:15. Two ways to the Tree of Life. Be still and know. Go out and live life in service

Free Home

Layers. Matthew 13:11 Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Living Network. Ministers of Record, Congregation of Recorded Elders CORE, free assemblies. Doctrines of Christ. Denominations. Corrupting influences, elders. Pure religion. Utah homeless. Freewill offering, charity. Abraham Lincoln. Virtue, freedom. Democrat and Republican parties. People solution, not political. Be the change you want to see. Injustice, Pharisees, the weightier matters. Choice vs. force. One purse - Proverbs. Social welfare scheme. Corban of the Pharisees. Quantitative easing. Commodity money. Corvee, The History of Slavery by Susan Everett. Covenants of the Gods. Mark of the Beast. Social Problems by Henry George. Employee - Clark's Summary of U.S. American Law

The Higher Liberty series
From the book The Higher Liberty
Bottom rail on top. Horace Greeley - Civil War brought all people down. Individual and states rights. Corvee, tribute. The name of Christ. God will not hear your prayers. Congregations of Record. Go to church to DO good. Abraham Lincoln - liberty. One purse. Spiritual fracking. Gold of society. - Personal contact minister. Romans 13. Definition of words. Egypt - abortion - taxes. Hippocratic Oath. Scarabs. Commodity money. Gordian knot. Seek the Kingdom of God. Weightier matters. The word "power". The church is a government. Black's Law Dictionary. Cain's city-state. Nimrod, Egypt, Israel, Babylon. The Spirit reveals. Right to choose and bear consequences. Tree of Life vs. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Governments are created by men, not God. Exodus 34:12 - 23:32 - 34:15. "gods" - ruling judges. Apo Theos. There be gods Many. George Washington painting in U.S. Capitol dome. National adultery. Matthew 4:8. Social Contracts - trust - corporation


Word Judge - Part 1 of 2 Which is to be master? Man is ruled by the meaning of words. Exposing. Chaos Theory. Intelligent design. Words are the symbols of ideas. Church in the wilderness, Levites. Ecclesia, called out. Forced contributions. Freewill offerings. Matthew 6:15. Dependence upon the methods of Christ. Corban. Alternative system based on faith, hope and charity. Scribes were accountants. Matthew 7:21, 24. Matthew 19:17 Why callest thou me good? Augustus Caesar. Mark 11:26. Luke 6:49. Fathers of the Earth. John 9:31 - Do His will. John 14:15 Love Christ - keep His commandments. Herod was baptizing. Definition of the word "faith" - probity. True faith compels action. Luther Burbank. Weightier matters. Strive and seek the kingdom. Romans 13 - The Higher Liberty. contumacy. Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas became a Christians. The Way. Thréskeia. The Conflict of Christianity. No hierarchy. Most churches squander tithes and offerings. Elect to do something different. Rome outlawed private religion. Give in hope of receiving. Call No Man Father. Marcus Aurelias. One doctrine. The word "gods". Emperator. Principas Civitas. Apo Theos. Constantine Brumidi. U.S. Federal judges. Elohim. Jury. Seek the kingdom while keeping contracts.

Word Judge - Part 2 of 2 Apo Theos. Parens Patria. Jesus Christ accepted as King of Judea by almost everyone. Hyrcanus and Aristobulus. Pompey. Judges appointed by Caesar. U.S. is a democracy within a republic. China's one child contract. Kingdom of God - no earthly king. No chaos - elders. Boaz and Ruth. Levites - Cities of Refuge. Dealing with corruption. gods many - magistrates, judges, rulers. James 1:22. World - constitutional order world system of government. Delusion of democracy. Most American "forefathers" against democracy. 1927 U.S. Army Field Manual on democracy. Taking oaths prohibited by God. Walter Medhurst. John 10:34 "Ye are gods". Psalms 82:6. Government is not the problem. Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. Contract clause in U.S. Constitution. Covenants of the Gods. Gather locally. The Oregon Desert. Amendment 9 - rights and responsibilities. True charity. Corruption of the people. 1 Samuel 8. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Society is born in the family. Motherhood is one of the most important jobs. Pure republic. Love one another. James 2:8. 2 Peter 2:18. Jude 1:16. Proverbs 12:24. Right to be ruled by God. Thomas Jefferson - judiciary. Summary of American Law by George L. Clark. Alleviate bankrupt systems. Power of the adversary

14th folder

The Higher Liberty series

Social Contracts

From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 2 Social Contracts. How governments are established. Pacta sunt servanda. Corporation. Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. Articles of Confederation. Mayflower Compact. Trust. Christ was both King and High Priest - Order of Melchiezedek. Secession of the U.S. southern states. Congregation of Record. Bondservants, sons and brothers. Levites. Sacred purpose trust. Separation of church and state. Most common form of government. Corban. Mammon. Herod Temple of Judea vs. Temple of Roma. Sheep and goats. Belong to Christ. Benefactors of hope and love. Choice of two trees. Fruit is a result of faith. Lies, truth, deception. Sophistry. Romans 13. Powers - many Greek words. Exousia. Hebrew and Greek Lexicon - J.B. Smith. Christ the peaceful revolutionist. Aristotle. 1 Samuel 10:19. Plato. Eleuthera. Bryn Mawr Classical Review - Oenomaus of Gardara. Eusebius. John 8:36

Koine Debate

The Higher Liberty: Sec. 6 Koine Debate. A theologian's response to an article that quoted Brother Gregory. A look at Thayer's definition of the Greek. Adversaries of God. American church 100 years ago. Exousia. Arche. Government is a product of the souls of the people. Power corrupts. Ardel Caneday, Professor NT Studies of Biblical Theology, Northwestern College. Spartans. Athens. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons. Paul - Gamaliel. Usage of scholars. Not flesh and blood. Philippians 3:8. Joseph Thayer. Smith's Bible Dictionary. Power of choice. Christ is King. Baptism of Christ vs. baptism of Herod. Kingdom re-appointed. Education in America 100 years ago outside of public schools. Unrighteous mammon failing. Paul in Rome. Pilate's wife. Truth is not dependent on democracy or scholarship. Devouring one another Ezekiel 11:3-11. Daily bread. Come out of them.

No King But Caesar

The Higher Liberty: No King but Caesar (page 9). World War 2's nationalist agenda, and eradication of those who would not swear allegiance to a political nation. Interview with caller from Nevada about the etymology of the word “roman”, and the history of Abraham. Many kingdoms - governments. Inhabitant vs. citizen. Gypsies. Passports. New World Chaos. Covenants of the Gods. People as collateral. Jews conquered by Rome. People constitute governments, not land. WWII war on internationals. Nationalism. The Invention of the Jewish People by Schlomo Sand. Ethnos - aam. Les Mots de la Nation by Sylvianne Rémi-Giraud. Nationalism and Its Alternatives Karl Deutsche. Bloodlines. Nations are people - countries are land. Romans. Basileus. Abraham. Ur - Atharvavedas. Altars of Abraham - people. Gathering of stones - gathering of friends.

Osho Series

First hour in Osho series. Controversies and scandal surrounding the Indian mystic guru “Osho”, also known as “Chandra Mohan Jain” and “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh”. Ron Paul - homeschooling. Socialism. Passports - oaths. Senator Palpatine Star Wars. Saul. England gun control. Calvin Coolidge. More personal responsibility = more freedom. Employed vs. Enslaved. Call No Man Father Upon The Earth. Hypocrisy of religion. Chandra Mohan Jain/Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Name of God. Worship. Wilhelm Reich - Friedrich Nietzsche. Tantrism

Second hour discussing the guru “Osho”. Nietschze. Drug and sexual addiction. Tantrism. Society vulnerable to manipulation. Holy Spirit protection. Immigration fraud. Socialism. Moral standards. Written on hearts and minds. Life producing fruit. Giving that strengthens the poor. Intention to serve. Thy Kingdom Comes. Matthew 7:16. System bound by love. Sacrifice of the red heifer. Salvation not by rebelling against evil, but conforming to ways of God. Drinking water.

Third hour in Osho series. Breakdown of social barriers. Revolutions and backlashes. Generational sin. Germany - homeschooling. Lifelong learners educate younger ones. Corruption in all modern religionists. Definition of church. Levites. Selfishness. Temple of the Holy Spirit. Meditate to confront negative attitudes. Good trees bring good fruit. Taxes in the Kingdom. Desire to work is a measure of repentance. 20% tax rate in Egypt. Providing for one another. Proverbs 4:26 The whore of the beast. Path of life. Idolatry. Full faith and credit. Prison system. Matthew - relationships. Two kinds of love. Sacrifice and sharing. Desire and wantonness. John 15:13 - no greater love. Exemption and exclusion. Life is a gift. Love of children. Seek the Kingdom in the moment. Forgiveness is crucial. Forgiveness is not absolution. Forgive good as well as evil. Chains of gold or iron. The Source. Divine, overcoming power. Servanthood. Sacrifice of the red heifer

Fourth hour in Osho Series. Definition of Osho. Covenants of the gods. The way of the Lord. The missing factor in society. contracts and covenants. The truth hurts. Five stages of grief. Nicolaitans and error of Balaam. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Acceptance. Depression. Resignation. Be in love with the truth. Humility. Knowledge does not make greatness. Forgiveness and faith. Fear and anger. Acceptance of truth - no bargaining. Relaxation techniques can direct blood flow. Negative emotions hamper healing. Be at peace with the truth. Desire to heal others. Seek to know God at all times. Ask for the gift of faith. Casting bread upon the waters - depression. Forgive good and evil. Meditation. Pray for love.

Fifth and final hour in Osho series. Adhocracy. Gathering together as a matter of record. The role of priests. Users. Politicians. 0 Alternative governments. Anarchy. The church is a Republic. Presbyter. Pentecost. Voting. Samuel. Democracy to Socialism to Communism to Totalitarianism. Adhocracy - Alvin Toffler. Government applies to self. Private social welfare. Hosea 4:6 - destroyed for lack of knowledge. Plutarch. Law of God. Authoritative governments erode the virtue of society. Sacrifice of the red heifer. The temple is not a building but a way of life. Not top down from the bottom of your heart up. Psalm 69:22 a snare. Proverbs 11:9 their table. Galatians 2:4 bondage. Galatians 4:3 elements of the world. Christ did not teach force but charity. Exodus 23:32 no covenants. 1 Samuel 8 Rejection of God. Power rests with the people - elder. Galatians 4:3 Elements - rudiments of the world. Colossians 2:8. Colossians 2:20 - ordinances and traditions. Corban of Christ. Church and state have administrations. Rituals. Taproot of corruption. Religious service. Volunteerism. Priests. Vicar. Freewill offerings. Paul Harvey If I Were the Devil. Benjamin Franklin.


First hour in Jesus series. Jesus in agreement with Moses. Abraham - man of faith. Definitions have changed. Dead Sea Scrolls. Accurate translation without outside influence. Condemnation by academia. Context of the times. Society language and thought. Context of text. Mass media. Corban inscribed on vessels. Vessels not to be displaced. Jesus was the King. Jesus instructs in the Royal Treasury. Mark 11 - vessels. moneychangers. tables. Thieves - plunderers. Herod - Sanhedrin. Lavish priest quarters. House of prayer. Scribes and registration. Freewill offerings. High Priests/kings 200 B.C. - Herod the Great. Voluntarism. Aristobulus. Romans' love of law. Joseph Caiaphas - Annas. Lazarus of Bethany. Simon the "Leper"/Jarmaker.


Second hour in Jesus series. The environment in which Jesus came to preach. Possible identification of the rich man in the parable of Luke 16. Insight into what the text means when Peter and John are referred to as “unlearned” and “ignorant” men. Apocrypha. Context of environment and language. Luke 16:27 - five brothers. Annas. Joseph Caiaphas. Crucifixion. Syrian Jacobites - Caiaphas believed in Christ. The Apocryphal and Legendary Life of Christ by James DeQuincy Donahoo, M.A. The Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviour The Apocryphal Gospels and other documents relating to the history of Christ by Benjamin Harris Cowper. Josephus Flavius. Matthew 26:61. Mark 14:61 - Son of God. Mark 9:1 - See the Kingdom come. Josephus Flavius - Roman siege upon Jerusalem. Men standing in clouds. Believing Jews allowed to leave. Corban. Unlearned and ignorant men. In the world not of the world. Are Christian's Idiots? The Gospel of James. The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew Faith and hope. Essenes. Hellenistic Greeks. Reserve funds - golden statues. Share with the brethren first. Reading the Gospel in the Dark - Portrayals of Jesus in Films by Richard Walsh. The Conflict, Holiness and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus by Marcus J. Borg. Why were Christians being persecuted? Jesus Christ of Nazareth legal King of Judea. Follow the money. Bishop Ambrose of Milan. Constantine. Lady Godiva Free Church Report. Biblical Theology Bulletin. Journal of Biblical Literature. New wine in old wineskins. Journal of American Academy of Religion. Jesus in Contemporary Scholarship By Marcus Borg - The Conflict of Christianity and the Roman State. The Historical Jesus - The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant by John Dominic Crossan - religious and economic egalitarianism

Third hour in Jesus series. Some attempt to hide information. All teachers have pre-conceived notions. Cognitive dissonance between Christ and socialism. The Historical Jesus - The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant. By John Dominic Crossan. Christ made Himself poor. "little flock" to be social welfare system. Empty promises of liberty. Egalitarianism. Samaritans. Foolish virgins. workers of inquity. Jesus brought division. Thousands claimed Jesus was Messiah. Look into your own heart and mind. Zen. Jesus and John the Baptist were well-known. Apocrypha - Jesus in England. Joseph of Arimathea - Jesus' uncle. "King" Hyrcanus assassinated Levites. Apostle Peter was well off. Give up all that you have. Levites. General welfare. Essenes and Qumran. Matthew 4:1 - Yeshua tempted. Knock. Matthew 10:9-11 - way of the Essenes. Hospitality - Josephus. Animal sacrifice. Disciples were armed. Network built at Pentecost. The Manual of Discipline - the greatest. Servant.

Fourth hour in Jesus series. Talmudin. disciples. ekklesia. Levites. golden calf. shofar. vault at Ephesus. rejecting God. John the Baptist. Rehoboam. religion. Luke 22:24 - who is the greatest? Thy Kingdom Comes. Manual of Discipline - Dead Sea Scrolls. Egalitarianism. spiritual excellence. Essenes. Early church in Gaul - Ireland. Tithingmen - deacon. Pharisees - corban. Christ requires righteousness. The Great Messianic Banquet. Matthew 21:23-27 - John the Baptist - High Priest. Pentecost - opting out of Herod's system. Jesus was a political figure. Caiaphas - Annas. Miracle of the loaves and fishes. Two traps. Matthew 17:24 - tribute. A virtuous person. Union and discipline of the early church the rank in service].

Fifth hour in Jesus series. Osho. Forgiveness. Cutters - givers. Fake homeless. Feel good church. Magic words vs doing. Change through the Holy Spirit. Subconscious and mental illness. Chimpanzee mothering study. Positive thinking fails to address subconscious. Blunting emotional pain. Pain is a message. Stress. Families must promote sharing. Anger. 14-16-year-old girls. Forgiving the givers. Depression. Love your neighbor as yourself. Grandson and boulder story.

Sixth hour in Jesus series. Cutters. Matthew 17:24-27 Tribute. Pharoah. Prepping. Stock in the Kingdom of God. Children of Rome. Sons or strangers. John the Baptist vs. Herod. Living temple. Dead Sea Scrolls. Ransom. Congregation of Record. Undeserving poor. Essenes - Qumran. John 4 - Living waters. The church was established by Christ. Dependence on the Holy Spirit. Manual of Discipline - Josephus. Anointed One. Pentecost - Passover. Levites. Sabbath - debt. Proverbs 6 - sluggards. Snared. Surety. Humility. 7 things the Lord hates. Economy. Satire 10 - Juvenal.

Seventh hour in Jesus series.The "world" - Constitutional order or system of government. Reece Commission - Cox Commission. Sound banking. moneychangers. subversive. dumbing down of American children. Economic welfare of the American people. Internationalism. Herod's socialist system. People as merchandise. changing definitions of words. John D. Rockefeller. Education in America. Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. Homeschooling.

Eighth hour in Jesus series. John D. Rockefeller. Reece Commission. Free Americans. Theosophical Society. tesserae. Montana ID - no fly. John Kenneth Galbraith. Augustus Caesar's new world order. Social engineering. History is full of conspiracies. Distraction of the public with sensationalism. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Community. Mark of the Beast. Satire 10 by Juvenal. Milton Friedman. Federal Reserve. Norway Olympics. Individualism. Socialism dulls society. Cain. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Aldous Huxley, Brave New World. David Walker - Government Accountability Office. Edward Gibbons - viable republic. Paul Harvey. Five marks of decaying society. Anarchy. Larry Elliott - UK Guardian. Henry Ford.

Ninth and final hour in Jesus series. tesserae. Mark of the Beast. The Private Life of Romans by Harold Whetstone Johnston. stress. repetition. debt. grief. denial. Luke 11:23 - Gather with Christ. Marcus Aurelius - Temple of Saturn. If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey. The Histories by Polybius. Monarchy to democracy. Repent. Forgiveness. Peace. Contracts, constitutions and covenants. John the Baptist. Responsibilities in a republic. Original free citizens in America. Government of love. Come together to serve others. The ant in Proverbs. Worship.

Participation Series

First hour in participation series. 1 John 2:4 - Who knows Christ? If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey. Our Father in Heaven - not state capitol. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Personal fiscal responsibility. Non-participation. William the Conqueror. Constantine. Sabbath. Opinions and Bible translations. Romans 13. Working solutions. Social welfare systems. Herod's Corban. Freewill offerings. Nicolaitans and Balaam. Work to save others in order to be saved. Rejecting God. Start fighting corruption today by dealing with the corruption in your own life/heart. Non-participation article by Brandon Smith.

Second hour in participation series. Brandon Smith. The problem is your "sugar daddy". Jimmy Stewart - fighter pilot. Save others. Civil rights - protests. Render unto Caesar. Rehoboam. Leaders are not at fault. Samuel's warning about a king. Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. Deuteronomy. Real solutions. Military Industrial Complex. Faith hope and charity. Corruption. Service to Christ. The church. Exercise righteousness. Provide for yourself and your community. Welfare number. Mark of the Beast. Government of love and liberty. Freewill offerings

Third hour in participation series. Governments fade away or become tyrannical? Pentecost. The living temple. Nicolaitans and error of Balaam. Systems not "idols". freewill or compelled offerings. Taking the name of the Lord in vain. Temples were treasuries. Mark of the Beast. Ministers and elders. Separation of church and state. Ministers must forsake all. 1 John 2:4 - Who knows Christ? Brandon Smith. The Higher Liberty. Decadence in Europe during American Revolutionary time. Jamestown and Plymouth. Forgiveness. Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary. Covenants of the Gods. Tyrants revolt. Contracts Covenants and Constitutions. Law judgment mercy and faith. Colonial American landed free men. Declaration of Independence. Development of Socialism in America Charity. Jesus is my collection agency, story. Corporate trough. Non-violent revolution.

Fourth hour in participation series. Continuing discussion on Brandon Smith's article about non-participation. Money. Banks and Credit unions. The problem isn't big brother, it's your sugar daddy. Brief intro into conversation with Mosheh.

Fifth hour in participation series. Conversation with Mosheh. Property rights. Consent and the contractual nature of government.


Conversations with Mosheh

First hour in series reviewing the Conversation with Mosheh, a constitutionalist. Bull moose party. Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the Constitution. Kingdom Newsletter recent reports: Warriors That Farm, and Free Justina. You cannot legislate back that which you've lost by becoming bound in contract.

Second hour in series discussing the conversation Bro. Gregory had recently with constitutionalist and presidential candidate, Mosheh Thezion. Property rights and how they work. Contract makes the law. Voluntary servitude changes your legal status and forfeits your rights. Legal titles are not lawful titles, according to the law you do not actually own the property when you only have a legal title. Back in the bondage of Egypt. The Constitution cannot make a law that impairs the obligation of debt.

Third hour in series on the conversation Bro. Gregory had recently with constitutionalist Mosheh Thezion. Setting the value of money. Social contracts. Cognitive dissonance. 1 Peter 2:10.

Fourth and final hour in series. A revolution of righteousness vs. a revolution of force. The definition of a Republic.



First hour in series on Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old girl being held hostage by children's hospital. Injustice. Entities like Child Protective Services given too much power.

Second hour in series on the Justina case and what they wont tell you on the news. Corruption in child services. Mitochondrial disease. Obstructions of justice. Somatoform disorder.

Kingdom newsletter recent reports. Free Justina, teenager kidnapped and held hostage by Boston Children's Hospital for a year. Father of Justina breaks judge's gag order to expose the injustice. Complacent Christians leave room for all kinds of injustice to grow. Children's services have too much power.

Third hour in series on Justina, the teenage daughter of the Pelletier family, held hostage by Boston's Children's Hospital. Allen Francis of Duke University. America over-medicated. DSM-5 and how the stage is being set for millions of Americans to be misdiagnosed with mental illness, which will in turn generate billions in profits for the pharmaceutical companies. Mark Taylor, injured during the Columbine massacre, turned lobbyist against the drug companies, now being held against his will and force-medicated unjustly.

Free Justina. Conversation with Mosheh. Resist not evil. Golem, a creature in Hebrew folklore that created out of clay, then animated. Frankenstein analogy of a corporation.


Living As If The State Does Not Exist, article by Daniel West of Sweden, hits on viable solutions. Emma Goldman. Freedom to Fascism, 861 argument, is their a law that says you have to pay income tax? SSN application for benefits creates contract, contract makes the law. Is capitalism bad?

Continued discussion on article written by Daniel West of Sweden. Does government “steal” money from you? Homeschooling.

Preparing You: Are you crazy? Chemical lobotomies. Revealing quote by Alan Francis of Duke University. Mark Taylor, Columbine survivor turned anti-drug company lobbyist, held hostage and drugged by government. Touching again on Daniel West's article Living As If the State Didn't Exist and Justina Pelletier's case.


The book The Higher Liberty

Bread and Circuses Juvenal Polybius, Plutarch, Admiral Ben Moreell.

The Higher Liberty, Republic chapter. Social welfare in the first century. Bread and circuses. Government dole and public education. Ezekiel 16:49. Luke 22:25-26.

Continued discussion on the Republics chapter of the book The Higher Liberty. The benefits of the beast. Israel the republic. How to return to a viable republic.

The Higher Liberty book chapter Democracy. Quotes from the past shedding light in the present, history repeats itself. The quicksand of democracy. Children have been manumitted from the family.

Natural Law

What Jesus called the weightier matters; Law, Judgement, Mercy and Faith. Contract makes the law. Maxims of the law. The hungry man and goat story. Taking oaths and becoming bound in agreements. Baptism for admission. The jury deciding fact and law. Letters between Bro. Gregory and a judge about jury nullification.

Natural law, or the law of nature and positive law. Would be robbers suing homeowners of the crime scene successfully; injustice.

Cause of Death

Bro. Gregory interviews Dr. Richard Ruhling, former instructor at Loma Linda University, about the pharmaceutical industry. Ruhling expounds on the difference between health care and medical care. Dr. Ruhling believes the leading cause of death is prescription drugs.

Darwin Fish

First hour in series. Bro. Gregory addresses Darwin Fish's website criticisms. What does the Apostle Paul say about backbiting and how we are supposed to handle situations of disagreement? Making men gods. Gods and gods many.

Second hour examining the criticisms of Darwin Fish. The right to choose. What world? Hermeneutics. Romans 13. The issue of paying taxes and/or tribute.

Third hour Bro.Gregory continues addressing Darwin Fish's criticisms. Are Christians idiots?

Fourth hour addressing Darwin Fish's criticisms. Studying the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew languages. Submission, does God want us to be subjects of other men? Titus 3:1. A look at the Greek grammar and its bearing on our interpretation.

Fifth hour of series. Fish responds, “I never knew you.” Rebellion. Pure religion. Jurisdiction.

Sixth hour in the Darwin Fish series. The mark of the beast; a badge or mark of servitude, known as a charagma in the Greek. The word “torment” appears in the New Testament, but is understood better by an examination of the Greek word behind it, meaning “to test”.

Seventh hour in the Darwin Fish series. The variety of interpretation for a single Hebrew word.


In this episode of Keys of the Kingdom we talk about “Ideological Subversion”, a phrase coined by KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov. Brainwashing. Destruction from within. Humility and courage needed to break free of lies believed.

The second hour of our discussion on “Ideological Subversion”. The demoralization of the USA. News With Views article about the Occupy dialectic.

John the Baptist

First hour. In this series Bro.Gregory discusses blog commentary on John the that quotes a News With Views article titled “Clergy Response Teams”. Romans 13. Ann Hutchinson. Yuri Bezmenov revisited. Kennedy quote.

Second hour in the series. An article by Chuck Baldwin is discussed. The Divine right of kings. We have no king but Caesar vs. there is another King, one Jesus.

Third hour in series discussing commentary generated by Bro. Gregory's article on Romans 13. Living in community. Investing in other people and the Kingdom of God.

Fourth hour in series. What it means to eat meat with the blood in it. Social welfare systems in ancient Rome and Judea. The strongest word for freedom in the Greek language.

Fifth hour in series discussing commentary that appeared on Andrew Strom's website when someone posted an article written by Bro.Gregory that appeared on News With Views.

Sixth hour in series. Parasite behavior in society.

Seventh hour in series. Helifax man taken into custody for a mental health evaluation because he was giving away money around town.

Eighth hour in series. Civil Structures. Justina Pelletier.

Ninth hour in series. Civil structures. Person or member, citizen or inhabitant.

Tenth hour in series. Original blog post that inspired this series has been taken down from Strom's website.


First hour in a series about fathers; the fathers of the earth and natural fathers. Why the state can force vaccinations on your child. Parental rights.

Second hour in series on fathers. We have to get off the government dole. The crime governments get you to commit. Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage. God's government of family units.

Third hour in series on fathers. Human livestock.

Fourth hour in series on fathers. Fluoride. Huckabee.

Fifth hour in series on fathers. Making the state your father. Tithing to your natural father, and going to him for loans, etc. Honor, or “fatten”, your father and mother.

Sixth in series on fathers. The seat of Moses. Government workers who are naked. Offices of service vs. offices of power.

Sacred Purpose in Faith

First hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. The sacred purposes of the church and what the church was really supposed to be doing. Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein, gift economy, charitable society. Why is the truth depressing for some?

Second hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Church incorporating. Syrup stories. Giving to Christ. Trust example in the postal service. Altars of clay and stone, living stones. A look at what is revealed by the Hebrew characters.

Third hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Making and keeping records. Giving gifts/offerings in secret.

Fourth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. George Carlin quote about voting. Surprising revelation from Tupper Saussy about Washington D.C. - Rome connection. Polybius quote.

Fifth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Gregarious nature of man, Facebook, virtual community, depression. The United States and Rome parallel. The Body of the State vs. the body of Christ pamphlet. Washing the system out of your heart instead of coming out of the system. The first Christian martyr. Camping excursion story.

Sixth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Essays from online course on SPT. Social welfare. Separation of church and state.

Seventh hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. How you serve other gods. Slain in the spirit. Ministry in the body of Christ. Ordained ministers. Sell all that you have. Luke 14:27. Matthew 19:21.

Eighth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Witchcraft, addictions, stress. The church in the wilderness. Avoiding accidents by walking in the spirit.

Ninth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Constantine history. Bishops of Rome, Bishops of His church. Feed My sheep. Living in the world, not of the world.

Tenth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. People fail the test when they do nothing as a woman is chloroformed and carried away from a public place; where is the hew and cry? Clive Bundy and BLM controversy. Debt.

Eleventh hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Manifesting the character of Christ, being the entire social welfare for the congregations. Funding a minister. Usury. Walled-in camp. Clive Bundy.

Twelfth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Clive Bundy; Civil disobedience. Title 42 Section 666 of the U.S. codes. Congregation pays off brother's credit card debt. “We paid as we went;” Bro Gregory gives some testimony of his own family history.

Thirteenth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Ordained ministers. How did Christ keep His ministers pure? Signs in the sun. Numbers 18:20, have no inheritance. Who license's a minister?

Fourteenth hour in series on sacred purpose trusts. Clive Bundy's neighbors support vs. Justina Pelletier's lack thereof. Significance of the 120 names in the upper room in relation to the 12 apostles. Cowboy with the bowed arm story. Moving by instinct.

April 19th in history. Clive Bundy. Undercover agents. Bundy had water and grazing rights. BLM land grabs and powerlust. How did Bundy lose his rights? The States are not sovereign anymore.

If you are part of a system that forces your neighbor to contribute to your welfare then you are not a Christian and you are not following Christ. Forest service slowly takes away rights people had to take dead wood from forest; free permits to paid permits; unjustly confiscating trucks and wood over misplaced permit; using the rule book to implement injustice. Clive Bundy. Civil disobedience; Rosa Parks.

Fifteenth hour in sacred purpose trust series. The parable of the talents; the one who did nothing with what he was given had it taken away; if people do nothing with the revelation/information/wisdom/knowledge shared with them, they will lose it and more. The warp and weft of the Kingdom. Gubernator. Roman presence in Judea; Pompey, Aristobulus, Hyrcanus. Branches of government.

Sixteenth hour in sacred purpose trust series. First century Christians had privatized religion. The chain of command links everyone together. The corpus of the State. Agricultural CoR. Jedi spring. The reason they killed Jesus. Help through the church instead of the benefactors that exercise authority. Big horn sheep, bacteria, natural immunity. F.E.M.A.

Seventeenth hour in sacred purpose trust series. Clive Bundy's racist comment. Grazing rights. News With Views article by Mary E. Webster on property rights. Unrighteous and righteous mammon. Why many Jews mourned the death of Augustus Caesar. Cutting off heads. The Bible is a book of law. *Minor sound issues in this episode.*

Eighteenth hour in series. Unrighteous vs. righteous mammon. Feasts; upcoming Spring Feast in Missouri. Analogy: If most of the blood is in the heart or head you're dead, the blood needs to be spread throughout the body; likewise for the body of Christ. The genius of Rome, the genius of the family. Who the U.S. codes say the militia is. Giving your right to choose to the State. “Do no harm.” The office of deacon, and its relation to the number ten. There's no sitting on the sidelines in the Kingdom of God. Three Greek words translated minister in the New Testament. Korah, the black sheep story.

Nineteenth hour in series. Christ's government compared to Nimrod's, Herod's and the Roman governments. Religion is usually mentioned in a negative sense and condemned in Scripture. The real reason Jewish officials wanted to crucify Christ. Debt ceiling. Military suicides. Nimrod, the mighty provider instead of the Lord. Call in guest, Cookie. Clive Bundy. Are we just guests on this earth? *Poor sound quality*

Twentieth hour in series. Republic. Numbered in the beast system. The role of an Elder.

Twenty-first hour in series. Eating at the table of men who exercise authority. Training horses without reins. Fedzilla.

Twenty-second hour in series. We're not to tear down the systems of men, they are there to punish the wicked. This city be the cauldron. Taking a bite out of the unborn.

Twenty-third hour in series. The kingdom of God is from generation to generation. Organization. The realms of heaven and hell. Made in the image of God but remade in the image of satan. Pecking order; many allow themselves to be ruled over as long as they can rule over others. Reiki; What spirit one does healing in.

Twenty-fourth hour in series. The mark of Cain. Civil authority; Ruled by consent. The anatomy of the kingdom; the way of the kingdom. Resist not evil. Responsible giving. A cauldron of flesh. “City” and “terror” are the same word in Hebrew. Casting gold and silver in the streets; U.S. citizens cannot own gold, they can only have legal title. Givers and takers. Codifying the law.

Twenty-fifth hour in series. Free education is not really free. Mammon. Father alarmed his fourteen year old daughter was exposed to a graphic sexual encounter in assigned reading, arrested for going over 2-minute time limit at school board meeting. The significance of Jesus teaching in the Royal Treasury. Righteous habitations.

Resist not

The misconception that public education is free. Private interpretations of the Bible. Adamah, and the breath of God. The United States is a corporation that the people were not originally a part of; Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. One purse.

Resist not evil

First hour in series on resisting evil. Marriage; the great domestic relations. Equity creates contract. Do we have the power or right to fight against evil? Communication. Darkness is not evil, darkness is the absence of light.

Second hour in series. Bro. Gregory's experience taking a military oath. There is no light in a book, there can only be light in men. Consumer society. Man, upset about daughter being fed sexually explicit content, arrested at school board meeting. Bullying, public school teacher bullies.

Third hour in series. The Bible is the most misused book in the world. The best lies are filled with mostly truth. Who wrote the book of Revelation. Learning to walk. Putting ministers on pedestals. Man, upset about daughter being fed sexually explicit content, arrested at school board meeting.

Fourth hour in series. What did Jesus mean when He said “resist not evil”? Cockroaches flee from the light. Evil is a vacuum; A door to the abyss. Call in shows, forum. Resistance equals rebellion. Giving out our best vs. giving our worst. “Offering” in the Hebrew means to “draw near.”

Fifth hour in series. A language of symbols. Israel's rejection of God; Saul's compelled offering. Let every man remain subject to the higher liberty. If you get angry because others are angry, you are still part of the evil. Gathering together in the name of Christ.

Sixth hour in series. Police brutality. The church is supposed to be where we go for health, education and welfare. Prayer closet, literally storage chamber/house. Where do you pray? Lady Godiva; The Free Church Report. The definition of “cash” different today. The best thing since sliced bread; the leaven on the Pharisee's. Minimum wage, Inflation. Trouble at the Canadian border story.

Seventh hour in series. Prayer circles, who should you pray with. Can the devil answer your prayers? The battle we fight is within us. Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker. It is not enough to look like a church, to say nice things, but we must live according to the righteousness of Christ. “Our prayers bear fruit forever,” but what kind of fruit? How do you tell the difference between the wheat and tares? Strong rye analogy.

Eighth hour in series. Receiving the holy Spirit. Eskimo community, hunter leader. Serving those who serve others. Trying to fight darkness with darkness. Simon Senic. Time work.

Ninth hour in series. Simon Senik. Addicted to sin. Long distance running, endorphins, dopamine, rushes. Spiritual dopamine. God is real. We are walking hormone, adrenaline and chemical factories. Money; notes vs cash. Origin of shaking hands. Depression. “A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a courageous man only once.”

Tenth hour in series. Anarchy and chaos are not synonymous terms. Preach to every creature, institution of men. Hollywood Spartans vs. reality. Golden statue, reserve fund. You are not a free people. Building on debt, yesterday and today. Covenants of the Gods in Paris, France.

Eleventh hour in series. Two types of corban. Children learn better without teachers. Socialism weakens the people and leads to sloth, alcoholism, homosexuality, and all kinds of vices. Democracy leads to socialism, Karl Marx. Torture in Iran. Raised to kill. What does banking have to do with the early church? F.E.M.A.

Twelfth hour in series. Sugata Mitra. John Taylor Gatto. Emerging studies revealing children learn better without instructors. Granny cloud, learning plateau overcome with encouragement. Instinct. No-see-ums, Irises, Frequencies.

Thirteenth hour in series. From Nimrod to now, videos. Before WWII people didn't need passports to travel, after WWII if allegiance wasn't sworn to a political nation it was difficult to go anywhere. Baptism. Republic vs Democracy. Saul compelled the sacrifice] of the people.

Fourteenth hour in series. The Living Network is more than an email group. Resist not evil means we don't kill the Cain's, Nimrod's and Saul's. Seven little trapped lambs story, and how it relates to the modern church.

Fifteenth hour in series. Taxes. Hay hooks story, work ethic, team player.

Sixteenth hour in series. Lamb story becomes church analogy. Using curse words. Selfishness is evidence of a lack of repentance. Christ was a heretic from some peoples point of view. Socialism weakens society.

Seventeenth hour in series. Transgender children, Marriage contracts for homosexuals, Insanity. The Constitution is not blessed by God. The Bible is about government. Amaleks, laborers for the king. Testimony from someone in the Living Network. Conduit for evil or conduit for good.

Eighteenth hour in series. Conduit for evil or conduit for good. The Kingdom of God is at hand. The betrayal of Judas Iscariot. The bad mother cow story. Nature culls the fruitless. Animals getting invaded by evil spirits. Almost all corporate governments are beasts and not blessed. Congregations of Record are congregations of testimony.

Nineteenth hour in series. Communism and Democracies would work in heaven because everyone would be good. American revolution for taxation without consent. Patrimonial rights. Taxing a man on his labor is oppression. What does HHC have to offer? Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Restaurant refuses to serve child who had been mauled by a dog because she looked too ugly. The brilliant Thomas Jefferson. There are very intelligent individuals who are wrong about everything. Was Paul a Roman citizen?

Twentieth hour in series. Small misconceptions lead to big misunderstandings. Pure religion is not what you think it's what you do. Thomas Jefferson quotes. Bankers are more dangerous than standing armies. Gandhi. Americans are far poorer today. William the Conqueror's oath of fealty. HHC's creed.

Twenty-first hour in series. You're neither Jew nor Christian, you're all Pagans. You don't want to be praying to the fathers of the earth. Pontius Pilate was married to Caesar Tiberias' favorite grand-daughter. In a free government the division of power is by family. *Note: Extra static 17-18 minutes in and 35-39 minutes in.


First hour in series titled Spirit. Self-sacrifice and coming together witnessed in slime mold. When you go into a court, that's a religious institution. Exponential debt.

Second hour in series. To put your faith in the physical form rather than the spirit is witchcraft. We are not to worship the form, but the source of the form. Lady Godiva. Define: politics; how people vie for power. Lessons from shepherding, eliminating disease naturally.

Third hour in series. Cowboy stories. Bad spirits getting into animals. Debt. Baptism. How Herod got the money to build the golden temple. What is the tree of life and how do you find it? Going into the dark places of your mind and spirit. Sources, tree of knowledge, footnotes in books.

Fourth hour in series.

Fifth hour in series.

Sixth hour in series.

Seventh hour in series. Emotional states. Intuitive awareness. The world in the bible. God so loves Babylon that He gave His only begotten Son.

Eighth hour in series. Coming together, people helping people. Evil is poison for the spirit, it dulls the senses. The armour of God is the amore -love- of Christ. Inflicting pain on oneself is satanic. The Pharisee's substituted circumcision of the flesh for circumcision of the heart. An imperfect version of our true selves. Natural empathetic response. Material things are not evil. They call sitting in a pew “church service” today, but there is no service happening.

Ninth hour in series. Signs of awakening. Chicken experiment; Projecting diseases between individuals. We're to have dominion over physical things. Give not that which is holy unto dogs. How do you start a bible study to share revelations that are so contrary to what the modern church is used to hearing? Setting proper boundaries. The Philistines get hemorrhoids.

Tenth hour in series. Awakening according to Josh Richardson. Healing. Reiki, Kundalini.

Eleventh hour in series. Vibrations. Slowing your descent is not a solution.

Twelfth hour in series. The Truth is the Spirit of Life, it's not something you can keep in a box and hand out. Sprained knee, Healing, Pain. Homeschooling. The United States is more of a theocracy with the President standing before the people as god.

Thirteenth and final hour in Spirit series. If the spirit of Christ is living in you, we should see evidence of that in your daily life. Hebrews 11:1, Faith. Herod's system of welfare detailed in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Evidence of historical baptism; Baptism predates John the Baptist by five centuries. The fathers of baptism. The Corban of the Jews and Romans; The daily ministration.


Twentieth hour in series, emphasis on kings and priests. If you are not doing the will of the Father, are you still kings and priests? Religion mentioned five times in the bible, while government is mentioned 500 times. Giving up the right to choose; Despising dominion. Anarchy. Not kings and priests unless neighbors are cared for as self. Appointed a kingdom. How do you become kings and priests? The men who wrote the bible were inspired, the print is not inspired. The Bible may be inerrant, but you aren't. Doctrines are teachings trying to bring one to their senses. Purpose of sacrifice; Welfare. Articles on Corban at His Church website. Some Questions page. Iconoclast. Social welfare system set up by Herod. Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls. John the Baptist didn't invent baptism. Jewish traditions; Adam and Eve. Public religions are run by the government. Vaccines; Zombie Apocalypse. Creating a new man; Born again in their world. Social welfare, Idolatry. Dr. Ron Moseley, PhD. Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus; Rev. Dr. John F. Baggett. Corban was the social security fund.

Twenty-first hour in series with emphasis on economy. BBF. Are you going to hell if you have a SSN? New Spring Church collected 50 million dollars in tithes and spent (maybe) 4 million on poor. Scandalous fund-raising by fraudulent ministers and missionaries for bogus endeavors in Africa. Steven Furtick controversy. Fake Christianity; Emotionalism. Investigating whether money given is being spent righteously. Is the bible the inerrant word of God? The definition of religion changed. It's the economy stupid. Preconceived notions about economy. My kingdom is not of this world. Treasury in the New Testament. Is your government solvent? Operating in the red. Jimmy Carter's gift of guns. Federal Reserve Systems; Funding both sides of war. The amazing thing about atheism and it's connection to early Christian martyrs. Romans 13. A bully; a story. Putting religion on like a coat. Dress code. Judgmental state. We bare witness with our lives. Free book on Romans 13.

Twenty-second hour in series, emphasis on economy. Built-in repercussions. Equity synonymous with righteousness? We've created an image of God in our minds. Parents right to educate children. Using war to stimulate economy. Speaking up. God is industrious. What is your prayer, to look good or to serve Christ? What does the angel do on his day off? Title 8, Section 15; The State is your father. Origin of word economy; Household management. Christ's government. Are you sharing wisely? Most Christians live of the world. Mark of the Beast. Coinage. Power from people to government. Starvation story from Ukraine.

Twenty-third hour in series, emphasis on economy. Every nation in the world is now operating in the red. Destructive spirits; Suicide. Recap of previous hour in series. Commodity money. State of Israel in violation of it's own torah. Capitalism; God is a capitalist. Elements of the world. Elements of the oracles of God. Sun flares, CMEs, Changes in the magnetic field of the earth, Glowing sky. All your labor should belong to you. Every man, woman and child on the face of the earth is being bought and sold. False concept of economy. Brother Gregory takes two callers, discusses forgiveness, trauma and sexual compulsions.

Twenty-fourth hour in series. The church that requires people to strive and be diligent. The Pharisees twisted scripture. Third temple in Israel. The real Israel is a people; Reasons the State of Israel is not the real Israel. Red heifer. Essenes. Living stones. A lot of Christians say their saved, but their not. Country is land, Nation is people, Government is bureaucracy. Why tyrants rise up. School is for fish. Prayer is asking for God's opinion. Ask your church if they take care of the widows through faith, hope and charity. FEMA. Signs in the sun. Charity is a responsibility. Medical marijuana, Cannabis oil, Cancer treatment. Most churches in America serving the anti-christ spirit. Operating according to the Spirit vs. operating according to statutes.

Twenty-fifth hour in series. Dumb animals, Cows on the loose story, The panicking calf story, Strengthening the herd. Hemp. Organizing the brain. Dendrite connections. Woman functioning without a brain. Changing the way you think. Charity that strengthens the poor. There are no weeds in the garden of God. What happens when you get high. Charlotte's web. Oils, Signals in brain and cells. Forgiving instantly. Part of the dendrite tree.

Twenty-sixth hour in series. There are no weeds in the garden of God, every plant serves a purpose. Be in health and prosper. Cannabis for health, Vote in New Mexico. The revelation of foxtails in the field. GMO's. Dog eat dog world. Creating a business. Economic series. Issuing your own money. Economic efficiency. Real money page, and Money can be anything page. In the world but not of it. Commodity money. How does you spirit prosper? Christian virtues, 4 cardinal virtues from ancient Greek philosophers. Egyptian Ma'at. The stork and monkey of the arthavadas. Theological virtues. Luther Burbank quote, Rearranging prejudices. Sex. Adam and Eve. Chastity.

Twenty-seventh hour in series. Israel was a government. The law was given so we could govern ourselves, and take care of each other through faith, hope and charity and not by force. Sacrifice draws us near; meaning of sacrifice; Corban. We no longer have the power of choice. All authority originates with God. You may give your right to choose to somebody else. Article:Not so secure social security. Riots in Jerusalem over misuse of social security funds at the time of Jesus. Temple was a government building. Religion is the opiate of the people. Juries; Raise your right hand and waive your rights. Programming begins in public school; Throwing their minds off a cliff. The intellect is the screen upon which you project your thoughts. The damnable heresy. Bondage sealed in debt. Too much thinking results in spiritual constipation. Recent articles; Workers of Iniquity, Cults. The Fundamental Orders, 16th century, Connecticut. Meaning of chastity. Totally corrupt in our economy.

Twenty-eighth hour in series, emphasis on virtues. The virtues needed for a free nation. Chastity, Temperance, Justice, Mercy. Contributions. Credit unions. Brotherly love, Charity. Digging a post hole story. Distracted. Dendritic tree. Weed fire relief; Lack of communication. Making millions of fatherless children. Weakened by being spoiled. Kindness. Agreement Conference in Colorado. Understanding what love is.

Twenty-ninth hour in series. Deep down inside you know what the truth is. Change the meaning of words and you can change the meaning of the Bible. Binding people together through faith, hope and charity. The bonds of love versus the bonds of ideology. Governments all over the world are cultic groups. Latest diagnostic manual creates mental illness; Chemical lobotomies. The band of sheep has a thousand eyes. Article on “Why we gather”. The Roman emporium cult. Eric Holder; Homeschooling not a right. Natural rights, Legal Privileges. First century welfare. Augustus Caesar's charity. Constantine's Christian cult. Nicene Council. Baptized under command not repentance. Number 1 sign of cult: Group being excessively zealous over it's leader. Second sign of a cult: Questions are discouraged or punished. Third sign of a cult: Mind-altering practices, like meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, etc. Debilitating workloads. Leadership dictates. The group is elitist. If we do righteousness, that will separate us.

Thirtieth hour in series with emphasis on cults. Recap of the signs of a cult from previous hour. We're not into bossing you around, we're too busy. Weed relief effort update. Health Clinic. Volunteer Fire Departments. You live in a cult. Malcolm X movie scene; Marching in suits. Constitutional Christian oxymoron. Book: Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions. Governments of the world fit the description of a cult. Number 9: Group induces a feeling of shame. Call no man on earth father. England's ancient paths with right to travel. Number 10: Group subservient to leaders. Number 11: Group preoccupied with getting new members. Number 12: Group is preoccupied with making money. Number 13: Fear there is no other way to be and fear reprisals if they leave or think about leaving group.

Thirty-first hour in series with emphasis on cults. Family is the foundation of the kingdom of God. Recap on signs of a cult. Lead by service not by ruler-ship. Imperial cult of the Roman Empire. Members must only socialize with other members of the group. Cultis; Worship. Apotheosis of Washington. What they were doing in the pagan temples. Temple of saturn; Birth certificates. Employ vs. Enslave. Temple of mars; Temple of diana. How you get the fire department. Justin the Martyr, The apology. Polybius. The socialist state always leads to destruction. Weed fire relief update; People came to take advantage rather than help. Cain was a tiller of the ground, deeper meaning.


Article Schools as Tools

Fundamental Orders

Relief effort for Weed, California. Disorganization. Giving responsibly. They came for the free meal. Survivalists versus servants. The USA is an indirect democracy. Titular; No exercising authority. Government supported by freewill offerings. The foundation of authority is laid in the free consent of the people. Taxation without representation versus taxation without consent. Article on the Mayflower Compact. Definition of a freeman. American vassals. Fountainheads of justice.


Contracts, Covenants & Constitutions book. Record of contracts kept in temples. Property rights. Who made you god? Grandma in the convalescent home story. Get your own dirt. Doubling the disease gene pool. The US constitution is a non-biblical document. An ultimate imperial golem. Lies partly true. Sacred cows; Religion. Two types of welfare. New ideas about the old ideas. Patrick Henry opposed the Constitution. History, Civilizations collapse. Unanimous consent; Ratify the Constitution. The natural souls. Rights didn't come from the Constitution. Getting rid of homeschooling in America. Changes in the history books. News With Views articles by Bro. Gregory Williams; Schools as Tools. Public school destroying youth. Father arrested for complaining at school board meeting about 14 year old's required reading being virtually pornography. You're making your neighbor pay for your child's education. History of the United States , Vol. 1 by James Truslow Adams.


First hour in news series. What's in the news today. Terrorists in the home-schooling network. Rise of social democracy. Ebola, AIDS on steroids. Quarantine major cities. Looking for ministers who tell you “you are saved.” Patented Ebola virus. A pure republic is an anarchy. Socialism doesn't cure the problem of capitalism. Christ's first policy, Seek ye first the kingdom. Congregations of record. Ask and ye shall receive. Tree of knowledge; Faith in knowledge. Telling people they're wrong, Right and responsibility.

Second hour in news series. Our neglect of the Christian way. Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. Christ died that ye might be saved. Forgive. Policies of the Network. Reprove, rebuke, exhort. Our uniform is virtue. TDA's, Legacy Treasury Direct Accounts. Jesus said, Lay not up for yourselves treasure on earth. Blood flow and circulation analogy of the network. There are lots of corners of your body where evil can hide. Study Corban. Christian conflict. The tithe is a freewill tax. Minister of record. Christ is the door. Cure for Ebola. There are two types of welfare. You can't withdraw consent. You have the right to make the wrong choice, but not to escape the consequences. The covetous practices that have now cursed your children. Porters of the temple.

Third hour in news series, emphasis on Ebola. The lost tribes begin to accept Jesus. The perfect law of liberty, The Higher Liberty, Appendix 1. The devil believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Forming congregations of record. Ebola. Vaccinations. 2010 US Patent on Ebola. Flu viruses out of China. Viruses going from ducks to pigs to humans. Genetic engineering with pots and pans. Golem; Meta-physical parable for a corporation. AIDS on steroids. Arrested for being sick. Monsanto. Miscarriage of justice. There's no reason to bring ebola patients to America. Fear not them who can kill the body. Lies. Bold woman chases robbers.


First hour in series on FEMA. The Living Network. The church in the wilderness. Fat, Stored wealth. Central treasury. Walled-in camp. Trap and a snare. Talking to a TV producer about the kingdom. Grandma, and the escaped pig, stories demonstrate real bonds. The bonds created with oaths, contracts and swearing won't hold. Going to church to “feel good.” Satanic gospel: Believe only. Fervent charity. Vast systems of welfare in Rome. Suspicion became a crime in Rome. In preserved letter a soldier asks family to mail fishing tackle to him in ancient Britain. Conscripted fathers of Rome. Ancient false flag event, The burning of Rome, Nero. The welfare of the Pharisees made the word of God to none effect. Wikipedia, Tithing and taxes, Free will offerings in Old Testament. Forcing your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. Call no man on earth father. The Christian church became the FEMA of their day. Earthquakes in Mid-west, Mississippi river flowed backwards. You need to become your own FEMA based on freewill offerings. FEMA, Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary. If you don't exercise you get weak; The body of Christ is out of shape. Other social welfare systems will fail and millions will die. Feeding everybody too lazy to work is not charity. Kingdom not of this world. Christians were supplying aid better than the Roman government.

Second hour in series on FEMA, Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary. What is your allegiance to? Stand by Israel. A nation by itself is just a people. Stop the killer, but vengeance belongs to God. I stand with righteousness. Allegiance to an institution is idolatry. Roof story. Worst case scenarios; Would you kill? Benefactors that exercise authority versus the charity of Christ. How do you join the Living Network? Getting on more radio stations. Eating your neighbor by collecting welfare. The border collie that wasn't that bright. Become doers of the word. What did Christ say to do? Corban of Judea. The free bread and circuses that destroyed Rome. Most people calling themselves Christians are dependent on benefactors that exercise authority. Given over to perversions. We're not trying to create a new religion here, we're trying to conform to Christ. If you're not going to sacrifice, you're not coming in the name of Christ. Breath of Christ.

Third hour in series on FEMA. Taking care of the elderly. Socialized medicine in Rome. The giving nature of Americans is still alive and well. Charity; What made America great? David Crockett's vote; Fire in Washington D.C. Originally there was no public social welfare in America except that which was from freewill offerings. Body of Christ is out of shape. The truth of the gospel is trying to set you free. Nicolaitans. Last local robbery story. Articles on dialectic. People who care are more precious than gold. Fervent charity covers a multitude of sins. Giving all to the poor yet having no charity?

Fourth hour in series on FEMA. Movie review of recent flick 'Son of God'. Rome invited into Judea by the Pharisees before the time of Jesus. Rome brought with it government sponsored welfare. Aqueduct built by Pontius Pilate. Royal treasury; Corban. Temple of Roma. According to the historical record Pontius Pilate became a Christian. Caiaphas the high priest. Josephus' account of phenomena in the sky. Pure Religion. Why were the Egyptians giving gold and gifts to the Israelites? Book, Thy Kingdom Comes. Daily ministration. If you seek the kingdom of God they'll kick you out. Firing the porters of the temple. We can do better. Weightier matters. Greg's ancestors in the military. Welfare cities. Public education is socialism. Work ethic.

Cleft in the Rock

First hour in series on the cleft in the rock. The face of God. The burning bush; Spontaneous combustion. Private interpretation. Words are the symbols of ideas. Beware of the pictures that are drawn by men. 508c1, 501c3. Rabbit trail. Sell everything you have. Free church report. Christ forgives those who forgive. God is Spirit, Spirit is the substance of creation. Hebrew word for “stand.” Hebrew word for “Rock.” Projecting Light, Outhouse story. God gives us all a glimpse of Himself through the clefts in our own lives. They didn't want to see their own error.

Second hour in series on cleft in the rock. The face of God. Calling themselves Christians they curse their children. First person you have to forgive is you. Any judgment of yourself or others is a usurpation of God. Giving that has no mercy or justice. Flailing yourself. Housekeeping reflections; What spirit dwells in you? Gardasil deaths; Vaccinations. PCM's & Ministers. Clean out your own temple. Opiate of religion, drugged by church. Symptoms of the problem. The earth is our home we should dress it and keep it. ALS research scandal. Why it's so important to form congregations of record. Artificial humility, tolerance. Following the lead of the Spirit, where to sit in a restaurant. Learn to walk individually together. A religion painted by another artist besides the holy Spirit. How many people have you betrayed?

Third hour in series. Forming a grassroots network. We are a selfish species. Children, Family size, Not having children due to selfishness, Burden. 501c3 churches. You're either looking at the face of God or somewhere else. If a man thinks he is wise, let him marry; If he thinks he is patient, let him have children. Houston Texas lesbian mayor wants to see local pastors sermons on homosexuality. Strictly regulated churches. Churches don't have to fill out 501c3 forms to be considered tax exempt. Coveting neighbors goods by sending children to public schools. Christ is not a US citizen, He's a foreigner. Jesus fires the porters of the temple. There is no leader that exercises authority in a government of the people for the people and by the people. Send us questions; 15 minute shows. Grand jury rules; Forming a grand jury fallacy; Debt. Definition of religion. Form a living network like the first century church. What's in your treasury, nothing but debt notes. Abraham, Moses & Jesus taught an alternative system based on free will choice. Einkorn wheat, Monsanto. Join us.




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