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Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Education from the point of view of[1]

Advantages of Public Education Disadvantages of Public Education
You get to have free school bus transportation
There are little school choices for you or your child because most students must attend their zoned school
Neither bus transportation nor school is actually free, Both actually are based on accepting the idea that it is okay to force your neighbor to pay for these benefit. This sets a pattern of social behavior of coveting your neighbor's goods through Benefactors who exercise authority one over the other which is unacceptable to Christ.
There are after school programs that your child can join. Under-funded schools may not have the materials or they might have to cut some programs
These after school programs can be provided by networking congregations and gathering with other homeschoolers with far more control, regularity, moral supervision and practicality.
There are extra-curricular activities available such as band, choir and theater programs Classrooms are often filled to its maximum capacity
Again as more gather these things can be provided through networking with other talented homeschoolers.''
You are sure that the teachers are certified as required by the state the school is accountable to the state which is of higher authority. There is too much emphasis on the standardized testing
Loving Parents can make sure that children actually learn the subject in question and working together with others the achievers will help set higher goal.
Parents should be a higher authority over the lives of their children and networking together they can set stepped levels of achievement.
Your child gets to attend school with friends in the neighborhood Your child will attend school with people that will negatively affect
Finding other homeshoolers and showing what you can achieve together with others may bring more neighborhood converts to a this more productive way of educating in a home environment and neighboring.
Parents will have more free time relieved of the responsibility of teaching their children but will also loose the right to make decision in the best interest of their children. Both gifted and struggling students might get lost in the shuffle
Good parents do not loose their children and networking with other parents with higher standards will challenge parents. Voluntary Networks by nature are designed to teach people to watch out for one anther and make us true neighbors rather than simply someone living next door.
Advantages?? The student culture in public schools usually discourages overachievers and A students
Advantages?? There is a possibility of unsafe environment both in school or on the bus
The power of controlled education?
The Prussian Origins of the American Public School System
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What is the example you are setting for or the message you are sending to your children when you place them in a public schools?

We often hear that public education is free but in truth it is very expensive to send your children to public schools.

The question is who is being required to pay for that education?

Some will say the government is paying for education but in truth the government takes from your neighbor to provide "free" education along with many other benefits.

For hundreds of years most education in America was privately funded and we had one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Yes, you pay some taxes for this service but not enough to match the expenses for just one child. The money to fund your child's education comes from your neighbor and not as a freewill offering but by forced taxation.

Also if we are willing to think about it honestly almost all governments also borrow against the future labor of the people to provide public benefits. No public benefit is based on charity. No entitlement is provided as an answer to hope and the free will choice of your neighbor.

There are at least two commandments that are violated if not three when you participate in these social schemes and send your children to public schools.

First there is thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbors. Asking or desiring that the government use its exercising authority to provide you with "free" education for your children is a Covetous_Practices.

Because money is borrowed to provide these benefits there is another violation of the commandment about the Sabbath which most people do not understand. The Covetous_Practices that create debt that will have to be paid back in the future will Curse children with that debt. Your slothful practice of wanting something for nothing or less than cost will bring your children under Bondage and Tribute. They will be bound on earth under new Fathers as a surety for that debt.

The application for a benefit at the expense of your neighbor and your neighbor's children also has a third affect. It makes your children the property or Merchandise of the State and subject to the gods who rule over the business of the State.


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