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These are great teaching tools for growing families if they watch them together and parents understand the history of society and the importance of responsibility and character in the pursuit of happiness. They can be a rich opportunities for life's lessons.

Captain Fantastic

Jane Austen

Family and responsibilities is very similar to what is presented in the books by Jane Austen. Then Gregory talked about responsibilities today on the radio show], so it prompted me to mention this to the groups.part 1 and part 2

My daughter has read the Jane Austen books probably 5 or 6 times each, so we bought the movies. I have come to really enjoy the stories myself.

If you enjoy reading, pick up the books. Library sales have them cheap. If you enjoy videos, most of them are available on dvd/blueray.

Becoming Jane

Not a Jane Austin book. This is a movie of her life. We just watched this again and it really goes into the family and the responsibilities of the Father/Patriarch and Mother/Matriarchs. Starring Anne Hathaway & James McAvoy

Pride and Prejudice

Book & movie - 2 versions: 5 hour British TV mini series and the 2hr movie.) Big screen version stars Keira Knightley. The 5 hour version obviously covers more ground..

Sense & Sensibility

book & movie (Starring Kate Winslett & Emma Thompson)


Adaptations of Jane Austin's Novel about Emma Woodhouse, the charming and oh-so-clever young lady who fancies herself a matchmaker, but after setting her sights on marrying off the lower-class Harriet Smith, Emma's scheming finally catches up with her.

3 Very good versions The first is a wonderful move, very well done. Mark Strong plays an exceptional Mr Knightly. A gentleman, strong, kind and tells Emma what she needs to know which is hard as it's not always very nice, but the truth is more important. the ending was a liitle rushed, but the TV Mini series version although not quite as good really draws the end out well.

  Emma1996b.jpg 1996 Movie with Kate Beckinsale, Bernard Hepton and Mark Strong.
This is a wonderful move and very well done. Mark Strong plays an exceptional Mr Knightly, a gentleman, strong, kind and tells Emma what she needs to know which is hard as it's not always very pleasent, but the truth is more important. A great example of how a man should be. My only negative on this movie, and I am being very picky here, is I felt the ending was a liitle rushed.
  Emma1996g.jpg 1996 Movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Northam & Ewen McGregor - PG 123 minutes
  Emma1996r.jpg 2009 BBC TV Mini Series with Romola Garai, Michael Gambon and Jonny Lee Miller.
This too is a very good version. Being a mini series, it has more time to explore the characters . I found Mr Knightly to be a little weaker, but the series made up for it in other aspects. I thought the ending was nicely drawn out.

Mansfield Park

book & not sure about a movie...maybe small screen

Plus a couple more that are slightly more obscure.

Foreign Films


I found the link on the site. Russian language with English subtitles. YouTube.


Barnhardt's description and opinion:

"Recommended Movie: Admiral Posted by Ann Barnhardt - January 11, AD 2013 5:57 PM MST This is a Russian film from 2008 called "Admiral". It is the true story of Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, a WWI naval hero and faithful son of Russia and the Tsar. He led the "Whites" in the counter-revolution against the Communists, and was killed after he got double-crossed and sold out by the French and ... guess who ... the Americans. Woodrow Wilson was an antichrist.

The acting and action scenes are very good and some are downright moving. Great filmmaking. It is important to see how people were slaughtered by the Communists, because we're ramping up to the same thing here. Russia went from everyone being on the same team with a highly sophisticated culture to people being lined up and shot by their fellow countrymen almost overnight.

The downside of this movie is the adulterous love story plot, but it is true. There was a totally stoic acceptance of adultery in that culture, and there still is Europe. The French are notorious for just accepting adultery by both spouses as part of life. Sad, sad, sad.

It is in 12 parts on YouTube. The YouTube channel that posted this is "IgorAdmiral".

Isn't it amazing that this anti-Communist, pro-monarchy, pro-Christian movie could only be made in RUSSIA today? This movie would never, ever be made in America. No way. Kruschev was right."


Back to Eden
Back to Eden (watch full-feature film - FREE)


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