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Should you go to college?

Three Issues with College | Defining Randomness

Description Three Issues with College, Defining Randomness Time 8:49



Students aren't returning to school:

Experience is worthless without a degree:

Various college costs:

College debt:

Median household income:

Ernst & Young:

Nina Mufleh:

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Forbidden Definitions

Forbidden Bible

Open Culture Website: Free Cultural and Educational Media

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Brilliant (", also known as Brilliant, is a website and associated community that features problems and courses in mathematics, physics, quantitative finance, and computer science. Brilliant is intended to discover and cultivate the mathematical and scientific thinking skills of students, professionals, and hobbyists around the world.[2] It operates via a freemium business model." - Wikipedia)

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Free MIT Courses

MIT publishes virtually ALL of its course materials online for free. You can take hundreds of college course completely free, in your own time.

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