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Mark Taylor

Release Mark Taylor

By Ann Blake-Tracy on May 1, 2013

Mark Taylor, surviving victim of the Columbine shooting turned activist, is being held against his will in a group home and forced to take psych meds.

Mark Taylor has been institutionalized against his will in a psychiatric hospital, and force-medicated with psychotropic drugs by court order. Donna Taylor his mother is desperately trying to have her son released from State custody, weened off the psychotropic drugs which have rendered him a virtual zombie. He is now at Acorn House 919 Elm street Denver, CO 80220 Please expedite the release of this young man so he can get the medical treatment necessary to get back the life that he has lost from this forced detention.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing." Sir Edmund Burke

Mark Taylor Part 1 ~2.39 min

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Mark Taylor Part 2 ~ min

Mark Taylor's Fight for Columbine video - Operation Paul Revere Info 33.47 min

Mark was the first boy shot at Columbine High School when Eric Harris opened fire on April 20, 1999. Today is the anniversary of that tragic day. We have been working to produce a video to show what Mark has been doing since Columbine and where he is now. Below you will find an introduction of what we are putting together and should have available for you within the next couple of days giving you insight into some of the information about Columbine you never knew -- especially surrounding Mark's case against Solvay, the manufacturers of the antidepressant, Luvox, which Eric was taking when he shot Mark 7 -- 13 times.
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Mark Taylor Part 3 ~ min

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Mark Taylor Part 4 ~6.29 min

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Mark Taylor Part 5 ~.44 min

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Important note to reader: Mark Taylor is a Columbine survivor who became a whistle blower after he discovered that his assailants were raped, sodomized, and given mind altering drugs which may have contributed to their insanity in carrying out the massacre. Mark Taylor also brought a suit against the big pharmaceutical companies and won! Additionally, Mark blew the whistle early in the Columbine investigation that SWAT team members stationed on the roof of the high school fired into the school and may have been responsible for some of the injuries and deaths that occurred on that tragic day.

Mark Taylor Part 6 ~2:01:43 min

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The Continued victimization of Mark Taylor!

By Clay Douglas for Veterans Today

Free Mark Taylor

Clay Douglas’ interview of Donna Taylor here!

Mark Taylor was was shot 7 times. Bullets barely missed vital organs and one remains embedded in his body near his spine. Mark and has mother. Donna Taylor, believed that the actions of shooters, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, were directly related to the anti-depressant pharmaceuticals they were being given.

Mark appeared in the film, “Bowling at Columbine” by Michael Moore. Moore also used him in a publicity campaign to force K-Mart to stop selling ammunition in Colorado. Shamefully, Moore paid Mark nothing for his involvement.

In 2011, the State of Arizona snatched Mark out of a hospital after he was having some breathing problems. They held him and drugged him for over a year!

With the Pro Bono help of an attorney, some political radio and web heat, Governor Jan Brewer and her people backed down and Mark was released back to Colorado to stay with his mother Donna. All this AFTER the State of Arizona filled a suit to become Mark’s PERMANENT LEGAL GUARDIAN.

Donna brought Mark back home to Colorado and Mark was being slowly weened off the toxic psychiatric medication he had been force fed in Arizona.

After a relapse in his health, the Colorado “Mental Health” “Authorities” snatched him away again.

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