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Elders often ask the ministers of their congregations if there are any needs. Often all the elders in the congregations are fiercely independent, so their is no apparent need within the congregation. Hence some elders have been prone not to give regularly. But a minister will be aware of the pulse of the larger network. There are endless needs and, if a congregation is constantly giving, a minister can channel funds where they are most needed in the body at any time. Tithes (free will offerings) are the taxes of the Kingdom of God. To a large degree, those taxes will determine the level of service your government is able to provide and the brightness of the witness it can offer to the world.

These are needs and projects that your minister can channel gifts to by exercising his own judgment and diligence to determine where the gifts will have the most impact. Note: A gift doesn't have to be monetary. Your minister can also channel gifts of time, talents and merchandise.

Ongoing Ministries

  • Mobile Ministries, gas and maintenance costs for
  • Helping all Congregations prepare the FEMA of Christ.
  • Funds for radio outreach
  • Website[1] expenses

Miscellaneous Prayers

Fulfilled Prayers

  • Reports from any Congregation on the progress of the FEMA of Christ.
  • This will become it's own page at some point
  • Many of the items list may be link so that viewers can navigate to detail pages, websites[1], or Facebook post with pictures and descriptions.
  • Supplies to victims of the fire in Weed, California

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== Footnotes ==
  1. 1.0 1.1 Some of our websites
    • Many other Websites and service and discipleship opportunities are available: ask on the Network...