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While the word Religion may have numerous definitions that vary over time their are certain principles that remain throughout history.

There is believed to be some sort of divine or extra human force at play in the lives of man. People often personify that force as an individual or group of individuals with certain divine characteristics or powers by which they may influence mankind directly or in general.

The personification of these powers vary and may even be vested in individuals of society either as representatives of the divine or actual divine persona or offspring. If society divides the divine into individuals they may war with each other just like virtues and vices war in the individual. The Monotheistic followers who make one God do the same thing with angels or spirit creatures who usually are lead by powerful angels.

Roman and Greek people had many gods and they often empowered men with the ability to know the will of God. These men became judges in their society deciding good and evil. It was common to address judges and magistrates in courts as "gods"

The divisions of people is usually a matter of their private opinion about who this divine god or gods are or if there is a god at all. Many people were persecuted because their opinion was different concerning God than another groups opinion. This is just personal ego and battles of will and pride. But religion has always had some control over how men live their lives and relate to one another.

Through man's history [Religion|religion]] was defined as [[the performance of your duty to a god and your fellowman]]. Men would devise systems to make sure that duty was performed and appoint men to see to the job so that its daily ministration was not neglected.

These priests an clergy were to help take care of the needy of society who deserved and needy some assistance. There was two ways to get that job done. One was to fund the work with free will offerings through some sort of charitable means and the other was to fund it with compelled offerings collected by men who called themselves Benefactors.

People would have to be in a hypnotic state to believe that God wants them to pray at a modern Church building but if they need anything they should apply to men who exercise authority and offer benefits at the expense of their neighbor. But the modern Christian does that every day to get free schooling for their children, and social security for their parents and a myriad of other public benefits. How is that seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness through Pure Religion? The early Church found itself in a Christian conflict with Rome just as Christ found the Corban of the Pharisees in conflict with the word of God.

The conflict between groups that practiced one of these two methods has caused persecutions too. There systems were often called some form of Corban.

The Romans thought of themselves to be religious. They attributed their success to their collective piety (pietas). Piety was service to your Father and mother. Their society centered around the family structure. Collective piety was when those families cared about each other as much as themselves. In maintaining a good relations with the gods you ha to care for your family an for your neighbor when there was a justified need. This aid was provided by members of societies through people in society who were good at at helping people.

That work was supported by the general population through a network of priests who could usually be found in an area called the Temples. Eventually altars an buildings were built in those Temple areas and folklore and traditions were developed.

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