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"What is the transgression of Jacob — Where is the chief cause of Israel’s sin and apostacy? Is it not Samaria[1] — Is it not in that city, the chief seat of the kingdom, the residence of the king and his princes, who have set up the idolatry of the golden calves, and made it the established religion of the kingdom?" Benson Commentary

"Samaria[1] was built by Omri, a king who "wrought evil in the eyes of the Lord, and did worse than all that were before him;" and in it his son Ahab erected a temple to Baal (1 Kings 16:32), and it became the chief seat of idolatry in the land." Pulpit Commentary

"The prophet defines the sins of Samaria[1] and Jerusalem. The sin of the former is apostasy; that of the latter, unauthorized worship." Pulpit Commentary

"The name of Jacob then, as of Christian now, stamped as deserters, those who did not the deeds of their father. "What, (rather who) is the transgression of Jacob?" Who is its cause? In whom does it lie? Is it not Samaria?"[1] Barnes' Notes on the Bible

"Since God and mammon cannot be served together, Jerusalem was become one great idol-temple, in which Judah brought its sin into the very face of God and of His worship. The Holy City had itself become sin, and the fountain of unholiness. The one temple of God was the single protest against the [Idolatry|idolatries]] which encompased and besieged it; the incense went up to God, morning and evening, from it; from every head of every street of the city Ezekiel 16:31; 2 Chronicles 28:24, and (since Ahaz had brought in the worship of Baalim 2 Chronicles 28:2, and the rites of idolatry continued the same,) from the roofs of all their houses Jeremiah 32:29, went up the incense to Baal; a worship which, denying the Unity, denied the Being of God." Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Baalim[2] is the same as Baal.

Micah 1:5 begins with with the word “For” which can be translated "because" or "on account of". The "transgression" or "rebellion" "of Jacob" can be seen as a "heel catcher" or "supplanter" as he wanted to supplant his brothers natural right. “Jacob” and also “Israel” had rebelled against the ways of God, by trying to get his brothers right to choose and inherit by offering him benefits and this would bring the judgment of God upon them.

The elements of the world like the schemes of FDR were designed to do the same just as Baal systems and the way of Cain, Nimrod and the Nicolaitans have done throughout the history of man.

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    1) the region of northern Palestine associated with the northern kingdom of the 10 tribes of Israel which split from the kingdom after the death of Solomon during the reign of his son Rehoboam and were ruled by Jeroboam 1 Kings 12:11
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