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Should vaccines be mandatory? If you do not have a right to say "no" then it is not your body and you are not free. If you want to be free then you should repent and stop trying to take away the rights of others.

Natural Immunity

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Natural immunity. The ability to resist infection that does not depend on prior experience of the invading organism and the resultant production of antibodies or amendment or selection of LYMPHOCYTES. Natural immunity is a general and non-specific resistance to infection possessed by all healthy individuals.

If you get a disease, like measles or rubella, you typically have life-long immunity and won’t get it again. You are also stimulating your immune system to protect against the next infection.

Definition of Immunity

Immunity; 1. Protection against infectious disease by either specific or non-specific mechanisms. 2. Pertaining to the immune system or immune response [Ingelfinger, F. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary Saunders Press, 1999.]

Innate immunity

Innate immunity is the resistance manifested by a species (or by races, families, and individuals in a species) that has not been immunized (sensitized, allergized) by previous infection or vaccination; much of it results from body mechanisms that are poorly understood but differ from those responsible for the altered reactivity associated with the specific nature of acquired immunity; in general, innate immunity is nonspecific and is not stimulated by specific antigens.

  • "Our body’s immune response is a multifaceted interaction between molecules, cells, and organs. " [1]

Did a Vaccine Eradicate Polio

While we know Correlation is not Causation the time frame for the eradication of polio and other diseases does not actually correlate with the actual decrease in infections. It actually appears that true herd immunity was reached through the natural process and not by way of vaccines.

People imagine that they know the dangers of Polio and actually believe that vaccines eradicated polio because after the vaccines were given to thousands of people Polio seemed to disappear.

Albert Everyman believed the only thing that saved kids during these polio outbreaks was the vaccines. So when he is told that we should not make vaccines mandatory he disagrees. He thinks we need to keep people safe and the only way to do that is to vaccinate everyone. Is he right or is it possible that mandatory vaccinations may actually create an environment conducive to creating more harmful viruses in the future to say nothing of the injuries often caused by vaccination?

Albert is hoping people will "listen to reason" based on what he believes are the facts about polio and argues:

"you are too young so you don't know what it was like. It was scary because you didn't know who could give you some terrible sickness that would harm or kill you! Did you ever hear about "polio pond"? Swimming was a risk! Vaccinations & shots almost put an end to many of the diseases & to most of the fear we had faced. But too many forgot or just never faced these illnesses & didn't bother to get the vaccinations & shots so now some of these diseases are coming back! I hope you don't find out the hard way with a sick or dead child. Look at history. People used to have lots of children because often some died! The issue is keeping all these killing diseases at bay!"

Is Albert right?

The truth seems to be something quite different from what people want to believe and it will often take an objective examination, patience and some humility to receive and understand the whole truth.

  • “Polioviruses are transient inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract. Up to 95% of all polio infections are completely asymptomatic. Approximately 5% of polio infections consist of a minor, nonspecific illness consisting of an upper respiratory tract infection (sore throat and fever) and gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea). This influenza-like illness, clinically indistinguishable from the myriad of other viral illnesses, is characterized by complete recovery in less than a week with resultant life time immunity. Less than 1% of all polio infections result in paralysis. Most importantly, the vast majority of individuals who contract paralytic poliomyelitis recover with complete—or near complete—return of muscle function. Any weakness that is still present 12 months after onset of paralysis is usually considered permanent.“[2]

What does this mean?

Since “Polioviruses" will likely pass into and through the gastrointestinal tract, your stomach and guts, if you go swimming in Albert's "polio pond" and ingest some of the water.

How will he know if you have been infected with the “Polioviruses"?

Up to "95% of all polio infections are completely asymptomatic" meaning if he is infected with the scary and deadly Polioviruses Albert will likely be "producing or showing no symptoms. That is because 95 people out of a hundred will never even know they were infected with polio and yet they are likely immune. They may continue to fear infection but are actually safe and immune.

That 5% with a polio infection could manifest as a minor, nonspecific illness that might appear as an upper respiratory infection with a sore throat and fever. That means 5 people out of a hundred may show some symptoms which may just appear as a common cold or flu. They might show a gastrointestinal disturbance like nausea or vomiting. They may experience some abdominal pain and diarrhea resulting in a complete recovery in a few days or less than a week walking away with lifetime immunity.

He may not have any idea that he now has a lifetime of immunity to most strains of Polioviruses and his immune system will be better equipped to fight any new strains of a multitude of other viruses.

Less than one in a hundred people coming out of the "polio pond" would experience a polio infection that would result in paralysis and "the vast majority of those individuals who contract paralytic poliomyelitis recover with complete—or near complete—return of muscle function."

What does this mean?

Many of the people who received the vaccinations were possibly already immune. Those that got intermuscular shots but were not immune already may have been able to carry and even spread polio because they did not have gastrointestinal immunity. People can actually be infected with polio through "mandatory vaccinations" as we see in the Congressional_Record and according to the testimony in 1977 of Dr. Jonas Salk, who "with other scientists" stated that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961.[3]

Herd immunity

Herd immunity is said to be "the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination." Can you truly obtain herd immunity through vaccination? The original formulation of the herd immunity theory by Dr. Arthur W. Hedrich, a health officer in Chicago, Illinois, was based on unvaccinated populations. A vaccine-induced immunity is not only more “temporary” it also has allowed the disease to be carried, spread and even mutate. We have also seen were vaccinations have increased cases by infecting the population with the disease both in the past and at the present time.[4] True and natural herd immunity exists only if immunity can be passed from "generation to generation" which is a product of naturally obtained immunity and is not common among vaccinated populations because of low efficacy and temporary nature of vaccine immunity requiring regular boosters.

The only effective way to obtain Herd immunity is through promotion of good health in the 5 main structures of the immune system and hygienic practices on individual and social levels. It is clear from the record 95% of the people who contracted polio showed no symptoms and the larger percentage of those who did develop visible symptoms never manifested any lasting paralysis. That means that society developed natural herd immunity even without vaccination. Many of those who did develop polio symptoms and paralysis may have been able to gain immunity without physical injury had they known about and practiced better immune system health.

Herd immunity should be a concept by which an infectious agent can no longer spread across a population because a sufficiently large percentage of individuals have immunity and are passing that immunity on to the next generation.

An acquired immunity from vaccination not only does not usually pass from one generation to the next but vaccination often allows an individual to continue to carry a disease even though they are not manifesting full-blown symptoms.[5] We see this with Whooping cough where the vaccinated individual has no lung immunity but is internally immune. Only a natural immunity will include both internal and lung immunity.

Reinfection appears to be uncommon but does occur. Studies show[6] that "on average, whooping cough immunity lasts at least 30 years and perhaps as long as 70 years after natural infection... And when people whose immunity has waned are re-exposed to whooping cough, they rarely become infected. In fact, their immunity to the disease may be boosted by re-exposure, the study suggests."

Studies[7] have also shown that the transfer of maternal immunity can protect the newborn against infection with Bordetella pertussis if the infant is allowed to suckle colostrum and milk for 4 to 5 days from a mother who has previously obtained a natural immunity to pertussis. Yes, mothers pass on protective antibodies to their babies during breastfeeding for a variety of infectious diseases, including the flu. Antibodies are a type of protein made by the immune system when a person is exposed to a disease.

Teens have very little protection just a few years after vaccination and studies have shown that boosters only add as little as a year to internal immunity. Teenagers are accounting for a growing proportion of pertussis cases in the US because of the short life of vaccine-acquired immunity. The Tdap booster shot routinely given to preteen children has a poor "safety profile" because it can "cause high fevers and seizures in young children" according to Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and a professor of infectious diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

True herd immunity must afford protection to the next generation.

People imagine that they know the dangers of Polio and actually believe that vaccines eradicated polio because after the vaccines were given to thousands of people Polio seemed to disappear.

Correlation is not Causation

Vaccines do not cure disease.

At best they can only stimulate a part of your immune system to prepare that part to fight the viral infection. Has the introduction of vaccines actually lowered the occurrence of infectious diseases over the last century? Are there other factors which have contributed even more to the health of the community?

"Krause wrote “before the introduction of modern sanitation, polio infection was acquired during infancy, at which time it seldom caused paralysis but provided lifelong immunity against polio infection and paralysis later in life” [8]" [9]

"According to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, childhood diseases decreased 90% between 1850 and 1940, paralleling improved sanitation and hygienic practices, well before mandatory vaccination programs. The Medical Sentinel recently reported, “from 1911 to 1935, the four leading causes of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in the U.S. were diphtheria, pertussis, scarlet fever, and measles. However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these causes had declined by 95 percent, before the implementation of mass immunization programs.”[10]"[11]

It should be clear that because a particular disease seems to disappear at the same time that a vaccine is administered to a population does not mean that the vaccine is the critical cause that reduced the infection.

The Forgotten Pandemic

Spanish Flu, a H1N1 influenza virus sometimes called the "forgotten pandemic", infected 500 million people around the world killing up to 5% of the world population. It contributed to the death of more people in a year than the Black Death killed in a century, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. We are told that "In the U.S., about 28% of the population became infected, and 500,000 to 675,000 died."[12]

Could it be possible, as we have seen with polio, that only "500,000 to 675,000" showed visible signs of being infected? In fact, far more people who ingested the virus, were likely infected but developed natural immunity asymptomatically?

We know that when an infected person sneezes or coughs, more than half a million virus particles can be spread to anyone near them. There were also several strains of the same virus caused by mutations that commonly occur when a large population is infected.

It is far more likely that more than half of the population was infected but became immune naturally, eventually establishing herd immunity without the introduction of any vaccines ending the epidemic.

It is believed that circumstances of World War I troop movements, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, poor hygiene promoted a bacterial superinfection that accompanied the virus and killed most of the victims.

Besides exposure, because of the movement of large infected groups during the war, the simultaneous improvement in "hygiene" and sewage disposal and fresh water probably contributed far more to the survivability of a disease like Spanish flu. Other factors like "malnourishment", were also being improved as diet improved among the general population. Another factor was that people could be cared for in the home rather than send them to "overcrowded medical camps and hospitals" where other infections can add to the problems.

Since no vaccine was created we know that Spanish Flu was no eradicated by it but it went away none the less. Knowing this why would people jump to the conclusion that the people were saved from polio by a vaccine?

While we know that "Correlation is not Causation" we can see “before the introduction of modern sanitation, polio infection was acquired during infancy, at which time it seldom caused paralysis but provided lifelong immunity against polio infection and paralysis later in life” [13]. [9]

The idea that vaccines are ending epidemics that come and go throughout history without the introduction of vaccines is wishful thinking that borders on superstition.

People want to have faith in the medical industry hoping that it can save them from the unknown invisible threats lurking in the world. Once they have accepted this way of faith in medicine and vaccines it is hard to let go of that faith.

But doctors are not God and we should not expect them to be gods nor infallible. They make mistakes and those mistakes can cost lives.

Karen Starko proposed in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, that aspirin poisoning contributed substantially to the fatalities of Spanish Flu. Both the Surgeon General of the United States Army and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended very large doses of 8 to 31 grams of aspirin per day as part of treatment. These levels will produce hyperventilation in 33% of patients, as well as lung edema in 3% of patients. Bayer's patent on aspirin expired, and many companies rushed in to make a profit and greatly increased the supply worldwide. Were there other practices and treatment that contributed to the high mortality rate?

Under Reporting

Can Under Reporting or change in the way you collect data create a strong delusion?

"The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC, a grassroots organization founded by parents of vaccine-injured and killed children) has conducted its own investigations.[14] It reported: “In New York, only one out of 40 doctor's offices confirmed that they report a death or injury following vaccination.” In other words, 97.5% of vaccine related deaths and disabilities go unreported there. Implications about medical ethics aside (federal law directs doctors to report serious adverse events [15]), these findings suggest that vaccine deaths and serious injuries actually occurring may be from 10 to 100 times greater than the number reported."[11]

"These observations were especially important in the tropics, as Spalding emphasized in discussing poliomyelitis: “the disease is endemic and the virus is ubiquitous. Children who are exposed to it at a very early age rarely suffer permanent damage and acquire immunity” [16] (p. 800)" [9]

The Congressional Record

The Congressional Record (among other sources) records these facts from both Sabin and Salk:

"Six New England states reported increases in polio one year after the Salk vaccine was introduced, ranging from more than doubling in Vermont to Massachusetts’ astounding increase of 642%; other states reported increases as well. The incidence in Wisconsin increased by a factor of five. Idaho and Utah actually halted vaccination due to the increased incidence and death rate. In 1959, 77.5% of Massachusetts’ paralytic cases had received 3 doses of IPV (injected polio vaccine). During 1962 U.S. Congressional hearings, Dr. Bernard Greenberg, head of the Dept. of Biostatistics for the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, testified that not only did the cases of polio increase substantially after mandatory vaccinations—a 50% increase from 1957 to 1958, and an 80% increase from 1958 to 1959—but that the statistics were deliberately manipulated by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression.([17]) It is important to understand that the polio vaccine was not universally accepted, at least initially. Despite this, polio declined both in European countries that refused mass vaccination as well as in those that employed it." [18]

Why did some people's immune system fail to protect them?

Was it the consumption of sugar through eating to much ice cream?

Could proper diet make that much difference to your innate immunity during times of outbreak?

Cultivating Plague

Can more Vaccinations reintroduce a plagues more immune to medical cures?

Individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as Polio, MMR, rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles, and influenza can infect others while displaying no symptoms of a disease by shedding the virus for weeks or months.[19]

As a recent example the U.S. Navy warship Fort McHenry while deployed to the Persian Gulf, was quarantined at sea because of a Viral Mumps Outbreak which spread through the sailors and Marines despite the fact that they had all been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. The vaccine for mumps is said to be only 88% effective. Since the ship spent 160 days at sea due to war-time operations and the incubation period for the mumps is 25 days then where did the original infection come from?

As was testified in the Congressional_Record by Dr. Jonas Salk many people have actually be infected with polio through vaccinations.[3] We see the same CDC data concerning vaccinations showing increased cases by infecting the population Syria and the Congo through vaccinations and not the wild virus.[4]

Vaccinated people can put others at risk including unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals. Vaccines will sometimes fail to provide immunity. Vaccine-induced immunity is has been temporary with recent outbreaks of whooping cough, mumps and measles have occurred in fully vaccinated populations.[20]

Regular Flu Vaccination increase Risk of a more serious Pandemic.

"Researchers, led by Vancouver's Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, noticed in the early weeks of the [2009 H1N1] pandemic that people who got a flu shot for the 2008-09 winter seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus than people who hadn't received a flu shot. Five studies done in several provinces showed the same unsettling results."[21]

Not only can a vaccinated community still spread the infection the vaccine itself may endanger society to greater infections. Dr. Jonas Salk himself testified in 1977 was the 'principal if not sole cause' of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961.[3] The CDC admitted the same thing in 1992."[22]

"The above statement(of Dr. Salk}[3] states the truth of the vaccine in a nutshell. The Polio vaccine only increased the amount of cases of Polio when it was introduced and it had no part in actually creating a decline in the disease. The decline was happening naturally and the vaccine was introduced on a down turn of Polio cases. While the introduction of the vaccine created a spike in cases, overall the disease continued to decline. Especially in countries that did not introduce the vaccine. This is strong evidence showing that the Polio vaccine is not responsible for the decline and should negate the belief and statement that the Polio vaccine demonstrates vaccine success." [18]

Vaccination in the third world are actually spreading the poliovirus cVDPV2 strain and creating a worldwide "risk of international spread" threat because their vaccines are actually causing people to be infected with polio.[23]

  • "At present, as a result of the WHO initiative, the wild virus is now confined to a few countries, but naturally acquired immunity has been lost, and the whole of the developing world is now vulnerable to epidemics of poliomyelitis, which could lead to severe paralysis and increased mortality. "[9]

Any vaccines given as intramuscular injection does not give full gastrointestinal immunity and allows people to carry the virus and spread it to others.[5] It is a well-admitted fact that "the virus can continue circulating for years, accumulating mutations until it reverts to its dangerous form. The vast majority of cVDPVs are caused by serotype 2, one of three variants of the virus."[24]

  • "Because no vaccination is 100% effective, some vaccinated individuals will get the disease as well. In fact, during an outbreak, the number of vaccinated individuals who get sick will often outnumber the unvaccinated people who get sick."[25]

Vaccines inject foreign DNA into your body. Those who get sick anyway may facilitate mutations of the existing virus producing a new, even superbug.


Besides the known toxins in vaccines, long term effects are unclear.

  • "Finally, the agent in the vaccine should be free of contaminating substances. It is also recognized, however, that vaccine transmissibility can be helpful—e.g., in the case of live polio vaccine, which can be spread from vaccinated children to others who have not been vaccinated." [26]

Yes, vaccines can have tremendous side effects that span over your entire life. See Polio Vaccine and Cancer


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Merck Whistleblower

Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit and Not Public Health. Stop Mandatory Vaccination Time 9:45

Brandy Vaughan is a former sales rep for Merck & Co. - a vaccine maker - and she details how vaccine companies are using vaccines as a vehicle for massive profit and not public health. Brandy researched the safety of vaccines and found that not only do vaccines contain known toxins that can cause neurological damage, but that vaccine makers do not create the same safety studies for vaccines as they do for other drugs. This lack of true safety research of vaccines combined with the known adverse reactions to vaccination has helped Brandy to decide to never vaccinate her own child. Brandy says giving children a vaccine is like playing Russian roulette with our children and that mandatory vaccination is simply a way for vaccine makers to profit off of our children. Don’t be fooled: we do not need mandatory vaccination.

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines - Movie - directed by Gary Null. Time 1:48:05

Truth behind the CDC, Vaccines and Autism

Truth behind the CDC, Vaccines and Autism. Ben Swan.also at Time 24:02

Ben Swann's Truth in Media and producer of the investigative film exposing a CDC cover-up in "Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism". The exponential growth in the incidence of autism among our youth has become a national concern, but unfortunately, subject to much debate. As a result of the investigative work by Truth In Media, we now have a video to help clarify the issue.


Protecting your children is your responsibility and the responsibility of everyone in your society.

We would like to think that Vaccines are saving lives.

We would like to think that there is an answer we can purchase to protect against invisible enemy that causes disease and death.

But are vaccines actually doing more harm than good?

Are vaccines actually slowly poisoning and weakening the population of our world?

Has a billion dollar industry covered up the truth and do your public officials cater to those big money powers?

Silent Epidemic

Published on Oct 3, 2013

Silent Epidemic, by award-winning film director Gary Null, is the first documentary to investigate thoroughly the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels. Conventional medicine has heralded the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern science. It claims that vaccines have been proven to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases. We are told that vaccines are safe and effective, and that "herd immunity" can be achieved if a high percentage of a population is vaccinated. However, does the science support these claims and what are the untold consequences?

Psalms 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies. Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;

The Vaccine Hoax is Over

Published 29Sep2012 By coto2admin

Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:

1. Known the vaccines don’t work

2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent

3. Known they are a hazard to children

4. Colluded to lie to the public

5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

Vaccines are the worst medical travesty that has ever been visited upon the human race.

These greedy profit mongers have preyed upon the love parents have for their children and upon the fear that the industry has actually created.

They have picked on the most vulnerable among us, first our babies and children and more recently, our mothers and fathers.

They have stolen their minds, compromised their health and shortened their lives.

They have bought off politicians who have made laws "mandating" vaccines to guarantee their profits.

They have stolen your tax dollars to donate to the industry for "researching" more poison to inject into the arms of an unsuspecting public.

When will people at least look at the information, stop believing the lies and stop the insanity of vaccines?

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US. for more, look here:

The vaccine hoax is over by Andrew baker

Amish Anomaly

This picture was presented as proof that Amish get vaccines which no one is denying. These are not Amish but Mennonite. They are not infant but much older children and they are only being offered the MMR not a dozen or more vaccines. There had been a measles outbreak which came back from the missions. This picture is actually proof the soup of vaccination of infants is not nearly as common among these communities as it is in the private sectors. Listen to the videos and do your own research.

The term Amish anomaly was coined by Dan Olmsted, who asserted that he could only find three Amish autistics after searching in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and that two of them were vaccinated. Olmsted had quoted Dr. Frank Noonan as saying, "You'll find all the other stuff, but we don't find the autism. We're right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that's just the way it is."

There is a great effort to discredit the Amish anomaly which has clear statistical evidence that the less vaccines a group gets the less likely there is to be less occurrences of autism. The statistics clearly demonstrate that.

CDC Whistle Blower admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism Time 6:51

Immediately people will try to discredit anyone that brings vaccine safety or effectiveness into question. Instead of looking at alarming statistics with concerns many jumped to contradict these observations with the fact that there are Amish who vaccinate their children.

Some Amish do vaccinate their children but at a far less rate than the general public and many not at all. The paper used by some to prove this shows that Amish had lower rate of vaccinations because only a small percentage had "one child" vaccinated with "one vaccination".

And the sampling was only about one third of those contacted because the Amish who do not vaccinate would not fill out the paper being very private people and fearing persecution.

I know Amish people all over the country and that is they way it works. Vaccinations among some Amish is almost non existent. They are not all the same and the ones who are very against vaccinations don't tell strangers.

Many of the scientific studies are also playing with words and are funded by companies making huge profits from vaccinations.

"In March 2006, Drs. Kevin Strauss, Holmes Morton and others documented 9 autistic Amish children, which could raise the autism rate of the Lancaster Amish community Olmsted supposedly investigated to almost 1/5,000 which is still a fraction of the US average of 1/68." Strauss, K. A.; Puffenberger, E. G.; Huentelman, M. J.; Gottlieb, S.; Dobrin, S. E.; Parod, J. M.; Stephan, D. A.; Morton, D. H. (2006). "Recessive Symptomatic Focal Epilepsy and Mutant Contactin-Associated Protein-like 2". New England Journal of Medicine. 354 (13): 1370–1377. doi:10.1056/NEJMoa052773. PMID 16571880.

That is an alarming spread but it does not show cause. Statistics do not show "cause" in the relationship but statistics never show cause. That is not what statistics do.

But it should motivate grave concerns and compassionate from humble and unbiased people. Show me one pharmaceutical company that is going to shell out the money for a study that is going to cut into their billion dollar profits.


Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield on His MMR Study Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Andrew Wakefield talks about autism, childhood vaccine safety, and his controversial MMR study.. Time 1:25:12

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Andrew Wakefield

In February 1998, the Lancet published Dr. Andrew Wakefield's case series of a group of autistic children with gastric problems, which has become one of the most controversial studies in medicine because part of the patients' story included regression after receiving the MMR vaccine.
Dr Andrew Wakefield In His Own Words (full interview) admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism. Time 1:01:59
The debate is a heated one, as the study suggests there may be a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease and autism.
Dr. Wakefield, who has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters, explained his findings in the paper, which has become one of the most misrepresented in medical history.[27]
Brian Deer, published accusations of falsified data and fraud which were subsequently shown to be false in the English High Court. All of Wakefield’s colleagues including Professor John Walker-Smith were reinstated and exonerated.[28]
Writing in the BMJ, research microbiologist David Lewis, of the National Whistleblowers Center, explains that he reviewed histopathological grading sheets by two of Dr. Wakefield's coauthors, pathologists Amar Dhillon and Andrew Anthony, and concluded there was no fraud committed by Dr. Wakefield:
  • "As a research microbiologist involved with the collection and examination of colonic biopsy samples, I do not believe that Dr. Wakefield intentionally misinterpreted the grading sheets as evidence of "non-specific colitis." Dhillon indicated "non-specific" in a box associated, in some cases, with other forms of colitis. In addition, if Anthony's grading sheets are similar to ones he completed for the Lancet article, they suggest that he diagnosed "colitis" in a number of the children."
In a press release, Lewis continued:
  • "The grading sheets and other evidence in Wakefield's files clearly show that it is unreasonable to conclude, based on a comparison of the histological records, that Andrew Wakefield 'faked' a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
  • "Now that these records have seen the light of day, it is time for others to stop using them for this purpose as well. False allegations of research misconduct can destroy the careers of even the most accomplished and reputable scientists overnight. It may take years for them to prove their innocence; and even then the damages are often irreparable. In cases where mistakes are made, every effort should be taken to fully restore the reputations and careers of scientists who are falsely accused of research misconduct."

Says Wakefield concerning those who replicated his work:

“… it’s been replicated in Canada, in the U.S., in Venezuela, in Italy… [but] they never get mentioned. All you ever hear is that no one else has ever been able to replicate the findings.

I’m afraid that is false.”

Lancet did retract the Wakefield et al paper in February 2010, because some elements in the paper were contrary to the findings of the earlier investigation. This is a consistent practice with any peer-reviewed general medical journal. That does not mean the Wakefield paper was wrong but only that there is a need for more evidence and review to resolve conflicting data. The reasons for the retraction were subsequently shown to be false in the English High Court.

Lancet exonerated Wakefield and his colleagues from charges of ethical violations and scientific misconduct.

The Dr. Wakefield study has “been replicated in Canada, in the U.S., in Venezuela, in Italy" You can read a list of 28 studies from around the world that support Dr. Wakefield’s controversial findings with links to most of them here: see list of study and papers

Instead of a deep concern for vaccine safety and pressure on those who profit from their use to produce a safe vaccine we get law that give companies immunity.

Instead, we see whistle-blower and studies that bring the safety and efficacy of vaccines into question viciously attacked.

Healthier Children

"Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier"

According to Christina England:

"A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. - See more:

More links:

30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts

Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards To Sell More Vaccines And Harm Your Kids Posted on March 14, 2012 by ChildHealthSafety

"An extraordinary new paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

If you want to get an idea of who is responsible for your child’s condition resulting from a vaccine adverse reaction then this is the paper to read."

Government experts cover up vaccine

Flu deaths False Scare Tactics

H1N1 flu shot.jpg

Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin Posted on July 9, 2011 by geobear7 | 35 Comments Part 1 of 5

By J. Holcombe, D. Jacobson, and T. Ruhl What killed people during the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918? It may not have been the flu at all???



Should vaccines be mandatory? If you do not have a right to say "no" then it is not your body and you are not free. If you want to be free then you should repent and stop trying to take away the rights of others.


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  23. Cervical Cancer Vaccine – Is It Safe? YouTube Part 1 YouTube Part 2

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