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The power of controlled education?

Public Education

Public Education was something that was not the normal manner in which people wanted to educate their children until the beginning of the 1900. Yet the literacy rate was very high. There are advantages and disadvantages of Public Education.


Your children will find their hearts where, they find their bodies most of the time. If they sit in a public school facility 35+ hours a week, they will also pick up their ways. However, if they are trained at home by loving parents, they will learn the ways of the parents. Though most families will face obstacles, the main conflict between parents and children comes when they begin to butt heads over the parents ways vs. public indoctrination. Public indoctrination will win almost every time because that is where their children are spending the majority of their time.

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College Alternatives

As the "mainstream" begins to wonder if the exorbitant cost of a college degree can really justify the promise of slightly higher earnings in the future and the craziness of student loans, outliers are already proving that there are an infinite number of paths to success for creative individuals.

Who should be the teachers of your children?

Continuing Education

Successful, ever-growing people understand learning never ends. "Life" is learning. "Death" is knowing it all.

Not so free education!


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