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The Prussian Origins of the American Public School System
8 min
The world as her school room ~
4 min
Infographic: Homeschooled
John Taylor Gatto: The Ultimate History Lesson ~ Hour 1 of 5
Hour 2 of 5 ~ Hour 3 of 5 ~ Hour 4 of 5 ~ Hour 5 of 5
Master Ayub's Park School in Pakistan ~3 min
PragerU - War on Boys ~6 min
How school makes kids less intelligent ~9 min
A surprisingly informative video about a large variety of schooling options ~21 min
The End of Play: Why Kids Need Unstructured Time ~30 min
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Why Homeschool?


  • Flexibility
Whether it's time, vacation, curriculum, or whatever, homeschooling offers a family the ability to make choices that are best for them.
  • Build Community
Homeschooling can bring families together with other like-minded families to share ideas, resources, and counsel. Homeschool co-ops are a great resource for meeting other homeschool families. When you homeschool and make an effort to find other homeschoolers, you'll find a valuable new circle of friends who, bringing their unique skill sets, are ready to help you succeed.
  • Learn New Skills
  • Taking Responsibility
Taking Responsibility for training/educating your children is part of loving your neighbor. The responsibility is yours...take it by the horns! When you rely on the State for your children's education, you're actually coveting/stealing from your neighbor through the agency of a government that is willing to use violence. If you doubt this, try not paying property taxes and see what happens.
  • Learn What You Didn't Learn The First Time
  • Customize the Learning Experience for YOUR Child
Education doesn't have to be one size fits all
  • Limit Indoctrination by the State
When YOU train YOUR children, you're not competing with the world as much as you are for their hearts and minds. If your children are spending 6 - 8 hours a day soaking up other peoples worldview, at some point you're going to have a problem.

School to fool Are schools and educational institutions used as a social tool?[1]

Schools as Tools Has someone used the modern public schools to mold the minds of America for their own purposes. [2] Printable 5" X 8 1/2" Pamphlets Standard 8 1/2"X 11" Print Friendly

School is Meaningless


  • Homeschool Laws in Your State
  • - Lots of good information here about how to get started and connected with the homeschool community wherever you are. See the GROUPS link for co-op information.
  • Alliance for Self-Directed Education - Comprehensive, searchable database that contains listings of SDE-aligned schools, learning centers, co-ops, collectives, books, films, websites, workshops & training, professional services, and more.

General Curriculum Information

Also, check out her top 100 picks - the advantage to something like this site is that she doesn't play favorites w/ one curriculum provider. She chooses the providers who are best at what they do - making it easier to tailor your child's education to their talents & interests.
Small company that puts together packages of some of the best curriculum, including educational toys, for birth through high school (yes, birth!)
Here's an example of a "box" type curriculum - everything you need to teach comes in a box from the same company....they do some things well & some things are pretty dry.....but sometimes a highly structured, scripted plan can help get you started.
Dr. Robinson K-12 Homeschool Curriculum. Developed by a scientist and his six children.

Online Homeschool Programs

  • Breakaway Learning - Tremendous interview with retired World Bank development economist and home-schooling mom, Colleen Mascenik, creator of Breakaway Learning, a computerized program designed to help teens build customized learning plans around the subjects and issues that interest them.
  • "Also known as Brilliant, is a website and associated community that features problems and courses in mathematics, physics, quantitative finance, and computer science. Brilliant is intended to discover and cultivate the mathematical and scientific thinking skills of students, professionals, and hobbyists around the world.[2] It operates via a freemium business model." - Wikipedia

Specific Course Curriculum




Foreign Language



Consider podcasts on the subject...
  • History on Fire - I don't like his accent, but he's still better than any history teacher I ever had.
  • Martyr Made provides amazing detail about the history of Palestine starting in the early 1900s through the establishment of modern Israel. Totally altered my perception.
Books/audiobooks also offer possibilities
  • MY FAVORITE: Steve Berry is a former lawyer who digs out tons of interesting, forgotten, alternative historical details in his Cotton Malone series
  • Clive Cussler always weaves intriguing historical events throughout his novels. His protagonists always seem to have high moral codes.
  • Pillars of the Earth centers around the building of a cathedral in England during the early Middle Ages. This books starts the hardships and triumphs of several families. Later books follow later generations of those same families as the community around the cathedral develops.


  • Really helps your children to develop discernment. Cuts through the propaganda like a hot knife. Teaches children how to debate effectively.


  • Math Bot: Learn math by programming a robot - from counting to calculus.
  • Brilliant: See math and science in a new way



  • Astronomy - Electric Universe Theory uses demonstrable experiments to overturn mainstream theory that depends upon fantasies like black holes and dark matter to fill the gaps in pure mathematical that have no foundation in reality. As this new understanding of the universe develops, it will completely transform our understanding of things like mythology, biology, geology, medicine, and more. These two interviews provide a good overview...

Various Methods Overview

Excellent overview of various methods & styles of homeschooling w/ links to a few companies that support each.(There are hundreds more in each category though!). We did pretty straight classical for our first 5-6 years but have transitioned to eclectic & self taught as our children entered high school. Our pre-ks are getting more Charlotte Mason & Montessori right now & will probably stay there awhile.
Just like the name says, homeschooling on a shoestring! No or low cost ways to educate your children at home....this link is actually more of the above as far as methods but the site has a lot more to explore...more below on free or low cost curriculum
Thomas Jefferson Education is an educational philosophy and a methodology by which great individuals throughout history were educated. Our family has successfully incorporated this philosophy into our homeschool. We started with the book, A Thomas Jefferson Education, and the articles on the website.

More Resources

Books for Children

In this video Libertarian author Connor Boyack explains how homeschooling his own kids helped him discover the need for children's books that embrace the liberty/anarchist worldview. His Tuttle Twins series has started with children's versions of Bastiat's, The Law, and Freidman's explanation of the free market through the creation of a pencil.

Also recommended

  • Three Friends Free, shows how we all use voluntary interactions in our every day lives and what happens when violence is introduced.
  • The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible by Ken Schoolland. It's probably more suitable for early teens. The newest edition is even designed with questions at the end of chapters.








Colleges Are Eagerly Accepting Homeschooled Kids]




More Videos

Homeschooling Images

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