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Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion including the study of the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief.

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The Bible

Some will tell you that the Bible is "the inerrant Word of God." The word inerrant means "incapable of being wrong." We might then ask which one of the hundreds of versions of the Bible is inerrant?

Many people will have an opinion as to which version of the Bible you must read. Yet, the truth is, as soon as biblical words are read by a man they are no longer inerrant because no man is inerrant, "incapable of being wrong." Since reading requires the mind to apply meaning to the words you read, error creeps in.

A thousand men reading the Bible will produce a thousand interpretations of what the Bible is saying. Men who rely on their flesh and blood private interpretation will miss the truth expressed by the authors of the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It is clear that we are to believe in God and His Holy Spirit, and by His revelation He will build His church.[1] It has always been the revelation of God directly upon the hearts and minds of men, upon which God intended to build His Holy Church.[2]

The fickle nature of language -- given how words have different meanings, and the errant nature of mankind -- confirms the need for the Holy Spirit when reading the Bible. It is essential for the reader to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, in order to accurately understand the original inspired words and the meaning suggested by those authors who first wrote it. And it is also essential for the writers to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

If we will rely on His Holy Spirit more than our own flesh and blood, vanity and intellect, His purpose for us can be achieved despite the Bible version. God's purpose (and ultimate goal) is to have us return to the tree of life, rather than to eat from the tree of knowledge.

I believe there is enough in the Bible to help you understand the gospel. Nothing essential has been omitted.

What is missing, however, is understanding the full meaning of words in the Old Testament, and Bible readers lack a willingness to see how we may be wrong about what we think is true. This was also the case during Jesus' time for the Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes, other sects and denominations. The Pharisees and others could not accept the true teachings of Christ today, nor during Jesus' time.

People talk about love and faith and believing in Jesus. Though the Pharisees said the same thing about Moses and Abraham, when it came to Christ's doctrines and teachings, they were in so much conflict that they wanted to trap Him, accuse Him, arrest Him and kill Him.

The same conflict arose between Christians and Romans, as the gospel of the kingdom spread. What was that conflict?

Romans just did not want to see the truth, because to do so, they would have had to change their minds and the way they thought. They did not want to repent.


The words doctrine and teaching are the same. The Greek verb διδάσκω is just about the only word in the New Testament used to produce the words teach or teachings or doctrines.

Some have said that Jesus did not find error in the doctrines of the Pharisees, but their teachings only.

To suggest that there is a difference between the concepts of teachings and doctrines, based on their translations into English words, is absurd, and it is not an example of reasoning, but of rationalization.

There is the Greek word παιδεύω or paideuo which appears as teach a few times, but it means to chastise. And there is the Greek word σωφρονίζω or sophronizo that appears as a verb and also as an adjective, which has to do with bringing one to their senses.

The Purpose of Sacrifice

Some have accused us of saying there was no sacrifice due to statements about sacrifice, altars, and the conflict between Pharisees and Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth.

No one is saying that "there was not a sacrifice." There was a sacrifice; from the beginning there were stone altars. Most of the time, the early texts mention of stone altars was about living stones. Living stones (living stone altars) had a purpose and a mission, in the early Church and in society. They provided an alternative to the welfare methods of Cain, Nimrod and the Caesars of the world.

Hebrew words have multiple meanings based on the letters or characters that produce the word. The words in a Hebrew phrase translated as "a gathering of stones," is also translated as a "gathering of friends," or men you trust. Here's another example: "killing a dove to make recompense for your sin." The Hebrew word for "dove" is the same word for a "piece of your estate." Yet the Pharisees believed they had to kill a dove, not give up a piece of their estate. The Bible does not need to be re-translated; you just need to understand the Hebrew language and its metaphors.

The word corban comes from the Hebrew word meaning sacrifice, which comes from the idea of drawing near. We have strayed from the character of God, by failing to love one another. That love, one for another, often means sacrificing for one another, particularly when regarding a sacrifice freely made. Whereas the Pharisees facilitated the straying from the character of God with their traditions, John, Jesus, Peter and Paul preached against what the Pharisees were teaching.

The civil government of the Romans had their own version of Corban (financial tribute to be paid). This is where a conflict arose between Christians practicing "private religion" and others who were active in the Roman government. The Romans outlawed such private religion because Christians refused to enroll in the Roman public religions. For them, to pay Roman tribute would have been saying that the State was their father - their benefactor. That was not the way Jesus told us to go.

Christian Conflict

Every day, modern Christians are doing what early Christians would never do. They do so because the doctrines, teachings and opinions of modern Christians, and Jews, are in conflict with the teachings of Christ. If you read our article on corban, you may realize that your nation's modern corban (also known as social welfare, or Social Security) is no different than that of the Pharisees.

As such, your nation's modern corban remains in conflict with Christ and His teachings. A conflict exists between being a Christian and following Christ, versus what the governments of the world have become. We call it the Christian conflict. Many will rationalize that there is no evidence; others would be willing to see this as truth and repent.

There is a world of evidence that modern Christians are under a strong delusion, and that their faith is false. Though they profess Christ and do great signs and wonders, they are actually workers of iniquity.[3] This is actually good news, because those with eyes to see and ears to hear still have time to repent and seek the Kingdom of God at hand.

But, alas, many are more in love with their personal doctrines, teachings and opinions than they are in love with the Truth, the Way and the Light, or the practice of the weightier matters of the law. Those people who like eating of the tree of knowledge want to believe either that the Bible is perfectly translated, or that they can study its text to uncover meaning.

Believing such is vanity.

Only the Spirit can reveal the truth, and He will only write upon hearts humble enough to receive that truth. No thing or book can reveal the Spirit. No mind can know God by its own efforts. Christ builds His Church upon revelation.[4]

Some Questions

God gives us the perfect way to know Him. Hebrews 10:16 "This [is] the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them;" This is just a continuation and repeat of Jeremiah 31:33 "But this [shall be] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people."

We cannot find our way back to the tree of life by eating of the tree of knowledge. Our intellect will not save us. God reveals Himself to those who will hear Him and follow Him.

The law is not done away with, but the Pharisees misunderstood the law. Moses and Christ were in agreement, but the Pharisees did not know Moses nor God nor Christ. I speak in general terms here, because of course some Pharisees repented, like Paul.

To repent means to change our minds. We cannot do so without God's Holy Spirit. What I write is not written to convince you of the truth, but to show you that false prophets and certain men crept in unawares so that we might become deceived by believing lies and falsehoods.

The law is not done away with; Christ taught a different understanding of it. If we learn more about the history and events of the time of Jesus, we might see that many today are doing what the Pharisees did, by wrongly applying Old and New Testament teachings. Certainly, the whole of the biblical text is not untrue; a clever lie can also include a lot of truth. This is what we have today: Many people study the Bible, and yet they miss some essential elements of the gospel, which are important to apply in their faith.

I studied Latin and Greek back in the early 60's. I learned the opinions of scholars and I sought to believe them. I also wanted to know the truth, sensing something was not right. When I was willing to admit I could not figure out what was wrong, God began to help me see.

The deal is, I must freely share with others, fast and pray. I am not here to prove anyone wrong or myself right. I am here to share, and bear witness.

The law says we should not covet. Peter says through covetousness we would be made merchandise.[5] Paul quotes David saying that what should have been for our welfare has become a snare.[6] Jesus tells us to pray to our Father in heaven[7] and call no man on earth Father.[8] Do not be like the rulers of the other nations who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority.[9]

Until we admit we need the Holy Spirit to help us ask the right questions, we will not get the right answers.

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