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Philosophy of Education -- Why is it an important document? To whom is it made available? Guidelines for developing your philosophy of education.

Testing -- How to complete achievement testing for your child. Should the Father's children be tested using a set of criteria which differs from that of the world?

School Schedule -- A discussion regarding the school session (time of day, seasons of the year, flexibility to allow interruptions, avoiding distractions, how to organize the school environment to promote successful learning).

Rules -- Basic rules; optional rules; frustrations children experience when they are bound to 'the rules'.

Learning styles -- A teacher's success (parents as teachers) depends upon wise choices. Discover the various learning styles, and choose what seems best for your child.

Balance -- 'Book learning' is balanced with real-life opportunities to learn the same thing. Complete education covers a broad spectrum of subjects (not simply the 4 Rs). Cultural exposure provides an outlet for integrating knowledge into meaningful experiences.

Graduation Requirements -- Defining 'graduation'. Who sets the requirements (parents)?

Private School -- Some States allow private schools, and these are distinguished in a new status, differing from homeschool.

Bible, homeschool and the law -- Discussion to clarify parental duties. Their duties include the duty of presenting truth to those who hope to replace the truth with popular (but unholy) opinion being presented in a civil government as "law". Applying principles of liberty, humility, love and honor. Recognition of pride, stubbornness and imbalance in homeschooling parents.


The Rev. Chad Vegas, a Bakersfield, Calif. pastor and longtime school board member, recently announced he was not going to run for re-election.

Pastor Vegas has made public two letters he sent to his church congregation.

  • You are a congregation that has graciously endured my often well-known public disputes regarding political issues. You have graciously allowed me to attempt to love my neighbor through that public service, while also being your pastor. ...
I am a Christian pastor above all else. I could not vote for these policies. I can not remain on a board to enforce these policies. I spoke out against the board voting for this. I called on them to realize that they will answer to God on this vote, and they should fear Him more than the state. I did not prevail.
I plan to address further my own personal realization that government education has been hijacked as a cause for the indoctrination of your children in nihilism, hedonism, and atheism. I will also address more my realization that I was naive not to think this was the only direction government education could go. I am not calling Christian teachers to abandon their posts. By all means, please keep being a light in a dark place as long as you ethically can. ... I can tell you after 12 years of sitting through meetings that public education means to indoctrinate your children in anti-Christian ideology....

He posted a follow-up today:

... your local schools. They mean to indoctrinate your children in their radical secularism. They mean to cause your children, and Christian teachers and administrators, to bow to their sex gods. I simply can’t be part of enforcing that.

It is now law in CA that your children must be taught how to have safe homosexual sex, how to obtain an abortion, and that gender does not correspond to biological sex. Think of that! It is legally required to teach your children the LGBTQ sexual mores while simultaneously illegal to mention God. I can’t and won’t enforce that foolishness.

I do not know how long Christian teachers and administrators can ethically continue. They will certainly need to increase in their wisdom as they navigate this new legal reality in our state. ...

We must wake up to the reality of where our state has headed. We must prepare the church to live as sojourners in a foreign land, a land that feels more foreign by the day.....

Mene, mene tekel upharsin. The handwriting is on the wall. California is only the start. The time to prepare for what’s coming is now. Fight in the public square as long as you can...


  1. On average, how much time does a parent need to devote to homeschooling an elementary school child per day?
  2. What resources are available to help a parent compare their family's curriculum to those in public and private schools?
  3. In the USA does a child have to complete a high school degree approved by the department of education in order to be accepted into a college or university? Would taking the GED test later on be a possible substitute?
  4. If the child is taught from a home made curriculum, without an outside grading agency, how do colleges measure their academic achievement?
  5. When are parents who wish to home school required to get approval from the state(When the child is how old)?
  6. Does the state require that you purchase an approved curriculum or can you design your own for their review.
  7. If a home curriculum is allowed, are the children still required to pass common core testing?
  8. What options are there for parents of children without numbers? Can online curriculum be purchased for those children as well?


Home School Mall

Cathy Duffy has been reviewing curriculum for the homeschooling community since 1984. She also reviews other resources she believes are important for those interested in homeschooling, education, the origins debate, and related political, and spiritual topics. This site features abbreviated reviews of Cathy's Top Picks from her latest book, 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, as well as more than a thousand reviews of other homeschool products.

102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Robinson Self-Teaching Home School Curriculum

Developed by a scientist and his six children

Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.

Very active and helpful Facebook page.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing

The best homeschool writing curriculum. Also search for any podcast and videos by Andrew Pudewa

Classical Conversations

For those that want more interaction with other homeschoolers and to be a part of a community. Does cost more than some. Best for those that live close to an established CC community.

"Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and [Find a Community Near You Community near you]."

Very active and helpful Facebook page with over 22,000 members.



Saxon Math Curriculum Grades K–12