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Praxis - Spend a year working at an amazing company and get a rigorous education and professional development program.

Derek Magill is an entrepreneur, lecturer, and Marketing Director of Praxis. He calls on people to exit politics and create alternatives.

Three Issues with College | Defining Randomness

Tucker Carlson talks with Isaac Morehouse of Praxis

Podcasts about Praxis

  • Tom Woods interviews founder of Praxis Youtube
  • Tom Woods interviews Derek Magill of Praxis: Can College Hold You Back? Youtube
  • Tom Woods interviews Zachary Slayback: The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom Youtube


Traditional education gives you the tools to conform to reality. Exosphere gives you the tools to transform it. - Online courses and certificates for the most in-demand cutting-edge software tools.






"Bitcoin as an industry is generating thousands of jobs and lots of start-ups that are doing very new and interesting things that have never been done before. And that means a lot to young people who are entering the workforce for the first time. That means that here are a set of skills that they can learn and gain from that will give them opportunities for employment...and that's really exciting. It's a bit like learning to develop an iOS application six or seven years ago or how to develop an HTML website 15 years ago. It's the kind of skills you can build and launch a career on."

— November 9, 2014: Andreas Anonopoulos describing the Master of Science in Digital Currency offered online to students worldwide by University of Nicosia in Cypress. Listen to entire interview.

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