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Recovery from Trauma

Most of mankind is suffering from some sort of disorder that results from trauma: Mental, Physical, Emotional Spiritual... which stem from social, environmental, actions and reactions, that bind to us like hidden chains which must be dragged until we are released, set free.

That release results in a recovery of our natural self before any trauma.

R. I must Recognize my inner pain and distress remains unidentified within the darkness of my own mind and heart.[1]

E. I must desire to Examine the source of my distress accepting the help of others.[2]

C. I must Choose to to hope so that hope may exist.[3]

O. I must Overlook the pain as a symptoms that keeps me from examining what gripping my life.[4]

V. I must Voluntary take some action toward helping others so that I may be helped.[5]

E. I am allowed to Enjoy the benefits of life and liberty as I mutual release the pain and suffering of others in the mercy and benevolence of righteousness.[6]

R. I may accept the Responsibility for my own recovery from trauma as I forgive others for their part.[7]

Y. I say Yes, to helping others knowing that it contributes to my own recovery but also theirs.[8]

The cultures and kingdoms of the world often offer means by which you may experience a form of relief from the effects of immoral, selfish and even unnatural practices. They foster iniquity through pride, and a slothful neglect of personal responsibility through an abundance of idleness.

What Christ was teaching was The Way to recovery from sin and its consequences, trauma. Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is the road to recovery for all the problems of the World but that journey begins with the examination and confession of our own inner problems and willingness to think a different way. Loving God and others is a key to recovery. To unchain ourselves we must first seek to free others.

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