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Saul had such a problem with depression once he had power that he tried to kill those who loved him and then killed himself. May people with depression do many things to kill themselves one tiny bit at a time.


These audio may help you understand why you have depression and if you join the Living Network we may be able to help you deal with many of these feelings and pains you are now experiencing.

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There are no studies that have proven that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Taking antidepressant drugs cannot not restore balance since there is no chemical imbalance to begin with that is the source of the problem. The feelings of depression are evidence of a problem.

The feeling of depression is not the real problem but is merely a symptom of a real problem.

Find the cause of the effect you are feeling.

Psychiatry Exposed Vol. 5 Dr. Irving Kirsch "The Placebo Effect" Time

Most prescriptions for antidepressants are written without any specific diagnosis by doctors. Antidepressants are among the most difficult drugs to get off of and by their nature create an Addiction. More difficult than alcohol and opiates. What is euphemistically called “discontinuation syndrome,” is really just chemical addiction withdrawal. That withdrawal can be fiercely debilitating physically and with severe psychological reactions. Antidepressants can cause violent side effects, including suicide and homicide. The truth is antidepressant can cause chemical imbalance in the brain.

The feeling of anxiety, phobias, OCD behavior or even panic disorders are seldom medical conditions and should not be treated with medication. They are emotional disorders which are the result of unresolved mental trauma. Medication actually can mask and prevent resolution while creating new problems.

Irving Kirsch: The Emperor's new drugs: Medication and placebo in the treatment of depression ...ore whatch 1:17: Time 1:21:54

Much of the feeling that medication is helping is the result of the placebo effect of taking the pills rather than the pills themselves. Some estimate that the placebo effect account for more than 80 percent of the positive effects. Dietary modifications can do the same and the side effects are actually beneficial to the over all health of the body itself.

Adding more healthy fats and less sugar, processed dairy, and excessive processed gluten. Taking some natural supplements like vitamin-B and probiotics or consuming them in certain foods can have a great balancing effect in the body and the mind. Reduction in exposure to toxins like fluoride or use of other drugs like Tylenol, statins, or even chemicals in cleaners.

Creating a routine of physical activity and modifying your approach to getting deep sleep along with Meditation can go along way to removing the symptoms of depression.

Ultimately you will need to deal with underlying emotional issues from the past that plague our present relationships and views. Forgiveness works but meditation and interaction with others can be a primary source of emotional progress.

Big Pharma funds fake science Time 5:01

We want to believe that medical science will fix us. The need to continue to believe that is an addiction in itself. It is an exercise of faith in something you think is greater than, smarter than, better than yourself.

While the medical establishment can help with many things your own body and mind is the key to good health. life is a journey and no one can take it for you but if you gather with others who care and love each other with no hope of personal gain the journey will certainly be more rewarding.

"It is the dead end of self-indulgence and our failure to create missions worth sacrificing for that has led to the epidemic of depression afflicting the Western world today." Guerric of the Mepkin Abbey

The best way to relieve the symptoms of depression is to start caring about others as much as yourself. Be willing to see the truth about yourself and the company of others who are walking the same journey with a destination to know the truth will set you free from your depression.

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