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Alternative Remedies that may assist individuals in dealing with Bipolar tendencies.

Oils and supplements

Fish Oil - 6 minute video - Joan Mathews Larson, PhD gives an example of a schizophrenia patient. Eating more fish that are heavy in omega-3s, such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines, or even consider taking omega-3 supplements. The fatty acids in these oils may have anti-inflammatory effects that may help regulate mood, according to some research.

Other supplements like B6 for dream recall, Zinc and Manganese may help. Look for any deficiency and examine your personal diet which may require series alteration.

Circadian rhythms

People with bipolar disorder may have interrupted circadian rhythms, which has to do with their daily biological clock. Resetting this internal clock may help improve bipolar management. Scheduling regimented sleeping and waking routine and the activities that surround sleeping times may include eating and exercise as well as timed exposure to periods of light and darkness as a part of a forced change in sleep habits.

Trauma release

Trauma release comes with a changing of the mind which was associated with the term Repentance. Actively remembering traumatic experiences, resolving issues of forgiveness to improve symptoms. This may include physical and mental exercises, meditation and prayer and fasting and service to others.

This may include things like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) which is a supervised program of eye movements, combined with actively remembering traumatic experiences, interaction with others establishing trust.

Actively helping others and providing the needs of others can help you change the way you think. This can be like Cognitive-behavioral therapy which teaches people to stop believing everything they think is true or actually what you think. Judgmental thinking leads to negative emotions that drive behaviors, and those behaviors reinforce the suspicion or false thoughts. You may need to take a proactive approach to working with others to alter patterns of thought and feelings and therefore actions. It requires self examination, personal contemplation, interactive conversation with some education to promote understanding, and participation in common work project.

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