Mysteries of the Universe

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Mysteries of the Universe


The universe is divided between light and darkness but darkness does not exist. It is merely the absence of light. So from one point of view there is no division and still from another there is.

But because creation, Nature and Nature's God hates a vacuum there is an undeniable effect of the presence of darkness, which is again merely the absence of light.

Light flows like wind and water and even fire. That flow constantly seeks to enter the darkness but because of choice the light may be resisted, blocked, denied but not without effect.


Darkness is associated with terms like hell and evil or chaos but also beasts and devouring of one another. These words are symbols of the conflict between light and darkness or good and evil which are the result of free choice.

There is choice.

There is free will.

But free will exists within the law of reality.

Evil is merely the absence of good as darkness is the absence of light and what we call sin is merely the evidence that darkness reigns in creation. But it only reigns where it can block out the light.

  • In quantum mechanics there may be multiple parallel dimensions. There may be an ability to tap into those dimensions or realms through the divine spark of the soul. If the soul's choice denies the light of one realm it may be drawn to the darkness of another realm dragging with it the spirit and body which is one of the Mysteries of the Universe.

Darkness and the creatures of creation that dwell in the shadows of darkness can only create more darkness or take the light which it will accept. That light has frequencies that the dwellers in evil cannot bear. That full light of creation is as hot coals upon its being.

The elements of the world that evil cannot bear is forgiving and giving, righteousness tempered with mercy, which makes the realm of evil a dog eat dog, covetous, take a bite out of you, rule one over another, place of death and destruction.

The conflict between these two realms pulls on all creation in hope and manifestation. The Hebrew word sacrifice come from the word meaning to draw near. The selfish heart draws near and is drawn to the realm of selfishness.

The creative nature of the choices in creation gives rise to a substantive universe in which all may dwell, both good and evil. While God is loving the evil of this world does not wish to share power.

The division of light and darkness produces choice and a by product of choice and an element of creation which gives rise to the elements of creation, substance which allows flow upon and within the earth of energy (fire), of breath (air), and of water which are the elements of this world we see and touch.

The choice is yours. You may choose to become compatible with the character or spiritual DNA[1] of the dwellers of light or the darkness in which case they can draw you near or even into their realm.

Choice is not made in the mind but in the Spirit and the mind is merely the surface or screen of the intellect upon which the evidence of choice is projected and perceived.

Control the mind and you control the body and evil is about control. Its spirit wants to control your power, your life. your wealth, and the very substance of your being in body and soul, which includes your right to choose.

You may choose to jump out of a plane but you may not be able to choose to jump back in once you have left the habitation of the plane.


In the darkness dwells those who will not accept the light. That habitation is a creation of and by choice when that which was created chooses to reject the light which is the only true reality. When we reject the light, the truth, we are drawn into the shadow of darkness where we are altered.

To imagine that the intellect or what some have called the tree of knowledge, and the physical DNA is all there is, causes us to live in darkness separated from the light of understanding and its source of life, sometimes called the tree of life, or the Holy Spirit.

To dabble in the ways of darkness, pride, envy (jealousy), gluttony (consumption), anger (wrath), greed (avarice or covetousness), sloth will distort our reality internally and externally.

The armor, or protection, or covering of the conscious creator comes with humility, kindness (compassion), patience (peace, mercy), diligence, (doer), charity (sacrifice), temperance (control of self, justice), chastity (honor and honesty).

We will be torn between two worlds and become subject to those who would rule over us, devour us, consume us. If we seek to rule others, covet others and their life we will become compatible with those who dwell in darkness and they will draw us into darkness, into the real, and habitation of unrighteousness.

Mystery Audio Files

What is the "veil" and how do we see what is on the other side of it?
We must humble ourselves before God and let him speak directly to us and reveal...
We must act in the name or character of Christ and take the light or revelation that is given to us to those places of darkness so that God will give us light more abundantly.
We will not be able to stop the law of God if we seek the right way of Christ.
It takes congregations gathering in his character for this opportunity to take place in a meaningful way and a network of doers and not just hearers in which Christ may dwell.
This way the kingdom within you may manifest and it will be on earth like it is in heaven. We need to get the physical to resonate with the spirit of God's way on this journey in a physical world.

Mystery of the veil

It's out there. Your spiritual song may vibrate "strings" that resonate and even help form and connect with an alternative, parallel reality where angels reside. What would you rather have, knowledge or understanding? What is better, science or revelation? Scientists and mathematicians are only just beginning to become aware of things that have been understood by men of God for millennia. There are realities that are seen and not seen, except by those who humble themselves before God and understand that it is futile to try and know it all, other that what God shows them. Then acting on the revelation they become like Christ and begin more and more to see another realm and reality that is all around - the very Kingdom of God.

Mysteries Audios

Mystery of the veil

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== Footnotes ==
  1. Energy misers and tyrants, Secrets to universal freedom, The image and Conduit of God, Nature and patterns of creation, Spiritual DNA and The patterns of destruction

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