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The Golem monster unnaturally born of greed and a lust for power became a person who could not die while it did the bidding of its creator. Audio 2014, audio 2 Contracts, Covenants & Constitutions book, audio 3.

The Golem (Hebrew: גולם‎ meaning ‘shapeless mass’) in Jewish folklore is a clay (or out of stone) monster who has no soul but can act like a person to do its master's bidding. But like Frankenstein monster, the corpus of the Golem can turn on its master and destroy him.

Golem is an anthropomorphic being created from clay, just like ancient contracts were written on clay tablets and baked to preserve the terms for the life of the agreement. They were sworn to by oaths to hold the parties captive to the agreement.

The word "truth", in Hebrew: Emet (אמת), written across his forehead of the Golem, activates the corpus of the Golem. By erasing the first letter aleph (א), Emet turns to Met (מת), meaning death, and the Golem is destroyed.

In Jewish legend this clay figure was brought to life by magic. Magic is not seen, but like a binding oath, it grants power where there was none before.

Ancient Assyrian contract.

A corporation in ancient times was established by a contract written in clay and sworn to by the creators. It did not die, as long as the clay contract existed and could go about as a person from generation to generation, living beyond the laws of nature. The corporation can also turn on its creators and become a monster or beast wandering about wreaking havoc and destruction.

All government formed by Contracts, Covenants or Constitutions may have a corporate nature to them, and like the Golem, they may become beasts without souls turning on the next generation without mercy.


The state as a corporation can grant the power to replicate corporations of the state. These corporations may eventually become powerful enough to control the state that created them.

One early Golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late-16th-century rabbi of Prague. There are many stories that carry the idea of a Golem-type creature brought to life by ambition and greed, but afterwards, they go out of control, destroying their creator like the Beast of Revelation. The essential elements remain much the same.

A corporation or cooperative is not evil in itself. But to give it the powers of a person, independent of the people who create it and give it life ... this creates an imbalance in society that may eventually wreak havoc.

Any consolidation of power and the power of choice is a dangerous thing. Learning to come together while remaining individuals with an individual right to your personal means of production requires forgiveness and unselfishness and a passion for truth and righteousness.

Nations in the past created voluntary governments with titular positions of leadership where all taxes were voluntary, day by day, and all rights to property passed from generation to generation. They did this by gathering in Free Assemblies of Tens.

Three Audio files
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Golem, a creature in Hebrew folklore that was created out of clay, and then animated. A Frankenstein analogy of a corporation. Part of the Free Justina. Conversation with Mosheh. Resist not evil.

Part of the Contracts, Covenants & Constitutions book.
Is the US constitution a biblical document or the ultimate imperial Golem?

Third hour in news series, emphasis on Ebola. Includes a part on Genetic engineering with pots and pans. Golem; Meta-physical parable for a corporation.

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