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Germ Theory vs Cellular Theory are not actually opposing theories except when it comes to the cause and cure of disease. There are germs and there are cells but most cells only get ill when something interferes with it or it is lacking somewhere in a the multifaceted immune systems.
A virus is defined as a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.
The Exosome Theory and the Virus Theory are not opposing theories either. Viruses are nothing more than exosomes which are protein envelopes of RNA (ribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) material and enzymes which act as catalysts.
Living cells produce and shed Exosome in vast numbers daily for a variety of purposes including exchange of information and detoxification. We call foreign exosomes that might produce harmful or toxic reactions in cells "viruses". Contact with a virus does not automatically cause disease.
A "foreign exosome" may include foreign and therefore misinformation that creates confusion in other living cells. If the "foreign exosome" are mistakenly replicated in a cell damage may occur. Your body may even recognize the "foreign exosome" as foreign RNA and DNA and turn off cells which creates other problems.
Disease occurs only when your cells are susceptible, unguarded, unprotected, or vulnerable and then also produce a reaction that produces symptoms that produces what we call "dis-ease".
We constantly are exchanging exosomes through close physical contact with other people and with animals.
Almost all "foreign exosome" from animals other than human cannot infect human cells even when they are in your body in every amount.
Some human exosomes may carry information from one human to another producing either a negative or a positive response.
Depending on the health of our cells and the human immune system we will become ill or healthier with a more robust immune system from exposure to exosomes.
If this is true, and it is, you not only can "catch" disease you can "catch" the cure in the form of exosome antibodies.
Aged people or people with compromised immune systems may have fewer of the cells that produce beneficial exosomes or impaired immune systems that have difficulty sorting out misinformation that protect their body.
 : PCR tests measure debris of RNA in your system, Your body will produce large numbers of exosomes when you are detoxing or are infected. Many of those exosomes will be destroyed during their functionary process creating more debris and give an appearance of an "infection" without other symptoms. There are 30 different tests and 10 different cutoff points in approved testing models. Testing may tell us something but it may produce false information just like "foreign exosome".
Almost no one dies from viruses, "foreign exosome". They may die from the symptoms created by the bodies over or improper reaction caused by misinformation and confusion in their own bodily symptoms. Or they may even die from the intervention in or interference with the natural systems by the introduction of powerful drugs, toxic foods etc.

Replicating exosomes

Mammals, including Humans produce and exchange human exosomes by the billions everyday. That is a good thing and keeps society in some kind of good health.

A virus is an exosome, usually with foreign RNA or DNA, that can generate an immune response. That response produces symptoms we call disease.

Healthy immune systems handle the virus with no ill effects.

Don't be an immunity denier.

“A study by John P A Ioannidis of Stanford University — according to the Einstein Foundation in Berlin one of the world’s ten most cited scientists — showed that immunity against Sars-Cov-2, measured in the form of antibodies, is much higher than previously thought... When the initial worst case scenarios didn’t come true anywhere... As an immunologist I trust a biological model, namely that of the human organism, which has built a tried and tested, adaptive immune system.”

Dr. Beda M Stadler, director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern Switzerland, a biologist and professor emeritus.

We have tried to give some perspective to viruses, the media hype, and political pandering and opportunists that has produced a mass hysteria concerning viral pandemics at: http://preparingyou.com/wiki/Coronavirus

Viruses are real, but how they work and what they do and what you can do about them is also real.

Saving the herd

Back in February researchers estimated that 85 to 90% would show little or no symptom because the natural immune system will protect most people. Less than 5% will develop severe symptoms from which most will recover.

Where testing for antibodies have been done far more people are already immune and did not even know. Doctors have been using antibodies from immune people who have already had COVID and recovered.

To make the people who are producing antibodies ware masks is foolish because they are literally shedding the cure.

If you know someone who had it already and recovered you should not make them ware face masks.

A virus is defined as a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses are replicated in the cell through the same process that an exosome is replicated because your body recognizes the virus and lets it into the cell by mistake. As your cell begans to replicate the virus other cells may recognize this error and produce other exosomes to attack the viruses you just reproduced. They also may release other exosomes that will turn off the cells that are replicating the virus. If many cells began replicating the exosome/virus before the body begins to turn off those cells symptoms of illness may occur.

The Exosome Theory and the Virus Theory are not opposing theories either. Viruses are nothing more than exosomes which are protein envelops of RNA (ribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) material and enzymes which act as catalysts.

Living cells produce and shed Exosomes in vast numbers daily for a variety of purposes. We call foreign exosomes that might produce harmful or toxic reactions in cells "viruses". Contact with a virus does not automatically cause disease.

Disease occurs only when your cells are susceptible, unguarded, unprotected, or vulnerable and begin to replicate foreign Exosomes because of misidentification. Reproducing a foreign Exosome is like repeating a lie and the more cells that do that in your body the more toxins may be produced when your body fights back. It is your reaction that produces a cytokine storm that manifests symptoms of disease.

Slowing this process may be essential to prevent severe illness or even death. This is why hydroxycloroquine with zinc and Ivermectin and other steroids worked so well as a therapeutic for COVID and so many other diseases.

A cytokine storm

A cytokine storm, also called hypercytokinemia, is a physiological reaction in humans and other animals in which the innate immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokines. Normally, cytokines are part of the body's immune response to infection, but their sudden release in large quantities can cause multisystem organ failure.

The larger the original dose of viral infestation or inoculation there will be a greater possibility of cytokine storm that can produce severe illness or even death to those in poor health.

Masks worn during the first stages of infection will increase the inoculating load of the virus/exosomes you just replicated in your own body. As you breath those replicated viruses/exosomes back into your lungs because you have a mask on you are increasing the inoculation of the virus in your system along with additional debris that will increase the risk of secondary infection during a cytokine storm.

This has likely been a major contributor to the severe cases among healthcare workers.

We constantly are exchanging exosomes through close physical contact. Depending on the health of our cells and their immune system we will become ill or healthier with a more robust immune system.

If this is true, and it is, you not only can "catch" disease you can "catch" the cure in the form of exosome antibodies which your body also produces and can be produced by others. The young healthy body replicate the exosome and antibodies by the billions and they can pas from one to another the same as the virus. This is part of the natural herd immunity which is not just that people will stop the spread but may actually spread their immunity.

Doctors infect sick people with antibodies from someone who recovered which which are reproduced in vast numbers of COVID recovered patience. They are not only in your blood but in saliva and can be expelled when you breath just like viruses. Remember, viruses and antibodies are both just protein envelops of RNA (ribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) material and enzymes. They only have an effect when the host replicates that protein envelops.

Exosomes are replicated all over the body for a variety of reasons and functions. They are in your saliva, and in your blood and on your skin. They are in all your body fluids and you share them all the time with every touch and breath. [1]

There is big money behind vaccinations and pharmaceutical industry but their is only common sense behind real health. Don't be a immunity denier.

Antigens are molecules that stimulate a wide variety of immune responses. Antigens may come in many forms and have a variety of carriers. Antigen is any substance that is capable of stimulating an immune response, specifically activating lymphocytes like white blood cells. They may be foreign antigens (heteroantigens) or autoantigens (self-antigens).

Antigens may include molecules found on invading microorganisms. They may be on the surface of exosomes like viruses, but also bacteria and even protozoans, and fungi but also be on other foreign substances, such as pollen, dust, or transplanted tissue.

Antibodies are produced by B cells of the immune system in response to exposure to antigens. Exosomes are formed when certain endosomes, fuse with the plasma membrane and are released into the extracellular environment and may include what we call antibody markers. Exosomes also act as a source of antigens to activate T and B cells. They are produced in the endosomal compartment of most eukaryotic cells. The multivesicular body (MVB)is an endosome defined by intraluminal vesicles(ILV) that bud inward into the endosomal lumen. When the MVB fuses with the cell surface, these ILV vesicles or envelops are released out of the cells. At the point of release they become exosomes because they have exited the cell.

Exosomes are considered to be vehicles of antigen delivery. The localization of antigen proteins, i.e., whether they lie on the outer surface or inner surface of exosomes, might affect antigen presentation after exosomes are taken up by antigen-presenting cells; however, little is known about the importance of this phenomenon.

Cell signalling

While it is a cytokine reaction that is the source of most illness there is a danger produced by the S1 protein found on the corona virus is also contained in these shots which are trying to get your body to produce the S1-p with the mRNA.

Scientist have known since 2020 there is a cell signalling may cause other dangers to the health of the body by merely touching certain types of cells.

The S1 protein appears to be able to reactions in heart, lung, blood and fertility issues.

The dangers of the S1 protein contained in these injections, by itself, which may cause both long term and short term effects to the heart, liver, lungs, and other organs, is laid out in the NHI funded study produced at Georgetown University by a team of top scientists outlining "The Possible Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccines" back in in 2020. Yet, the government, news and, social media have ignored the science and/or have also conspired to keep this vital warning and information from the public while promoting even pressuring young people to take an unnecessary and clearly dangerous vaccine.


T-cell immunity

Studies show that 28% of Americans had T-cell memory to produce antigens before the virus arrived because of past corona viruses experience. It has been known for over a decade that the most vulnerable could be taking combinations of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc along with other immune systems supplements and enhancers to prevent both the spread of or serious infection from a SARS COVID type virus. HCQ or Ivermectin have been used to slow the progression of the virus and Asthma inhalers with steriods have also been able to relieve labored breathing.

There is a role for exosomes as potential therapeutic agents being used by medicine now. Nature has been doing that from the beginning.

Maybe that is why the early Church kept talking about that "Holy kiss"?[2]

The Whole Truth

The human body, like all other animals, is composed billions of living things. Like society they either work together to perpetuate the life of the whole or they will end up warring against one another to the destruction of all.

All those cells, including those both foreign and domestic, must work together and communicate for a common purpose of the life of the whole or perish in the gainsaying.[3]

The body communicates through multiple systems using chemicals like hormones, through touch of cilia, or even electrical impulses through nerves or even individual cells directly or through cells and exosomes that float and flow through the highways and byways of the body.

Your body may certainly replicate foreign exosomes but that is and should be extremely rare. Normally, your body would not be effected by these foreign exosomes which we are exposed to great numbers whenever we are in contact with any other living creature.

Exosomes are simply tiny containers of what is often classified as RNA with key like protein spikes that may signal and unlock certain cells for a variety of purposes. They are all a part of your cell society communication in your own body and can shed or secrete to other people as a part of the whole of humanity.

Even animals in a symbiotic relationship with other animals or people may share information that is often beneficial to the whole of life in this remarkable realm of life. Just as some creatures spread poisons they may also share things that may become toxic to others. Without getting into the spirit of life we can see patterns of toxicity and comfort repeated throughout nature.[4]

The exchange between the same species and different species can be good and symbiotic. Your relationship with those around you may become toxic or a blessing. You can literally pass immunity to other people once you have overcome something in your own body which now knows not to replicate toxic exosomes. Our bodies can replicate other human RNA where we may pick up immunity and can turn on things in your body that will keep you safe.

We should not and normally do not replicate most foreign DNA nor RNA nor stimulate an immune response. We don't get sick because of exposure. We remain healthy because are body works together with all the cells and mechanisms which provides a robust immune systems. This is because our cells know who they are and because our cellular communication is capable and is smart enough to keep us safe from most toxins whether chemical, viral, bacterial, or electrical.

Some people’s cells are or become confused, rebellious, or even overwhelmed by or for a variety of reasons. Our body should not replicate most foreign DNA nor RNA but occasionally it does for reasons or events that interfere with normal cell signaling.

It is almost impossible to get sick from physical external exposure to a virus unless there other factors. First, your body has to replicate a virus in your own body to produce enough of the virus to have an effect on the millions of cells. It is those replicating cells that will eventually produce what appears as an illness.

It is not the virus, foreign exosome, that produces the symptoms of illness. It is your own system that attacks those renegade or retarded cells that should know not to replicate that foreign exosomes. When those confused cells do produce foreign elements other cells in your body recognize this confusion and proceed to turn off the cell in our body that have gone rogue.

If to many are turned off to quickly you may begin to feel ill effects. When to many cells are turned off and die faster than your system can dispose of them foreign bacteria may begin to feed on the dead tissue creating secondary problems and symptoms. The body may become so disrupted in this process that organ failure produces death.

There are many things you may choose to help your body through the shedding of those damaged cells. Just relieving the discomfort of those symptoms is not the way to approach good health and may actually create more confusion and toxins in your body.

Certainly, vaccines, drugs, new chemicals in our environment and diets and even electrical waves can cause confusion in the complex systems of our bodies. These are certainly all elements of health to consider if you have faith in the majesty of your being as created life form among others.

There is also the sympathetic and hypnotic subjectivity of the mind, the power of emotions and the spirit that guides them both that can also disrupt the healthy body. People just see someone throw-up and they start getting nauseous. We have seen children throw up just because someone is talking about it. Fear and anger make thoughts and ideas contagious just as laughter and love may be contagious.

There were lots of plagues among men and animals tracked across the landscape of humanity and the animal kingdoms long before electrification, radio waves, modern medicine, and vaccinations. Many factors and elements can contribute to modern plagues, disease, and miladies and our vulnerability to them.

Modern medicine has a very narrow focus on the complexities of life. They know little about toxic or good diets, the degenerative nature of negative emotions, and the suggestibility of people nor the myriad of things that can cause disruption in the human health other than what their narrow focus already is telling them.

The failures of the modern medical system’s and their fervent but false faith of their medical arts that has bound them in the prison of their own vanity and pride cause them and their followers to sit in darkness away from the whole truth. Those who are waking up and question the narrative need to approach that ignorance of those believers with love and compassion. If we do not with forgiveness and love we may be infected with that same pride and close our own minds to the whole truth.


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You can accept false information and repeat it just the same as your body can accept false information that is invalid for your body. False information is the definition of a lie.

Romans 1:25 "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."

Replicated in the dark

A virus could evolve in nature and also have been lab influenced or altered. No lab starts from scratch. The COVID virus might be more vulnerable to sun light since bats are nocturnal.

Viruses are all vulnerable to sun light because of the wider range of light frequencies from the sun. Viruses that spread in dark places are often more sensitive to sun light. Spreading the virus is not the big danger.

Most people exposed will not get sick or show any serious ill effects to COVID.

Viruses are not like bacteria. They cannot reproduce themselves Once the exit the cell where they are replicated their existence will be limited by the environment. They are very small and vulnerable with little or no protection and cannot reproduce themselves.

Virus do not really "do well" anywhere on their own.

Your body either replicates it or it doesn't. If your body does not replicate the virus then the virus will do little to nothing to you.

You breath in foreign viruses all the time and nothing happens to you. The virus that leads to illness has to have a protein spike that your body thinks is human enough or thinks it is a part of your own system so that it lets the virus in a cell and then tries to replicate it like it does with all the other millions of exosomes your body produces everyday.

If your body starts to replicate this foreign exosome one part of your immune system may turn off the offending cell once it is detected that your cells are replicating foreign RNA. If this foreign RNA exosome produces a toxic reaction we call it a virus, meaning "poison". Your immune system may also produce exosomes to attack the virus or notify other cells to stop accepting the virus. Some of your exosomes may attach themselves to the virus to prevent it from entering another of your cells for replication. That whole immune reaction or process may produce a cytokine storms that produces damaged cells which may lead to bacteria infection and other damage.

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