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Fungus - Link to Sickness/Disease? Examples

FUNGUS AND SICKNESS - Like a hand in a glove! - KNOW THE CAUSE
1:01::41 min

"Just today, several research papers were presented that linked fungus to diet and natural supplements to fungal relief! Of course, the publishers had no idea that they were supporting my work, but they were! Join me live today at 3PM Central Time and learn how very smart people reach conclusions that indirectly confirms a fungus link to disease!" - From YouTube vid at right ==>

1. CDC Says Think Fungus: Fungal Disease Awareness Week Oct 1st 2018 (Video duration - 2:17 min)
2. CDC Says "Think Fungus"…So should I think Antifungal (Video duration - 1:15::36 min)
3. Neutralize Toxins Naturally - KNOW THE CAUSE - 1st Episode (10073) (Video duration - 28:29 min)
4. Is Fungus The Cause of Infectious Diseases? - KNOW THE CAUSE (Video duration - 23:47 min)
5. What Causes Cancer? - Doug Kaufmann on KNOW THE CAUSE (Video duration - 25:00 min)
6. Fungus & FAT - LIVE Q&A With Doug Kaufmann on KNOW THE CAUSE (Video duration - 53:53 min)
7. Candida / Fungus 101 - KNOW THE CAUSE (Video duration - 23:47 min)

Antibiotic Overuse - Link to Fungal Growth/Ill-Effects? Examples

Antibiotic Overuse and Long Term Mental illness - KNOW THE CAUSE
2:32 min

"Individuals being treated with antibiotics are at higher risk of fungal infections. Individuals with weakened immune systems are also at risk of developing fungal infections.

"This is the case of people with HIV/AIDS, people under steroid treatments, and people taking chemotherapy. People with diabetes also tend to develop fungal infections. Very young and very old people, also, are groups at risk. Although all are at risk of developing fungal infections, the likelihood is higher in these groups." - Mycosis Causes

1. Misdiagnoses and Antibiotics - KNOW THE CAUSE - 1st Episode (9820) (Video duration - 28:31 min)
2. Antibiotic Resistance - KNOW THE CAUSE - 10/17/2017 A (Video duration - 24:23 min)
3. Antibiotics and Cancer? - The Flu Shot - KNOW THE CAUSE - 5/2/18 B (Video duration - 24:23 min)
3. Eliminating Candida & Fungi By Starving it | KNOW THE CAUSE of Diseases (Video duration - 23:56 min)

Fungus - Link to Mycotoxicosis/Mycosis? Examples

Does Fungus Cause Human Disease? - KNOW THE CAUSE
24:00 min

"Mycotoxicosis is toxin production by a fungi growing on foodstuffs which is then ingested causing disease." - Mycotoxicosis

"Mycosis is a fungal infection of animals, including humans. Mycoses are common and a variety of environmental and physiological conditions can contribute to the development of fungal diseases. Inhalation of fungal spores or localized colonization of the skin may initiate persistent infections; therefore, mycoses often start in the lungs or on the skin.

"Fungal infections of the skin was the 4th most common disease in 2010 affecting 984 million people. An estimation of 1.6 million people die each year of fungal infections." - Mycosis

1. Hidden Parasites - KNOW THE CAUSE - 1st Episode (9866) (Video duration - 28:21 min)
2. Is Bacteria Or Fungus To Blame? KNOW THE CAUSE 9/20/2018 (Video duration - 23:22 min)

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