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"Dr. Hal Huggins presents a breakout session at the 2014 Spring IAOMT Conference on 'How Dentistry Can Stop Recycling Lyme Disease - 2014's # 1 Disease" (YouTube Vid Duration - 53:13 min)

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Stop-gap Measures That Have Worked for Me (feel free to add your experiences)

Can't sleep due to a Lyme flare-up? Try coffee. I'd found a tick at my beltline with the atypical bullseye. At some point during the night I realized I couldn't sleep due to my body aching so, and, thinking that walking around and doing stuff could distract from what I was feeling, I decided to get up. Having not realized much in the way of relief by sometime before sunrise, hand so still not able to sleep, I decided to have a cup of coffee to help me stay awake. Within roughly 20-30 minutes the aching I'd been feeling and dealing with throughout the night began fading, and before not much longer it all had subsided enough to not only go to bed, but to remain utterly asleep until waking when fully rested. Since that time of around 2002 (so, 16 years as of this writing), I've used coffee every time when my Lyme has flared, and each time it's worked similarly. - Nitsan-Parach


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