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Dr. Royal R. Rife

Dr. Royal R. Rife was a decorated scientist that invented a new type of microscope that used light frequencies at low energy levels. It was able to observe functioning viruses. This led to experiments upon parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses, using square wave frequencies to kill or devitalize these agents of disease.

He conducted tests in 1934 at the Scripps Ranch in California under a special research committee from the University of Southern California. Sixteen patients with cancer were treated with a plasma tube device Dr. Rife had developed. Within a few months, 14 were pronounced cured. The two remaining were pronounced cured within the next 60 days.

Due to unfounded patent infringement claims against Rife's designs a court order was issued to prevent him from announcing his discovery to the world. Dr. Johnson, a trusted friend and leader in the Southern California AMA arranged a press conference to reveal to the public these monumental discoveries of Dr. Rife. The next morning he was dead. The press conference never took place. Later, Federal agents discovered that he had been poisoned.

Rife's laboratory mysteriously burned, records went missing and his microscopes began to disappear. Rife had known men high up in government during W.W.I. Whether this was an asset or a liability J. Edgar Hoover for one knew Rife and his work. Rife continued to be plagued with bogus lawsuits. He eventually fled the country.

Three Basic Aspects

  • Rife devices with frequency generators and electrode pads utilize three basic aspects:
    • current
    • voltage
    • square waves

My own experience

I am not a doctor nor can I prove that any of this equipment works. I have heard personal testimony of miraculous cures of cancer and other maladies.

My own experience with this technology included as a witness. A number of years ago I met several men at a Church retreat. While traveling home they stopped here to stay the night. We discovered we had many common interests in science and my own personal interest in the fundamental relationship of frequency to all things.

They told me of Rife and said lets build a Rife Blaster. Next thing I knew we were opening up my expensive 4 MHz IBM clone, and cutting speaker wires, and digging out an old Radio Shack amplifier. They had the Rife Blaster program, which was nothing more than GWBasic running through the frequencies on timed pulses of your choice.

Laughing and joking, these mad scientists finally had it done and they looked about for a guinea pig.

I was volunteered.

I had trouble off and on for more than ten years with pain in my wrist when lifting anything in a vertical position. The situation was now chronic and plagued me with excruciating pain at work and even when I tried to pick up my infant son. I was in pain several times a month and was learning to hammer with my left hand.

Well, I had opened my mouth and there was no going back. They hooked up the two pads made from the sides of an old toaster and connected them with wires robbed from a broken washingvmachine.

We had covered them with old washclothes wrapped around a sponge, and dampened them with salt water.

With the left hand on one pad and the right on the other... they ran through a series of frequencies [bank 2]for a total of about 20 minutes. There was no pain or discomfort in the process except for a tingling feeling.

There was some joking as they pretended to reach for the volume knob on the amplifier but the whole thing was rather uneventful.

It was the next day before someone asked me how my wrist was. I noticed there was no pain in any position. Eighteen years later I still have not had another bout with the tendinitis that had constantly pained me. I work outside and swing hammers and labor with my hands for a living.

I can only guess that some sort of micro parasite was causing inflammation in my wrist where work had damaged the tissue. The parasite was preventing healing. I have seen reports where testing of Rife frequencies on 1/2 of cultures not only killed the unshielded side, but retarded the growth of the culture from the shielded untreated side into the now sterile treated side.

In any case I was convinced that benefit could be derived from this technology and I still have the original computer and radio shack amplifier.

Claims of beneficial frequencies and ones that assumedly devitalize parasitic organisms including viruses are rampant, but without extensive testing individuals must take the responsibility for the way in which they apply this technology. Seek out as much information as you can before trying anything.

Caution and responsible, consideration and study are essential to making an informed decision regarding your health. If the frequencies do what they appear to do they may release into the blood stream poisons and drugs taken many years before. If they began to kill parasites the body will try to flush the system. Flu like symptoms may result. Do not rush into anything that may affect your health. Proceed with great caution.

Drinking lots of water and juices may help. A cleansing diet and/or enemas may be valuable to the health of the body. It is considered that the body is already under attack when you began to experiment with galvanic stimulation and frequency technology.

Caution should be exercised at all times

This information is shared for your contemplative examination.

And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. Luke 5:31

The Frequency of life

Every living thing produces frequencies. Every strand of DNA receives and reacts to frequencies. DNA and Epigenetic DNA is a part of the frequencies in living creatures. We generate frequencies with our attitudes and emotions. If we are angry or afraid, selfish and unforgiving we will effect both our Spiritual and physical DNA.

Abandonment, Trauma and sin, which is falling short of what we were meant to be, can disrupt the healing process of the body. Spiritual DNA is the pattern of our mind and heart that can both heal or harm us.

The righteousness of God, the desire to give life in humble sacrifice produces a harmonious frequency but covetous practices, to bite your neighbor to obtain benefits at their expense, all of which is a desire to take life and the antitheses of the name of Christ, devitalizes the soul and takes understanding from the mind and compassion from the heart.

The mind of Christ can keep you well. The frequencies produced in our bodies, in every cell of our being, is the result of humble repentance by following the way of Christ.

Unforgiveness and judgment keeps us from healing and our inability to see what we have hidden in the darkness of our own hearts keeps us from healing and from life.

This is why we should learn to be still and know the truth about our selves. Confession and forgiveness, fasting from judgment and resentment can make room in our hearts for love and the life of Christ.

Seeking the kingdom of God and the deep things of God's righteousness often will include meditation

Information only. No advise intended.

Public Domain - Information Regarding frequencies & frequency banks common frequencies Should not be considered as medical advice:

Frequency Banks

List of common frequencies:

20, 120, 690, 727, 787, 800, 880, 1570, 2008, 2128.

  • Numbered Banks
      1. - 20, 120, 727, 787, 880.
      2. - 20, 120, 800, 880, 1560.
      3. - 400,660,727,1500.
      4. - 20, 600,727,740, 2000.
      5. - 20, 625,659,727,1800.
      6. - 690,1570,2008, 2128.
      7. - 20, 727, 776, 787, 880.
      8. - 20, 727, 787, 880, 1550.
      9. - 20, 80,120,500, 1600.
      10. - 20, 622, 660, 727, 787, 880.
      11. - 20, 660,727,784,787,880.
      12. - 727, 787, 800, 880, 2489.
      13. - 120, 666, 690, 727, 1840, 1998.
      14. - Complete Frequency set

5k and 10k are considered restorative.

Associations Numbered Banks


  • The association of possible benefits reported by Dr. Rife and John Craneare are not proven medical fact.
    • antiseptic, chicken pox, duodenal ulcer - 1, 13.
    • asthma, diphtheria, ptomaine poisoning, scarlet fever, streptococcus, insects bites, infection, carbuncles, bursitis, bronchitis - 1.
    • arthritis, dysentery, jaundice, kidney, gall bladder, drug addiction, flu, blood, gout, lupus, migraine, parasites, pneumonia, goiter, - 2.
    • osteoarthritis, tetanus, poliomyelitis - 3.
    • leprosy - 4.
    • hives, inflammation, melancholia, syphilis, urticaria - 5.
    • cancer, tumor, polyps, growths, leukemia, typhoid fever - 6.
    • ulcers, bronchopneumonia - 7.
    • cold sores, herpes, shingles, tuberculosis, water blisters - 8.
    • glaucoma, bubonic plague - 9.
    • gonorrhea -10.
    • streptothrix, urethritis - 11.
    • aids - 12.
    • antibiotic - 13.
    • general 14.

Experimentation - Resonant Frequencies

1. In general, the frequencies pass through the path of least resistance. Paths may be:

A. Directly between the electrodes.
B. Along acupuncture meridians.
C. Through conductive body fluids: blood.
2. Experimentation, therefore, is a matter of knowledge and common sense. i.e.: an organism circulating the blood would be best encountered at a place in which the blood circulates in quantities. Some have tried using electrodes on:
A. The feet, for legs, feet and crotch.
B. The arms, through the arms/chest area.
C. The buttocks, through the lower abdominal area.
D. The back, through the chest area.
E. On surface lesions, for infected area.
F. On either side of the neck, or throat.
G. On both cheeks, to resonate  mouth .
H. On either side of the stomach, to resonate microbes in the stomach and intestine area. [Caution there are beneficial bacteria in these areas as well as harmful ones. Consider eating yogurts and live cultures that restore them.]
I. On either side of the nose, in order to resonate microbes in the sinus area.
J. One electrode wire split off to two electrodes on the arms, and the other split off to two electrodes on the feet, in order to resonate microbes residing below the neck.

3. Several application methods have been tried using stainless steel electrodes:

A. covered with separate damp cloths
B. submerged in separate pans of warm Epsom salt water.

IMPORTANT: Do not touch or mix black and red wire electrodes together in pan. This may cause damage to your machine. 4. Some methods used by experimenters:

A. 5 minutes per frequency, with several or all suspect frequencies being used.
B. Several frequency applications per day in the case of microorganisms that would normally "run their course" die out in several weeks or less on their own.
C. 3 to 5 minutes per freq. once every third day for 60- 90 days on microorganisms that will not die out on their own.

Experimenters do not realize that it may take 60 to 90 days to reach most or all targeted microorganisms with an experimental system. 5. Several sources that may help are:

A. John F. Crane's Polarity Research Manual.*
B. Acupuncture books with meridian charts.
C. Literature regarding electrode placement of galvanic stimulators.