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Web Sites For Health and Prevention and Useful Information

Editor Notes: Work in progress more to come

If you choose to use any information from these web sites and pages it should be with the understanding that what works for one soul may not work for another. The factors to consider are that we are physical beings and are subject to our environments. We have different genetic make ups, soils in one area may contain trace minerals that another area doesn't, same types of food from different food sources can contain an ingredient that may help or cause further discomfort. Unnatural food additives can sometimes cause ill effects when combined with certain foods. Though we are physical beings we also have spiritual aspects. Simple changes in our mental attitude can make big differences. More can be stated and addressed later.

Note: Many sites have search boxes that can make your information seeking easier and some sites may have changed or expired.

Most Web Sites Have Search Boxes For More Good Info

Allopathy depicting many results and much information [1] [2] [3] [4]

Good bowel health makes good body health [5]

Bacteria and roles carried out for good health [6]

Fiber and maintaining good gut health [7]

Food additives bad for brain cells [8]

What is in most commercial sodas and pickled products [9]

How wheat is slowly killing millions of people [10]

Egg storage and handling [11]

USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret: Neotame [12]

Inventing sweeteners - Meet neotame, the cousin of aspartame [13]

The Other 26 Sweeteners [14]

More sugar info [15]

Natural health site [16]

Salt [17]

Most common food condiments [18]

Why is MSG bad and what other names is it hidden under? [19] [20]

P2 Peanut butter [21]

Food fraud warning: Pomegranate juice, olive oil, seafood may not be what they seem [22]

The 10 worst toxins hidden in vitamins, supplements and health foods [23]

The Hidden Formaldehyde In Everyday Products [24]

Beware of hidden toxin sources in new clothes - Always wash them before wearing [25]

Alternative to poisonous dryer sheets [26]

Foods high in nutrients [27]

Mercury via vacinations [28]

Marketing food ploys to deceive [29]

Health problems associated with Modern Wheat [30]

Dental Information

Campaign for Mercury Free Dentistry [31]

Dental health Mercury fillings [32]

History [33][34]

Healthy Smiles for Life [35]

Holistic Dental Association [36]

Huggins Applied Healing [37]

International Academy [38]

International Association of Facial Growth Guidance (Orthotropics) [39]

Natural dentistry [40]

Wikipedia Dentistry [41] and Holistic Dentistry [42]

Fluoride Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay-But THIS Does! [43]

GMO Foods

All natural, GMO, Food babe video, good info and web site [44]

Huge List of Genetically Modified Grocery Frankenfoods [45]

The top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn [46]

Non GMO Food Companies With Printable List Of Brands [47]

Food additives and more [48]

Videos on GMO [49]

Non GMO Foods

You must log in to see list [50] Center for Food Safety [App available for pocket 'microwave'][51]}

Fermentation and Emzymes

Homemade pickles [52]

Fermented foods can bring you back to life [53]

Welcome to the Wild Fermentation Portal [54]

More info [55]

Videos for DIY [56]

Kefir [57]

DR Bergman Health issues healed with fermentation [58]

Importance of enzymes [59]


How to Brew Kombucha — Double Fermentation Method [60]

Kombucha KommUnity [61]

Kombucha Kamp [62]

Stress and Meditation Plus re-programing your mind and habits Information

Meditation outperforms psychiatric drugs [63]

The Island Where People Forget to Die [64]

Breathing for health [65] [66]/wiki/Buteyko_method

Re-programing the brain [67] [68]

Brain, Probiotics, immunity and social interaction [69]

Reprogramming Your Brain: The Solution for Depression and Bipolar Disorder [70]

Effect of thoughts on healing [71]

Pregnancy, Child birth, Natal

Helpful site for natural birthing [72]

General Health Sites

Weston Price good health resource[73] Probiotics, good bacteria and more [74]

Arthritis can be cured naturally [75]

12 ways to get rid of the flu – naturally [76]

Divine Cancer Mathematics [77]

Home remedies help restore your health after eating GMO foods [78]

"What's the secret to learning about herbs, home remedies and staying healthy?" [79]

Cancer - Step Outside the Box [80]Lymph boosting [81]

Cancer - more info [82]

Educating Instead of Medicating [The Cure Zone] [83]

Organized Wisdom [Carolyn Dean MD ND] [84]

Multiple Sclerosis [85]

natural artery cleansing [86]

Natural cures [87]

One mans longevity advice [88]

Good general info [89]

Eyes - Cataracts [90]

UV light [91]

Nail Fungus [92] note: click on site links to go to next pages for full info

Importance of Alpha Lipoic Acid related to Diabetes and Alzheimer's [93]

good info for most people to get well[94]

cell phone and other radiation symptoms of ill health [95]

Healthy bones [96]

Healthy teeth [97]

12 reasons to avoid Soy [98]

Dangers of over use of Aspirin [99]

Deliciously organic [100]

Vitamin therapy via information from DR Klenner [101]

Herbal Recipes, and Health Info for Healing and Cleansing

Detoxifying heavy metals and more [102] Detox cautions and more important information [103]

Uses of boron and diatomaceous earth [104][105]

Spider Bites and detox of conditions insect related [106]

Burn remedy [107]

Scalp and Hair care [108]

Tumeric health benefits [109]

Dealing with detoxing Floride [110]

triggering natural healing and weight loss [111]

Gout [112]

Uses of celery [113]

Uses of lemons [114]

Cancer [115] [116]

Pine Needle uses [117]

Aloe uses [118]

Herpes and other viruses [119]

What is in your water? [120]

Coconut oil uses [121]

Bone Broth Info:[122]

Bone Broth, Making your own:[123]

Plants for healthy home air

14 Plants that Clean Your Indoor Air of Toxic Chemicals [124]

19 Plants [125]

Uses for plantain [126]

Five amazing herbs [127]

Gardening naturally

Mycorrhizea [128]

Agriculture Modern/Ancient [129]

Drugs, Meds, Vaccines and More

Natural home made Bug repellent [130]

Truth about sun screens [131]

Lower Medical bills, illness prevention [132]

Big pharma has a new profit plan for the next generation [133]

The whooping cough vaccine proves to be ineffective [134]

Vaccines. Where is the reality? [135] [136] [137]

Medication dangers, and natural healing and much more [138]

How to understand fevers [139]

Baking soda amazing natural med [140]

Lobelia, lockjaw other uses [141]

colloidal silver, This is for info only. You can find much info for CS and generators. This is a pricey unit in this link and there are various units with lesser prices. [142]

Diatomaceous earth [143]

Kidney problems [144]

People and pets

Shirley's Wellness Cafe [145]

Pest control with natural non toxic solutions [146]

Changing pets diets to healthier ones [147]

Health news letters and more

WiFi, Smart meters, Radiation


There is no offer of any "effective treatment or cure." This information is based on personal experiences, what people have learned, as well as what is available on web sites. It is not meant or offered as medical advice or diagnosis and the information provided does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owners of or the site itself, but is offered for educational purposes only.