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The modern definition of statute is "a written law passed by a legislative body." The word statute appears in the Bible in one form or another several hundred times but may have a different definition. The most common Hebrew word for statute is choq [1] consisting of two Hebrew letters ChetKuf and is also translated ordinance, decree, due, law, portion, bounds, custom, appointed, Even commandments. The normal word for "commandments" is [2] composed of completely different letters, MemAyinVavHey

  • ק KUF or Kof Omnipresence - Redemption of Fallen Sparks The paradoxical union reish and a zayin holiness or separateness omnipresence of God [Cord... back of the head... Behind the last, least] 100
  • ח CHET The Life Force - Dynamic nature of live and give life.[fence, thread, hedge, chamber...cycle] 8

The first place we see the word commonly translated Statute it appears as the word portion in Genesis 47:22

  • "Only the land of the priests bought he not; for the priests had a portion [assigned them] of Pharaoh, and did eat their portion which Pharaoh gave them: wherefore they sold not their lands.

The next time choq appears it is translated law. Genesis 47:26 "And Joseph made it a law <02706> over the land of Egypt unto this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part; except the land of the priests only, which became not Pharaoh’s."

The most common word for law in the Bible is Torah which comes from a word meaning teach but with the Hebrew letter for faith added in the front. Another word translated law is chathan[3]

Exodus 5:14 And the officers of the children of Israel, which Pharaoh’s taskmasters had set over them, were beaten, and demanded, Wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task <02706> in making brick both yesterday and to day, as heretofore? Exodus 12:24 And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance <02706> to thee and to thy sons for ever. Exodus 15:25 And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet: there he made for them a statute <02706> and an ordinance, and there he proved them,

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  1. 02706 ^קח^ choq \@khoke\@ from 02710; n m; AV-statute 87, ordinance 9, decree 7, due 4, law 4, portion 3, bounds 2, custom 2, appointed 1, commandments 1, misc 7; 127
    1) statute, ordinance, limit, something prescribed, due
    1a) prescribed task
    1b) prescribed portion
    1c) action prescribed (for oneself), resolve
    1d) prescribed due
    1e) prescribed limit, boundary
    1f) enactment, decree, ordinance
    1f1) specific decree
    1f2) law in general
    1g) enactments, statutes
    1g1) conditions
    1g2) enactments
    1g3) decrees
    1g4) civil enactments prescribed by God
  2. 04687 ^הוצמ^ mitsvah \@mits-vaw’\@ from 06680; n f; AV-commandments 173, precept 4, commanded 2, law 1, ordinances 1; 181 1) commandment
  3. 02859 ^ןתח^ chathan \@khaw-than’\@ a primitive root; v; AV-law 27, affinity 3, marriages 3; 33
    1) to become a son-in-law, make oneself a daughter’s husband
    1a) (Qal) wife’s father, wife’s mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law (participle)
    1b) (Hithpael) to make oneself a daughter’s husband