Weaving the Network

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Weaving the Network

The kingdom of Israel and the Altars of Abraham and the early Church all formed a network of people who came together in Free Assemblies bound by a doctrine of love instead of control, charity instead of force, forgiveness instead of vengeance. It was a institution supported and funded by voluntary contributions which was an uncommon form of government in those days and these.

The Christian Church was a welfare network because "Religion" was not just what you thought about God or a supreme being but what you did. Your religious institutions were how you served or interacted with the needs of your community. This was why they built Temples.

The difference between how pagan religions were functioning and the early Church would bring the Private welfare and Pure Religion of Christianity into conflict with the Public religion of Rome and what had become the Imperial Cult of Rome. Because Christians saw the socialist state as covetous they were often persecuted for non participation.

The Church legally defined is still considered "one form of government" but Modern Christians are not following the ways of the early Church. John the Baptist and Christ and Paul said to live by charity and not by the benefits of Benefactors who exercised authority. Because a Christian is defined as a follower of Christ then it stands to reason that if your Church is not seeking to establish a welfare system that operates a Daily ministration through faith, hope and charity and the Perfect law of liberty then it is not a Christian Church and if it is not trying to get to a point where it does this without benefits from an authoritarian world it is not practicing Pure Religion.

How Formed

  • How did this government work?
  • How did it organize itself?
  • How do we know if we are following the pattern?

The pattern of the Kingdom of God was Ten families gathering in Free Assemblies to worship God. Worshipping God was not ritualistic mumbo-jumbo and superstitious burning of animals on piles of dead stone. It was the practical Religion found in the "pious performance of of our duty to God and our fellow man". It was the setting of the table of the Lord through the provision of a Daily ministration furnished through Faith, Hope and Charity by the Perfect law of liberty.

There are two institutions of God.

  • One is the natural institution of one man and one woman joined together to produce the fruit of the next generation, and
  • the second institution of God was the Church in the wilderness and the Church appointed by Jesus Christ.

The Church was an appointed kingdom[1] by the highest son of David who took the Kingdom of God from the Pharisees and appointed it to his apostles.[2]

When Judea denounced the rightful king[3] and chose Caesar as their king they were no longer God's government.[4] From Pentecost the Apostles became His Church with no King but Jesus.[5]

This challenges the thinking of those who would like to think they believe in Christ already, following Christ already or that they are just Christians already because of what they think. But Repenting is changing the way you think.

Christ said we were to be doers and if we were not that was evidence we did not really have faith or our faith was dead. Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is to seek that network of love and hope, faith and forgiveness.

  • What are the bonds of a family?

Of course there are physical and emotional bonds. The real bonds of a family are sealed in the virtue of the family: Respect, consideration, helpfulness, kindness, joyfulness, love, generosity, compassion, perseverance, thoughtfulness, courtesy, trust and confidence are some virtues that can be integrated into the family values system.

There are also Social Virtues but we should examine them with the idea of seeking the Kingdom of God in mind.

What things promote the bonds the family and will be reflected in the bonds of the Kingdom of God.

  1. . Schedule time together. Talk with each others with interest.
  2. . Eat together reinforcing communication.
  3. . Share responsibilities. House, work, pursuits of interests. “No ones work is done until everyone’s work is done. Share chores, gardening, husbandry, cleaning, preparing for events.
  4. . Set a family mission statement. Create missions or goal for the family...projects.
  5. . Have meetings. Informal at meals, prayer time but also formal discussions about mission or complaints or thoughts.
  6. . Encourage support one for another. Share goals. Turn failures and fears around.
  7. . Take time out. Arrange a private vacation. Give all time alone. Respect privacy.
  8. . Volunteer together. Relieve each others burdens. Learn important life lessons together to learn respect.
  9. . Become involved in their lives. See things in their eyes. Empathy.
  10. . Join with other families. Repeat 1 through 9 with other families.

They would be in principle the same.

The warp and the weft.

The Kingdom of God is not like other governments. It runs on Social Virtue rather than political vice. But it is a government and it has structure and form just like the human body. But it also allow remarkable flexibility and movement and local control of the functions of the whole body.

Once we get past some of the metaphor of the Old Testament and the Sophistry that leads to confusion the basics of the Gospel of the Kingdom and all the prophets begins to come together in a common sense pattern that leads to liberty and freedom under the fruitful God of Creation.

How the fabric of the kingdom can be woven together

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