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The apostles were fishers of men working together with each one doing his part

Personal Contact Minister

What is a Personal Contact Minister or PCM?

It is exactly what it sounds like when you read the words.

They are to personally connect you with the rest of the network of people who are gathering to follow Christ for the purpose of forming Congregations of Record Elders (CORE). Once you are one of those Congregants of a recognized His Church Congregation your Minister will be your contact in order to protect your privacy.

The early Church attended to a Daily ministration which through the practice of Pure Religion formed natural community bonds of Faith, Hope and Charity through the Perfect law of liberty.

To follow Christ early Christians formed a network of laity and servant ministers. That network helped to sustain the Christians who could no longer apply for the benefits of the Corban of the Pharisees nor of the Imperial Cult of Rome which Jesus had said made the word of God to none effect.

Since those who followed Christ were to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness they could no longer apply to the Fathers of the earth for their benefits because those men who called themselves benefactors exercised authority one over the other. Their benefits of free bread were the wages of unrighteousness.

Christians had to live by love and the perfect law of liberty. The welfare systems and benefits of the world had always been a snare and a trap. There has always been two types of welfareone was by faith, hope, and charityand the one offered by the world was by force, fear and fealty. For the people to become accustomed through the covetous practices of providing benefits by forced contributions makes the word of God to none effect and the people merchandise.

Since the primary purpose of a Personal Contact Minister or PCMs is to help establish a Living Network that provides a Daily ministration in Pure Religion, which is the Corban of Christ, it will only make sense to accept someone as a PCM if they meet basic criteria:

Kinds of ministers

There are several different words used in the Greek Bible that are all translated into the single word minister. One of them is leitourgos[1] which is a public minister. A public servant of the people may use one of two types of welfare to serve, one by charity and the other by force. You cannot do it by charity without a network which we see used over and over in the Bible. When it is done by charity without exercising authority that is Pure Religion.

Another word we find in the Bible appearing as minister is diakonos [2] which is one who one who executes the commands of another.

And yet another Greek word found in the New Testament which appears as minister, but also officer, and servant is huperetes[3] which means servant from a word that meant a rower and the verb hupereteo[4] meaning to serve or minister unto but defined to act as a rower.

This is why we remind those who are elected by the people that the PCM Group is a row only group. If someone comes on the group because a few people elected them and they are not properly connecting those people to what we seek to do or work with the other PCMs and Ministers of record they will likely not remain.

They certainly cannot remain on the [website PCM pages]. That is because those pages are the testimony by all the other working PCMs and MoRs that a particular individual is doing the job and can be relied upon.

Nothing is more biblical than the people choosing a minister to help bring them together to form a network of small intimate congregations working together with a larger network of congregations for the welfare of all in what sometimes can be both a perilous and even hostile world.

The early Church

When the people got the Baptism of Christ at Pentecost they were cast out of the Corban welfare system of Herod and the Pharisees and had to immediately form an alternative welfare system that operated by charity and love rather than the socialist scheme instituted by Herod the Great and the Pharisees.

A good shepherd knows his sheep and gathers them together leading them besides the still waters so that they may take their rest in green pasture. Nothing is more biblical than to describe the services of the Ministers of Christ as a personal contact minister.

Pentecost was traditionally a time that the people renewed the network of hundreds of congregations of ten families which were spread throughout the land and people of Israel.[5]

This gathering was an essential part of that nation because without that living network of personal and servant ministers uniting the people together they would have been ill prepared to deal with the disasters and cataclysm that often overtake and even overwhelm society.[6]

Being a Personal Contact Minister

Being a Personal Contact Minister (PCM) is about team work. It is about rowing together and connecting to people and those people with the whole network.

Volunteer men and women connect with individuals in order to connect those individuals with the rest of the network. This requires that each member of a team to pull their own weight and some times assist other team members in doing their share too in order to form a Living Network.

This is nothing more than people loving their neighbors as much as themselves.

Volunteering as a PCM is a position that will give you a greater and more detailed view of the inner workings of the network and is the first step to becoming a Minister of Record.

A PCM is a contact point in a broad network of inter and intra communication. A communication contact point is an essential key in the development of any fractal network.

A Personal Contact Minister (PCM) chosen by two or more people can act as that contact point to connect you with an international network of people seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. It is the responsibility of each house or individual to elect your own PCM.

A Personal Contact Minister is the key connection point in The Living Network. It is the goal of the network to connect everyone with another living contact point or PCM, and through them connect you with other kingdom seeking people.

If you wish to be a PCM or Assistant PCM on the Living Network you must:

  1. volunteer,
  2. be elected by two or more people [or one if your Minister of Record sponsors you], and
  3. comply with the Network Guidelines. PCM tips
  4. congregate with a Congregation of Record

It would only make sense that you are also a member of a Congregations of Record or CORE. With these things in place they can be added to the PCM Webpages.

Once a person becomes a Congregant in a recognized CORE group their PCM will be their Minister of Record. All Ministers of Record have the responsibility of connecting their Congregants in their CORE with the rest of the Network while protecting personal privacy.

    • Many times ministers are contacted by people who want to know if we have people in their area or in a particular place they are visiting. That information is confidential and is normally only shared with people who are congregating in a CORE group. Everyone seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness should want to be a part of a Congregation of Record.[7]

How it works link takes people to the page.

There they can join a group based on geographical areas around the world.

Each area has volunteers who can see who is on their different groups.

That page contains a list of people who have volunteered to be Personal Contact Ministers.

We call them PCMs because they are personally using information about where everyone is to help connect you with others in your area.

These PCMs are volunteering to help you find other people in your area with the tools and access we and you choose to share with them.

They cannot do you any good if you do not communicate and share.

They will try and guard your privacy by keeping your contact information private. They can get more information from the group website because they are made managers but they rely on the people of the groups and other PCMs to help connect each of you.

They are in contact with other PCMs on every group throughout the whole network.

The purpose of these electronic networks is to help build a Living Network where people begin to know and trust each other.

Networking taking a personal investment of time and energy.
It will also take a humble desire to help others.
One of the first jobs facing everyone on the network is to help everyone in the network find other people who care about their neighbor as much as they care about themselves.

Any one can be added to the PCM list if they will volunteer and do the simple tasks of helping others.

How do I choose a PCM

  1. It is good to start by joining your local Network group
  2. Choose from the list of
  3. Go to their individual webpage.
    1. You can call them, or
    2. Email them direct, or
    3. Email the whole group letting them know you intend to elect them.
  4. Then fill out the election form including their email and name.

You can then share whatever personal information you choose with your personal contact to help them connect you to the rest of the network and those in your area. Those local PCMs cannot answer all of your questions but they can connect you with other men and women, study groups, reading and audio materials that are available throughout the Living Network. They are there to help you seek the kingdom...

How do I volunteer

An individual who is on record as a congregant may become a Personal Contact Minister with their own page, their picture and a brief blurb, including your personal contact information like email and phone number, at if they are a viable member of an active congregation and two people within the living network of congregations believe that the individual will do the job of a Personal Contact Minister and one of those two witnesses is the minister of their chosen congregation.

This information will be posted on your own webpage and the Personal Contact list in your area. If you continue to work with other PCMs and Ministers of Record you will get more access to the rest of The Living Network.

Your efforts and work to help to unselfishly build a living network like the early Church and Israel before them shall be your personal witness. From that patient witness and perseverance, relationships will grow along with the network and the church established by Christ will grow in the midst of that fellowship and communion.

What to watch for

There are those who merely want to build their local group and neglect the rest of the network and the other ministers of Record along with needs of the other outside their local group. These people are not kingdom minded and do not care about the next congregation as much as their own. This is not born of the spirit of Christ.

Beware of those who attempt to impose their own religious eschatology and doctrines on you. Each individual must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling before God, and not before each other. Our mission within congregations is to care and encourage Christ-like behavior. We are not creating a new religion but seeking to individually conform to Christ and follow His ways of righteousness.

Sloth has brought us into the bondage of the world as much as the overt acts of others. We must be diligent in our desire to serve God by helping one another. We need to guard against neglecting others if we are in hope of not being neglected ourselves. We are to love one another as Christ loved us.

What More can I do?

Join some of the many conference or study calls, ask questions on the groups, read or listen to the audio material. Set up meetings in your local area and some of you should come to the festivals as you are able. Greet travelers coming through your area. Help evangelize the word. Get the HHC talk-show on other broadcasting stations or set up interviews with other talk-shows. Try to form congregations of record by getting to know other people in the network. There are other work groups you may be able to assist, at least according to abilities or finances, etc..

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