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Metaphor and manner of sacrifice.
What were altars? People today do not understand what ancient Altars of sacrifice and their purpose in society. They also do not understand why we need a living Church network to serve God. God does not need our service. We need to serve God by serving one another in love.

Why did Christ appoint Altars of living Stones.
What are the Pagan Altars?
Which altars do you serve with your sacrifice?Altars#Altars_Sacred_Simplified Read More

Network Notes
In a network excluding others is excluding yourself.

Network Notesis recorded messages and thoughts about Networking sent to the whole Network to encourage participation for your own sake. They are reminders of what is happening with or without your involvement. Don't neglect yourself by neglecting others. Networking works when you work at networking... Read More...

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The Burning Bush Festival is first and foremost a Festival of the people, for the people, and by the people.

The ancient Fall Feasts and festivals of free people—like Ancient early Israel and their Feast of Booths (or Tents) and other fall or harvest festivals seen amongst other cultures and nations—had a purpose within those societies that was essential for the health and well being of the people and the maintenance of liberty within their community. The nobility and virtue of the festivals were dependent upon the character and spirit of the people who held them.

In these free societies, where the people were not bound together by the force, fear, and fealty of the world or the autocratic power of benefactors who exercise authority. The people were bonded together by the “perfect law of liberty” through a daily ministration of love of God, and the faith, hope, and charity it commands in the hearts and minds of the people. In other words the festivals were a celebration of the social virtues of a unified community and the blessing of the liberty under God it bestows.

“A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.” Daniel Webster

Ayn Rand and Social Security


Someone tried to say that "...Ayn Rand signed up for Social Security and Medicare when it was clear the income from her novels could not support her in her old age. When pressed on it, she stated that she paid in, she should at least get that much out. When it was later pointed out that the payouts, particularly in medical bills, far exceeded everything she had ever paid in, she just shrugged it off."

These evidently are false accusations against Ayn Rand.

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Local and National Events

Missouri Retreat, Lake of the Oaks Friday, May 9 - Sunday, May 11

The Oregon 2014 Burning Bush Festival, August 30 – September 2 2014
2013 Burning Bush Festival

Kingdom Conversation

Is it okay for homeschoolers to utilize "free" public school opportunities? Read more...


That Word You Use - Religion Religion does not mean what it use to mean. What did the word Religion mean when it was written in the constitution? Read More...

Part of our understanding Religion series includes these audio files on Civil Religion.

First Amendment Radio - this is a 2 hour program with in-depth discussion and Q&A from callers and the chat room.


The Sabbath Hour - This is a one hour program on Freedomizer Radio to round out the day's discussions. The Sabbath Hour series make for a good entry-level discussion.



False Religion

I wanted everyone to know that false teachers have been around for some time getting better at spreading falsehoods about the gospel. These kinds of drawings and the philosophies of deception they spread have been around for some time and are full of distortions and twists of what the Bible really says. Read more...

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Topics include:

Corp Sole

Your Soul and the Corp Sole
"A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single ("sole") incorporated office, occupied by a single ("sole") person. A corporation sole is one of two types of corporation, the other being a corporation aggregate." but what does this have to do with the Church established by Jesus Christ? Read more


Are you Saved?
How are we Saved?
How do we know we are saved?
Have we confessed our sins?
Saved Believers?
What is a saved believer?

Read more


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What is the Solution?

The solution is the people who care about each other's rights as much as they care about their own need to come together not to give power but to take back their personal responsibilities. There needs to be a Hue and Cry in the hearts of the people and some personal sacrifice for the benefit of others and not just ourselves. The early Church was a network of people who were faithful to the character of Christ and who sought righteousness over personal comfort or benefit.


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First Amendment Radio - this is a 2 hour program with in-depth discussion and Q&A from callers and the chat room.


The Sabbath Hour - This is a one hour program on Freedomizer Radio to round out the day's discussions. The Sabbath Hour series make for a good entry-level discussion.



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