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Spring Retreat Photos
2013 Gather29.JPG

We had a great annual spring retreat in the Midwest that provided the opportunity to meet others from all over the country and confirm our love of the true gospel of Christ—that the kingdom of God is at hand. See photos and read the feedback.


Winter Fellowship Photos
Ohio Winter Sledding (16).JPG

Jan 4th, 2014. We had an enjoyable Shabbat sledding and fireside chatting in Ohio.


Summer 2014 Mission Project

Teams of builders are converging on North Dakota to help build an Earthship house after a housefire this spring. Check out the progress!

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His Church at Great Lakes-Congregation Call

You are cordially invited to our HC at Great Lakes call on Sunday evenings @ 8:00 PM Eastern (7PM Central — 6PM Mountain — 5PM Pacific). Unless otherwise noted.

The two greatest commandments are to Love God with all your heart,mind,soul and strength and the second is like the first love thy neighbor as thyself.

This call is a great way for you to meet and talk with other like minded folks (your neighbors) and to actually apply the Word of God in your life.

To join the call, please dial (559) 726-1300 ---- Access Code: 559739#

Typical itinerary for the call:

- Open Discussion

God bless, Jeffrey Jay

Melbourne 15th January 2014

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