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I read that "tetanus CAN NOT Live in an "oxygen rich" environment." That made me think of Hydrogen peroxide which has lots of oxygen and releases it in the wound when it foams.That led me to Google why it foams which I always wondered. Evidently blood and cells contain an enzyme called catalase which makes the oxygen release causing foaming.

They say Hydrogen peroxide damages the tissue and that you should not use it. "They" say the same about alcohol. They say you should use a saline solution( 1 to .9 percent) to clean the wound instead. That makes sense because that is what blood is and what it is doing when a wound bleeds.

Washing a wound with clean water is probably one of the most important things in cleaning a wound. Anyone cleaning a wound should thoroughly wash up too.

Puncture wounds often do not bleed which is a problem. Here the saline could be helpful. I would still not be afraid to use Hydrogen peroxide or even alcohol although I think drinkable alcohol like Everclear or some sort of Vodka is better.


Anti bacterial creams can help but there are studies shown the Vaseline or some petroleum oil will provide the same result at much less of a cost. In old times goose grease, bear grease and other salves were used for much the same reasons. They can keep a wound from drying and provide a protective coat for the wound. This is actually part of the reason the body may produce puss.

You want your source of salve to remain clean and sterile. a wide mouth jar may not stay clean with everyone's finger dipping in to get more. This is where other items like antibacterial oils can come into.

I am sure there are many other formulas and ideas which may be added to this topic.

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