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This page is for the sharing of information regarding strategies to use to negotiate down the cost of health care.

The Real Cost of Health Care

The real cost of Health Care. David Belk
This site is very informative on the details of medical billing

Informative Video information about the real cost
This is a must see video before you start negotiating a bill.

The Truth About Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies. David Belk

Is Your Doctor Overcharging You?
By Karla Bowsher | Money Talks News [1]

Worst Overcharging Hospital in U.S. [2]

From article titled "Disruption of the Health Care Syndicate Continues"
"It is not uncommon for the entire bill at our facility (including facility, surgeon and anesthesia charges) to be less than the patient’s deductible and copay alone at one of the “not for profit” hospitals."

Negotiate Health Care

  1. Go Into a Procedure Knowledgeable of Fees. While knowing what the codes and charges on your bills actually mean is important, so is knowing all the fees you're incurring from your procedure. ...
  2. Ask If You Qualify for Discounts. ...
  3. Familiarize Yourself With Health Care Mumbo Jumbo. ...
  4. Visit the Hospital's Billing Department.

7 Smart Ways to Negotiate Your Medical Bills

Slash Your Medical Bills: 7 Ways to Haggle

  1. Know the Real Cost
  2. Use the Right Words
  3. Ask About Going Outpatient
  4. Negotiate Afterward
  5. Don’t Pay by Credit Card
  6. Inquire About a Payment Plan
  7. Call In a Pro

5 Expert Tips for Negotiating Your Medical Bills

How to negotiate your health care bills

Fair Health Consumer

Tips for Lowering Your Medical Bills [3]

How to Negotiate Medical Bills By Erin Huffstetler [4]

10 Ways to Negotiate a Medical Bill [5]

Negotiating Medical Bills [6]

How to Negotiate Your Medical Bill
What do the doctor's office and a yard sale have in common?
You can negotiate for deals at both.
By Lisa Zamosky [7]

Rules For Negotiating Your Medical Bills
By Staff Apr 25, 2013 [8]

Reading and Negotiating
A Client’s Medical Bill [9]

Have You Negotiated a Medical Bill Successfully? [10]

Knowing the price of surgery
The prices for the procedures listed on this website include the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee.

Cleansing or Surgery

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