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Can a monastery be closed and still do the work of Christ?

For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.

Did they use the gift of this life wisely? Did they secret them away? Did they bury their talent and hide their light under a basket to do nothing with them?

The ministers of Christ have a duty to share what they are given in a charitable fashion an not cloister themselves away in isolate communities.

Voltage and flow in the kingdom

The substantive reason for owning anything merely breaks down into "potential difference" or "voltage". It sounds weird, but what is "voltage" or "potential difference"? Isn't it merely a measure of the potential amount of "work" that can be done? And that work could be easy or hard depending on the amount of resistance measured in Ohms.

So for me, If I "own" a lot of stuff, its merely a measure of the "potential difference" I could make, or the work I might do.

Of course my "potential difference" could sit in a draw like an un-used battery, simply remaining untapped potential. Eventually doesn't the battery slowly drain and lose its potential over time stashed in a drawer? I know some people, like myself, that store batteries in the freezer in hopes of extending their lifetime of maximum "potential difference".

There are other issues too, like resistance. I may be the biggest resistor in the circuit when it comes to the "potential difference" I "own" or "control". But I will probably not be the only resistor in the circuit. All these resistors will cause a "potential difference" to be quickly drained.

The "potential difference" I seek, and not to own at all, is the "potential difference" in the hearts and minds of the people.

Here's a scenario, I am going to take a trip and be gone for who knows how long, and all the stuff I "own", all my "potential difference" will be just sitting around rusting doing nothing, tools on a shelf. Is this good? I don't think so. All that "potential" not making any "difference" at all. I could try to take it all with me in case I might find a way to use it to make a "difference" on my trip. Or could I entrust all that "potential" into the hands of another that I know will use it to make a "difference"?

If I "owned" all the "potential difference" that I entrusted to someone else how would I see a "return" on the work that was done with all the "potential" I "owned" if I had entrusted it to another individual or individuals? What if this were to play out under the Law of God, how then would I see a return?

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