Modern Monastic life

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Modern Monastic life

A look at modern Abbeys and monasteries

August Turak gives a businessman's perspective of the Trappist monks at Mepkin Abbey.

At Worth Abbey in England 5 men volunteer to examine monastic life in a video documentary.

Modern Monastic life part 1-3 of many

on YouTube The Monastery 2005 episode 1 of 3

Interesting examination of monastic life as seen through the eyes of 5 volunteers.

It is really all about and the psychology and even the deception of a mental prison monastic life may form. The institutionalizing of monks as you sometime see with prisoners is common and not part of Christ's plan.

Monastic life is not without its own merits. It this isolated life where many distractions are stripped away you see men dealing with the problems of relationships.

Of course the same problems can be confronted by married monks as with any married people. What seems to be in short supply amongst some modern Monks and Churches in general is pure religion.

The purpose of the Church as an institution of Christ has been very much abandoned by most religions and Churches.

So what should real monastic life be like?

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