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CHRISTOPH HELWIG a German historian1581-1617 Historical and Chronological Theatre records a history of the tens, fifties and hundreds: with an assignation of empires, kingdoms, governments, kings, electours, princes, ...

" On the Sunday following this meeting a most wonderful meeting was held at Muddy River Church, a few miles north of Russellville, Ky. To this meeting the people came in in all kinds of vehicles, on horseback and on foot, from all distances up to 100 miles. Long before the hour for preaching came there were present three times as many as the house could seat, and still they came singly, and in companies of tens, fifties and hundreds." History of Tennessee, from the earliest time to the present; together with an historical and a biographical sketch of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford and Marshall counties;" published in 1775

"...at the same place, on Monday, the lOth of that month, prepared to set out on a march to London, to present their petition themselves to the Prince Regent in person that they should form themselves into parties of ten each (which arrangement was proposed with the professed view of not transgressing the law) ; and that they should supply themselves with provisions for the march and with blankets for the purpose of sleeping on the ground."

They were advised to choose leaders over each subdivision of tens, fifties, and hundreds, and to appoint a treasurer to receive contributions, which were actually Blade in a great number of small Jums, out of which fund they were taught to expect that each man would be supplied with a daily allowance. " ANNUAL REGISTER, On A VIEW OF THE H I S T O R Y. POLITICS, AND LITERATURE, For the YEAR 1817.

"They had investigated the west, they had read all the material that they could find, and they were in possession of one of Fremont's maps and others. They anticipated the move, and in '(18)45 had called captains of hundreds and fifties and tens. They had their exodus organized for the spring of 1846, and they hoped, as the government had expressed interest in affording protection on the Oregon Trail to those who were headed toward the Oregon or upper California..." - Interviews - Historians by Ken Verdoia

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

God's intentions take you the other way.

People are entangled in a yoke of bondage.

Their bondage in the world and to the systems of the world is merely evidence of their real bondage.

The real bondage is one of Spirit.

The yoke they ware are hewn from the tree of knowledge.

Whether it is made from the Hebrew roots or Constantine's trunk or the branches of new age religion it is all made from the tree of knowledge.

The tree of life is spirit.

It does not bind you but sets you free.