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His Holy Church is Dedicated to the service of the Lord.

His Holy Church is composed of men and women of all ages, from all nations and races who are gathered together and have dedicated their lives and conformed themselves to The Way and character of Christ.

They are formed by their free communion of Pure Religion in a religious society bound by love and service and founded and established by Jesus Christ, to receive, preserve, and propagate His precepts, doctrines and ordinances.

Beyond the boundaries of all nations, by their love for God, through Christ the King, they create a free body or community of Christians, united under one form of government by the profession of one faith, and the observance of the same rituals and ceremonies.

Their rituals include practical service and sacrifice in charity and love which draws the individual to the Kingdom of God, strengthen the family and individual relationships with the righteousness of God.

Their ceremonies are seen in the performance of their mutual duty in a Daily ministration of hope and charity. The recording of the affairs of the people, for the people including recording and recognition of notable events of life, including but not limited to birth, rebirths, adoptions, marriages and deaths. But the duties of His Holy Church to "feed His sheep" also include the training of disciples, the operations of the Church, including letters or documents of witness, recognition, identification, and the celebration and service to the people.

This edification of the faithful is established in charitable service through a Living Network of volunteers who care about each other, their rights, life and liberty as much as they care about their own as free souls under God in His kingdom in common service to all.

HHC Disclaimer

The ministers of the church network do not make any claim of being the sole church denomination of Christ nor the keepers of the only truth. We do not even claim to be another church denomination. We believe that Christ is the common denominator of His Holy Church. We are individuals who are seeking to walk together like the early Church did in what was called originally "The Way". We only strive to be His Holy Church.

Certainly, ministers appointed by Christ were not to be "of the world" and so they did not choose to pray to the Fathers of the earth and the benefactors who exercise authority. They sought to provide a daily ministration locally and abroad through ministers of His Church who were seeking to conform to the commands of Christ.

Early Christians gathered in a network of small companies or congregations or what might be called home churches today. They were linked together in charity and love by a network of ministers of the Holy Church appointed by Christ. That Church can be described as His Holy Church. His Called out or His Church was appointed to help the people freely assemble and seek The Way to salvation through Christ.