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The Preparing You website has over 4500 pages and over 22,000 edits with almost a quarter of a million visits. There are over 200 registered users but only 10 who have done any editing in the last 30 days. We are very thankful for those who are assisting in this effort. Individual participation strengthens the whole body.

It is absolutely essential that people seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness work together. Volunteerism is the life blood of the kingdom preached by Christ.

Most of the people in the email groups play little part in the overall effort of spreading the gospel or building the living network that was so essential to the early Church during the collapse of the Roman society and government.

The Preparing You website is becoming an excellent tool to introduce the truth to those who not only will hear it but act upon it.

One of the most popular page is the Audio2014 page. This is probably because of the volunteer work by people who added content and description to the audio files from that year. Little has been done for the files in 2015 and 2016. Audio2015 Audio2016

There are new pages added every week. New information about everything from Intentional Community, homeschooling, health, or how the early Christians functioned and survived and thrived in the shadow of the decline of the Roman Empire.

Most people do little or nothing to help others. Such sloth is what brought the world into bondage. Loving one another is a full-time job. Learning to work as a voluntary society has become a lost art. If Christ came to teach us anything it was to sacrifice ourselves for others.

It is up to Personal Contact Ministers (PCMs) and Ministers of Record to encourage people in the network to join in the effort to build a viable network that will make a difference in the lives of those who care enough to get involved. The real network will be, by default, those who participate in viable Congregations of Record which are the CORE groups of the network.

The most predominant form of government throughout history has been based on voluntary systems composed of a Network of what was called the tens, hundreds, and thousands.

There are things happening behind the scenes that people do not hear about because they have not chosen to become congregants in one of the CORE groups. All PCMs should be congregants of CORE groups. This demonstrates that they are beginning to understand how real networking works. They are making a personal commitment to care about others.

Individual choice in the extent, nature and manner of participation in a network of CORE groups remains with the people. People and congregations who need help are connected through a network of ministers like the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands of ancient free societies.

Everyone can do something. Whether it is sharing links to articles and audio files on social networking sites like Facebook or twitter or assisting in the practice of Pure Religion by congregating in CORE groups like the early Church.

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