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New Syndicated Radio Broadcasts

New radio broadcasts that will hopefully bring more people in the Omaha and Kansas City area to the Living Network. As people join the different CORE groups as Congregants‎ will get most of the information through their Minister of Record.

Those of you who have not joined Congregations of record Use these group to do so.

To find more people Please

Share this information with friends and other media networks:

Starting December 10th we will be regularly broadcasting on radio Stations weekly

On the 4th of December we will be on KLNG in Omaha, Nebraska and
On the 10th of December we will be on KCNW in Kansas City, Missouri

If you would like to support this outreach effort for either station spread this information in those areas. Or you can help us cover broadcasting expenses by donating to:

  • KLNG 4:30 – 4:45PM Thursday - Omaha, Nebraska

Donate to KLNG broadcast Email link:

  • KCNW 5:30 – 5:45PM Wednesday - Kansas City, Missouri

Donate to KCNW broadcast Email link:

We are already heard on KKVV 1060 AM
in Las Vegas Monday-through- Saturday 9PM & 4:00AM

Expanded Daily Broadcast Schedule:

Shows and individual donation buttons

Join us on The Living Network at:

Or on Facebook at:

Or go to His Holy Church website:

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