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April 19 - 22, 2013 -
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Annual Spring Missouri Retreat

There was a great Annual Spring Retreat in the Midwest that has been taking place through the Living Network where people can get together and meet one another from all over the country and confirm their love of the true gospel of Christ that the kingdom of God is at hand.

Alternative to National Health Care

Rome had a national healthcare system at the time of Jesus. Part of Jesus' mission was to provide an alternative and the followers of The Way were able to legally "opt out" of systems provided by men who exercise authority one over the other and become a part of a system that operated according to the perfect law of liberty. Find out how.

Raw Milk

Naturally occurring raw milk is in danger of becoming a scarce resource. Understanding the reasons behind this conjures up memories of millions of Russian deaths due to the deliberate mass starvation created by Joseph Stalin.


We produce and broadcast numerous radio shows every week that cover many topics that affect our lives and liberty in the world. Listen in share your thoughts through the Living Network in your area. Or you can listen to hundreds of our Archived shows.


Taking responsibility for training/educating your children is part of loving your neighbor. When you rely on the state, you're actually coveting/stealing from your neighbor through the agency of a government willing to use violence. If you doubt this, try not paying property taxes and see what happens.

Forbidden Definitions

At the time of Jesus,there were two groups that had very different interpretations of the ancient manuscripts that have basically become the Old Testament. The mainstream interpretation of the Bible today is essentially what was taught by the Pharisees. But Jesus kept telling us their view was wrong. He sided with the Essenes (a much larger group at the time)who saw a totally different world through the ancient Hebrew symbols.

Was Paul a Roman?

Was Paul a Roman citizen?
Line by line: Where was his true citizenship? Was he a voting member of the Roman Empire, electing Senators? Was he conducting public affairs another WAY? Is there something we do not understand about Paul's status? [1]]

Over twenty two hours of Audio study on the epistle of Paul to the Romans. Line by line: [2]]

What is the Solution?

The solution is the people who care about each others right as much as they care about their own need to come together not to give power but to take back their personal responsibilities. There needs to be a Hue in Cry in the hearts of the people and some personal sacrifice for the benefit of others and not just ourselves. The early Church was a network of people who were faithful to the character of Christ and who sought righteousness over personal comfort or benefit.


If you want to speak and learn with others, join the The Living Network and call into the Talk Radio, Conference calls, and Study groups.

About Our Logo

The U represents a vessel or ark and the roof is a covering. The single circle is the life of an individual. Part of the symbol is found over a tomb in Jerusalem some think Christ was in. Bone boxes (which are arks) also have had the figure on them.